UQ Holder Chapter 65 SPOILER Info (Now with images that may not sit well with folks! ^_~)

Here is a SPOILER image and a bit of information for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 65, courtesy of 2ch. (My review of UQ Holder chapter 65 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 65 goodness begins.^_^

From our good friend, ChaosProphet:

2ch spoilers for ch 65:


ほぉう そうか 貴様が… 近衛刀太か… なるほどなるほど…

はっきり言わねばわからんか? お前は不要だと言ったんだ刀太

Negi Springfield

Touta in anger stay in front of Fate but Eva says that if he were to fight Fate now he wouldn’t stand a chance so show him the documents. Fate and Eva confirm the handwriting is Negi’s.

Kirie and Touta complain saying UQH and Fate are supposed to be hostile to each other. Before Eva answers she touch the sign on the letter which triggers something. Suddenly everyone is transferred to a desolate place with Negi and Nagi. Then someone comes from the ground and cover the two and says “So you are… Konoe Touta. I see.”

The situation changed because Touta was seen by the one who they had to hid him from. Eva and Fate will enter the tournament. Eva tells them to forget about today, she don’t let Touta participate anymore and prohibits the other UQ members from helping him. Eva: “You won’t understand if I won’t say clearly? You’re to withdraw, Touta”.

And comments from ChaosProphet:

Well, that person is very likely the LM. So the theory he end up getting Negi’s body seems to be true. I’m guessing Touta and the others will try to participate anyway. Maybe Mana will help them?

I’ve never been a fan of the theory that states that the Life-Maker (Mage of the Beginning) went around possessing people. However, I’ve long given up believing I was right about this, but we’ll see how it plays out. I do suspect that Touta and company will do something to participate.

Now, to eagerly await the chapter. ^_~  Thanks as always to ChaosProphet for providing this information. ^_^

Update: TWO images, one of which makes me want to shout, “I KNEW it! Y’all can kiss my big hairy arse!” *lol* (I’m joking folks because I’m giddy from lack of sleep.) Take a guess at which image caused that reaction (which without reading the chapter, may cause everyone else to say that back at me 😉 ).


I’m only kidding about telling people to kiss my behind, but I’ve long said I didn’t like the theory of the Mage of the Beginning going around possessing people. I’ve also stated that I thought the girl here (and seen in Negima as the Mage of the Beginning) is actually Amaterasu Amateru. We’ll see if I’m right or not as I need to read the chapter in context. But at the moment, it does seem like I was on the right track.

Mage_of_the_Beginning's_faceNow I’m REALLY looking forward to the chapter.  Thanks to MK for the images.

UQ Holder Chapter 65


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90 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 65 SPOILER Info (Now with images that may not sit well with folks! ^_~)”


    • AstroNerdBoy says:


      • Negi sure has grown taller than Nagi !

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          That happens sometimes.

          • JustSomeGuy says:

            Sorry this is late im just reading to manga now and am on chap 65.. but jw if you know why Nagi hasn’t aged? I don’t remember him gaining immortality in Negima.. And doesn’t Negi look older than he was at the end of Negima also? I thought he could only age a couple of years past his 10-year-old form or however old he was towards the end of Negima? But they look around the same age now.. I’m sure they had about 20 years before they disappeared again..? I’m thinking of going back and reading Negima again cos its been a couple of years since I read it but im sure im not that wrong about the whole aging/immortality thing..

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            but jw if you know why Nagi hasn’t aged?

            Apparently, the Lifemaker has Nagi and Negi in her clutches. As such, they are apparently no longer aging. Beyhond that, we don’t know anything. 🙁

  2. And all of a sudden, my “Eva and Fate join this together” doesn’t sound that impossible anymore… o__O

  3. “The situation changed because Touta was seen by the one who they had to hid him from”
    This could explain why Fate said he is the one who killed Touta’s parents. I mean, if they have to hid him from someone and this someone happens to be the same person who killed Touta’s parents, it would make sense for Fate to get the blame in order to avoid him trying to go after this unknown entity.

    • Seimei says:

      So there Ragna Congratulations! I had not thought at all but it is VERY sense! I would add that I am beginning to think that antagonnisme between Fate and Eva could REALLY be a farce, organized by them in order to prepare Tota for the day when he would meet the life-maker. Someone had proposed this theory there some time, I even think that you actually had. ^^

      If this theory is correct we can say that it was an epic fail because the life-maker discovered Tota too early, compared to their plan.

      • Well, as much as I like the theory that this is a facade, up until now I was pretty sure that Eva and Fate were really great enemies, judging from Fate using Powerful Hand, from what he said about Eva and what Eva said about him – still, both of them talked bad about each other while speaking to Touta alone, so who knows. I’ll wait to see the full chapter, and depending on how it happens, I may start to suspect it. The thing about Kirie and Touta complaining about Eva and Fate acting normal in the presence of each other and Eva being interrupted before she could explain it IS suspicious, though.

        • cold_menthol says:

          The thing about Kirie and Touta complaining about Eva and Fate acting normal in the presence of each other and Eva being interrupted before she could explain it IS suspicious, though.

          Maybe that’s because, deep down, Eva and Fate know that they “love” the same person? :p

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Fate and Eva certainly had a falling out and are not on the same side. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have battled at UQH-HQ. That being said, for Negi, they’ll unite for a common goal.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m certainly interested in reading the chapter to get the full context of this twist event.

  4. Seimei says:

    OH MY GOD !

    Personally, whether Negi, Albireo or Mr X who is poddeded have I do not care I just want to see this fucking badass black magician again!
    HOWEVER, it is possible that will not be Negi, the body of lifemaker. Do I remember that we also see .. Nagi? Maybe in this timeline Nagi has never been saved? It would be interresting that I found.

    Also do I remember that the life-maker (if it was him (PLEASE GOD, PLEASE !)) wants to kill Tota? Was the first time that the life-maker wants directly to the hero, the context has a good chance of being TOTALLY different from Negima! While Negi turns out to be the host!

    The only thing that would bored me it is if the manga really ends with the tournament. Certainly an epic final with Tota (and his team if was a team battle) vs the life-maker it would be very fun, but I would prefer that confronts him in a dungeon or a palace, his base in short words.

    After so really Tota not participate in the tournament and see outside, it could get out of the tournament cliché (even if it would not have bothered me) and it would allow him to analyze the life-maker techniques for a future confrontation later in the manga. Wholesale. I adhere to the hype !

    And not, I hope they not kill him. I like the legend of virtually indestructible god-like black-mage. By cons they could seal him in such a way that he can not return before VEEEERRRYYYY long time (like 1000 years or 10,000 years)…

    • Seimei says:

      “Negi, Albireo or Mr X who is POSSEDDED

    • With Ominous Unknown Entity or not, It’s very unlikely that the tournament will be the final arc, since Tatsumiya said the neo-olympics is right after it. Not to mention the possible war, the remaining numbers, the shadow-psyCHAO who said he’ll come back(though this one could appear at the tournament and doesn’t look like that much of a threat)… Unless this series meets the same Fate*cough* that Negima did, I daresay there’s many things to come.

      • cold_menthol says:

        Maybe this manga won’t end with the tournament arc, but I honestly wouldn’t mind if the LM gets finished in that arc. As long as his motive/power gets covered of course. Maybe then UQH! can stand more as a series of its own.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Had UQ Holder been done differently from the start (which it seemed to be at first), I think it could have stood on its own. However, I get the sense that Akamatsu-sensei doesn’t want to do long arcs like he did in Negima, and he doesn’t want to spend a ton of time doing this or that, so he’s doing things that speed the story along.

          • cold_menthol says:

            I get the sense that Akamatsu-sensei doesn’t want to do long arcs like he did in Negima

            If that really is the case, I’m afraid we won’t see the MOTB finished in the tournament arc; otherwise, it could seem rushed. Oh well, between seeing Negima’s plot holes being covered or UQH! standing on its own, I prefer the first one anyway.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I think what will happen is that we’ll be mostly skipping the tournament, but I could be wrong.

        • Seimei says:

          With all the legend that revolves around the life-maker from Negima I see much to be the main antagonniste siple That a “monster of the week” (to use the pejorative expression Dargor about Sayoko). For me there are 3 possibilities:
          1. Let the tournament is the last arc of the manga (which implies that there are others before arcs)

          2. Let the life-maker sprays and humiliates everyone in the tournament and Tota and his gang to participate (or lose them too), and the final battle will take place later.

          3. Let the life-maker is actually defeated in the tournament but he will come back in another body later in the manga for the final bow.

          For me is one of the 3 possibilities but I am almost completely convinced that the life-maker will be the main and final antagonniste the manga.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Unless this series meets the same Fate*cough* that Negima did, I daresay there’s many things to come.

        Heh! At this point, I can see Akamatsu-sensei going either way — one way he finishes things properly and the other way, he just says, “Sod this! I’m outta here!”

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      It will be interesting to see how the chapter actually plays out to fill in the gaps from the spoilers.

  5. Eva fan says:

    i wonder in which timeline we are here. probably the one where asuna were asleep unfortunately

  6. Mattcgw says:

    It’s touta’s real mother! The Tyrannical Queen of osita, the usper of grand duchess yukihiro stewardship. Haruka. Who went made with power and rage when her magia erebra went ballistic while she simultaneously fell to the darkside of the shinmeiryu!

    The lifemaker’s influence could no longer be resisted, thus they fused to create an entity that has not existed since before the age of God’s. It took negi, nagi and eishun to recover her humanity, but it was not enough. They gave their life’s, the seal held for a time until touta, taken away from her, developed magia erebra. Haruka desired her son’s body as too bypass the limitations of her power, placed by the seal.

    • Seimei says:

      Uh, okay? It’s okay? Why do you invent characters that do not exist and create a scenario out of no share? ^^
      Should I assume that your comment and his pace somewhat sarcastic is a way of saying that you do not like the spoils you just read?

      Personally I really appreciate what they imply and I even dare say that the scenario that draws spoil is the one I was hoping, I really wanted to see the life-maker again and in primary antagonnist this time, not in secret boss Yeah !

      After all, character is virtually unknown despite his role major in Negima (and also, I find this scenario far more logical and consistent than the one you imagined, although it is likely that it is in a parodic purpose. By cons, if you really think that you’re going to imagine going to happen uh … I think you’re gonna look too far lol!)

      • Seimei says:

        Good Okay Haruka really exists in the official storyline, but she is dead lol and your fan made scenario is still “abused” (in the bad sense) lol. ^^

        • Funny, I could swear it was a joke.

          • Seimei says:

            But it was obviously a troll from her friend. But I unmasked him! ^^ No one will break our shared joy (as I know you share it) to know that the lifemaker will most likely enter in the show! Muahahahahahahahahaha

          • Seimei says:

            Iwanted to say : “obviously a troll on his/her part, my friend.^^”

        • Well, Seimei, case in point is… Judging from the other comments I’ve been seeing from Matt, he actually seemed to be enjoying the story, too – take a look at his comments in chapter 63 or 64, for instance. He didn’t look like he had some grudge or hate for Holder. Then, when I read this comment, the impression I got was that he was making a joke about the identity of the entity, because of course no one knows (for sure) who it is yet. In my opinion, the joke in question was just for the fun of it, not trolling – because of course he knows it can’t be Haruna(btw, Haruka is Keitaro’s cousin and “aunt”, from Love Hina. I assume the one in the joke is Haruna Saotome.).

          • Seimei says:

            Yes, finally, my comment was also half serious and half humorous ragna, I thought the sardonic laughter was sufficient evidence. ^^ By “troll” I heard “joke” me-too, at least in this context, BUT I nor was 100% sure … ^^

            And against, there is indeed a “haruka Konoe” which is the mother of Tota (well “mother”, we are not even sure Tota be born naturally ^^)

            It is noted among the members of the family of Tota:

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      t’s touta’s real mother! The Tyrannical Queen of osita, the usper of grand duchess yukihiro stewardship. Haruka.

      I will laugh big time if this turns out to be true. 😀

  7. Seimei says:

    Astro : Heh ! I just thought of something:
    “Suddenly everyone is Transferred to a desolate spot with Negi and Nagi. Then someone comes from the ground and COVER THE TWO and says” So you are … Konoe Touta. I see. ”

    It does not say anywhere that the life-maker has the body of Negi, not even implied. In fact, the life-maker seems to hold prisoner Nagi and Negi, not own any of them. Finally MAYBE that the host will indeed be a newcomer (or Albireo, I always thought it might be the current avatar, since Jinbei called him a black magician))? Well I do not care! I just want this black mage badass be the main enemy, and apparently it is! Yeah!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m still not a fan of the Life-maker being able to possess people theory, but I am interested to see the full context of the chapter.

  8. NML says:

    So, basically, Negi is going to be the final boss of UQ Holder/

  9. Aki says:

    seems like an interesting storyline… cant wait 🙂

    Fate and Eva are going to be beaten down at one point which will be similar to the Rakan moment and Touta will pull a Nagi and win miraculously.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m not even sure we’ll get a full tournament. However, I’ll wait to see how this chapter progresses before theorizing further.

      • Aki says:

        Mhm it’s too early too see what happens, but it would be interesting to see essentially the top two mages taken out in front of touta, which encourages him to get stronger

  10. OverMaster says:

    Oh joy, it’s a rehash of the same old thing with Nagi that wasn’t done right in the first place back then. How imaginative from Akamatsu.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Heh!heh!heh! Well, he does have to finish those old Negima plots, right? 😉

      • Seimei says:

        Still no image? Is that I want to make sure I do not do just a very pleasant dream and the life-maker is in the party ! ^^

      • OverMaster says:

        Not this way, no.

        Why are Yukihime and Fate so stubbornly reluctant to learn anything from past mistakes anyway? After Negi, Konoka, Asuna and even Yuuna, shouldn’t they be already aware hiding the truth about their nature from others without telling them why never works out? How many more times does it need to happen to them before they learn?

        Seriously, the ongoing implication these people at charge, who feels entitled over others’ lives, keep making of ‘ignorance is good and safe’, generation after generation, and without never being told off when that invariably fails, is just irking at this point. By now it comes off as keeping things mysterious for the sake of plot intrigue rather than because of any sound in-universe reasons. What did Yukihime hope to achieve, to keep Touta forever in the dark, especially after she sends him out in repeated high profile magical missions? Was she really that stupid, as to pretend the Lifemaker of all people would never find him out?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          By now it comes off as keeping things mysterious for the sake of plot intrigue rather than because of any sound in-universe reasons

          Actually, I think that is the exact purpose of Akamatsu-sensei. There’s an artificial element to keep things mysterious to the audience. He did that when he finally decided to add Arika to Negima, after never mentioning Negi’s mom until they got to Mundus Magicus. Though everyone knew her ultimate fate, the characters kept Negi in the dark, though it was strictly so that Akamatsu-sensei could keep the audience in the dark. (Frankly, I suspect he didn’t really know what had become of her because I’m not sure she was even in the mix as part of the story until he started mapping out the Magic World arc.)

      • The funny thing is, when I started reading UQ Holder back in the day, I wanted at least some answers about unfinished things from Negima. I didn’t even care about the way I would be getting them at that point, I JUST WANTED TO KNOOOOOOOOW! xD That’s probably one of the main reasons I’m taking the risk with the hype train. I have nothing to lose at this point… Usually, if I’m reading a series, I want to actually enjoy it whenever I can. And at this moment, I’d say UQ Holder is taking a nice turn for the better.

  11. Robert Reed says:

    I am starting to think that some of the events in UQ Holder are connected to some events which are connected to the future. One of the events in the future does involved Chao. Chao is going to be born after the year 2085. When we don’t know.

    Touta being involved in the tournament was still a good ideal. Eva had decided to forbid Touta from participating in the tournament. She is still Touta’s legal guardian. Eva has the right reasons for forbidding Touta from participating in the tournament.

    The new story arc has started. If the arc had focus on Touta’s family, it seems that it will be too early for an arc which focuses on Touta’s family. I am one of the fans who believed that Negi had other children. So far, we are only aware of Negi having one daughter.

  12. Seimei says:

    “One of the events in the future does involved Chao. Chao is going to be born after the year 2085. When we don’t know.”

    Except that it is almost certain that we are NOT in the timeline of Chao Linchen but in the timeline of Asuna sealed and sleeping.
    Unless of course you think of an alternative version of Chao that exist in this dimension and would have a life less difficult than the Chao Linchen of Negima and does not require it to go back in time. In this case I’d be more agreements.

  13. Oh… Good thing I decided to stay up and writting my documents here. I decided to take one last look here and…

    • *stay up late writting my documents. Ignore the extra “here”. Anyways… If it turns out that the MotB is back to her original(?) form, it pleases me too – though I was an adept of the theory that Negi is possessed. Back in the day, I had almost an anime-crush on her – which of course, was short-lived as she/he became Zect. LOL

    • AstroNerdBoy says:


  14. NT says:

    So…is the lifemaker a guy or a girl? either way, it seems the lifemaker has his/her hands in this.
    The most powerful of immortal’s looking with one goal; obtaining Ceaselessness.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I believe it is a she.

      The most powerful of immortal’s looking with one goal; obtaining Ceaselessness.

      Or perhaps the opposite. Seems they already are ceaseless.

  15. mattcgw says:

    Hmm, if the lifemaker maintained that apperance for 2600 years, with only nagi destorying her body. 120 years ago. How did she do it? Al said she had obtained ceaselessness, which is why Eva become become a Vamp. but she didn’t change nagi’s body to look like her body?

    Mayhap’s she was insterting her soul’s into golum’s like the averruncus Series type of spec’s or clones.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ceaseless means to continue something without end. That is another one of those smaller things that bothered me about the LotB body-hopping. The life force may be without end, but that’s not really being ceaseless to me. However, if the MotB is ceaseless and can never be destroyed, but always regenerates/reforms, then what?

  16. mattcgw says:

    *Because the lifemaker was experimenting with immortality, but deemed it a failure?!

    • Seimei says:

      Ok I’ll repeat myself but there is NOTHING that allows to assume that the life-maker is a woman. I said to Astro lower but there many male characters in manga that have androgynous appearance. This allows de’insister their graceful and refined natural or increase their charisma giving them an “unearthly beauty” but have guys anyway lol. I think we are in this case with the lifemaker.
      Moreover, until now, all life-maker substitution bodies were male (Zect and Nagi). If he were a woman, I think he would rather chose female bodies or less, an androgynois body precisely. But his substitution bodies were all… MALE !

      This is proof for me that this is a man.^^

      By the way I have always found that this appearance among his three avatars, was very classy! ^^

      By cons I like the idea that he created empty golems and he transfers his soul into it every time he dies, it reminds a bit Mr Ming in the European comic “Moran”. I love the idea. But in this case it does not explain why he was incarnated in the body the body of Fillius Zect and later Nagi.

      I think the theory I exposed to Astro is closer to the truth. It has eternal youth and ability to regenerate, but he also takes possession of other people’s bodies until his body completely regenerates if it is too damaged.

      NT: uh Ceaselessness he has already obtained precisely Albireo said in Negima. That’s why he resurrected all the time.

      • NT says:

        Oh wait, i forgot. Lols. he wanted Deathlessness. Whoop.s So let me retract my statement, the Life Maker is now going to continue his quest for Deathlessness. XD

        Always thought it was odd that he had been looking for death…

        Also, the male substitute, wouldnt that be because the last several people who dies were very powerful males?(zect was a demon but oh well) I mean, just because he used Nagi, zect and now (possibly) negi, doesn’t really mean that he is Male just because he takes on male, it just means thar he found a body to temporary use while he regained his powers.(I ASSUME, no proof f this)

        so next question, do you guys think we might actually get a background story for the Lifemaker? And i wonder if we will see the Gravekeeper lady?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think the Life-Maker is already immortal. I think MotB/LM is looking to die.

  17. Seimei says:

    Astro: EPIC !!!
    So there! The images spoils gave full of unexpected dévelloppements who I think contented both fans of the life-maker (like myself) and haters of the theory of “Negi posseded.” AWESOME!

    I’ll just say two things:
    1. I am not convinced that the real body (because that seems to be his real body) of life-maker is a woman. He seems to be a rather effeminate man (is common in manga, just Albireo is one. I could also mention Deidara from Naruto, or the great-lord (the leader of the sect religious in Akame ga kill:http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/akamegakill/images/f/f5/Religious_Leader_Anime.png/revision/latest?cb=20141102185356 (and yes this is a man ^^)).

    All that to say that for me despite appearances, the life-maker is a man ^^. Nor (and les) Amateru, she was always presented as the daughter of the life-maker, I think it’s not for nothing. ^^)

    2. I think the life-maker actually possessed people BUT this was only a temporary measure while his real body regenerates, which could take decades! I remember that Nagi was racked with explosive lightning spear that has literally atomized!

    If this theory is correct then the life-maker possess the ultimate immortality! Eternal youth and regeneration AND if his body is too damaged, it can inhabit other bodies waiting for his real body regenerates!

    Its going to be VERY hard to get rid of something like this (if not impossible!)


    • It’s definitely a woman, shut up, Seimei. LOL, just kidding, sorry.
      I’ve seen a lot of people saying the MotB looks androgynous, but judging by the face and the way its drawn, I’m pretty sure it’s a woman, so I’ll keep refering to her as such unless the story proves me wrong and s/he is a “Hideyoshi”(how many will get this reference, I wonder?). However, Akamatsu probably did this gender-ambiguity intentionally, if we consider the higher sort of being the MotB is. Personally, I like the theory that she has some connection to Zect – especially because one of her subordinates recognized him during their decisive battle against Ala Rubra. You see, the thing I love about the MotB is that even when s/he “loses”, she’s just like: “Pfff, yeah, right. You ‘defeated’ me. Congrats. In reality, you gained nothing.” in contrast to the usual “Gah, it can’t be, noooooo!!!” or something of the sort. She will be back soon enough and she knows it. And. If Albireo is to be believed, the MotB is TRULY indestructible and beyond immortality itself, which is awesome in its own right. I’m glad to see she’s still in action, and can’t wait to see what she’s up to this time – I know there are people who want a new villain, but for me, this is the true antagonist in the Negimaverse. It’s like Dracula in Castlevania, Ganon in Zelda or Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts. LOL On top of that, it’s not like we know much about her, so it definitely counts as new to me. X)

      • Seimei says:

        Anyway we will soon have the answer about starting the mage sex. If told “him” or “man” despite his effeminate appearance I think we will have an initial response. ^^

        On the other hand, as you said, it can also be hermaphrodite (male AND female both) was an interresting idea in this case would be called “it” by default, but in reality it would be in this case man and woman at a time (this is different from kuromaru that is neither male nor female ”

        Other hand, yes you’re absolutely right about faitt the indestructibility of life-maker that makes it badass. As you say it changes about the villain who in the end said “oh nooo! How could I be defeated? It’s impossible !!!”. On the contrary, life-maker is perfectly calm and relaxed. He lost? Whatever, he has eternity before him. He died? So what? He can resurrect as many times as he wants; All the victories of the heroes are just small insignificant setback for him. They believe win and bring peace, but they know nothing, the perfect and definitive peace does not exist. The joy is fleeting, like the life of mortals. These am-called heroes do not solve anything, and never solve nothing whatever they do, even immortal beings. But he, the magician of the begining, will always be there and will always come back, to bring the only true eternal peace, no matter how long it will take him! Mouahahahahaha!

        Yes that’s badass indeed! And yes that is good Refference Dracula, Ganon and Xeanhort. And as you said, we know very little about him so little that few actually almost consider it as a new character!

        Fasten our belts friends! UQ Holder will surely uncover him, I expect a good background badass for him!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think the female-looking MotB character is the same we saw from the Negima flashback. I strongly think she is Amateru.

  18. OverMaster says:

    I’m actually okay with the female host, although I’d have preferred Zecht, if only because he had a direct connection to Ala Rubra, and thus those who carried on their legacy. But a female in a position of such high power is always a good thing, regardless of the side of the fence she’s at. If this isn’t a woman, well… then meh, I’m not to scoff at an effeminate looking man either, whatever.

    It’s surprising how, despite their physical appearance being identical (really, Negi looks more like Nagi’s clone than his son. Even Gohan and Older! Goten looked different from Adult Goku), the differences in posture and clothes make Negi look like a dork in space pajamas, while Nagi still looks like the roguish badass he was. Father definitely beats son by several miles here, coolness-wise.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Now that the female MotB returned unexpectedly, I do think we’ll see Zecht again before all is said and done.

      It’s surprising how, despite their physical appearance being identical (really, Negi looks more like Nagi’s clone than his son.

      *lol* Well, it is either a limitation on Akamatsu-sensei’s part, or there’s something else going on.

  19. Aki says:

    I have an interesting idea…

    The statue of the Mage of Beginning suggested she was a woman and had a knight as her pactio partner and the pair made it to mars and created the magical world (inverse mars)

    We know the Mage of Beginning was researching how to be immortal and had turned Eva into a ‘Vampire’.

    After that she created Cosmo Entelecheia and tasked the Primum with the task of saving the world. If this woman is the original body of the Mage that somehow survived since the beginning of the magical world and Nagi destroyed the physical body and caused her spirit to possess Zecht then Nagi and possibly Negi now.

    Her goal might be to restore her physical body… I’m guessing Negi Signature has the same effect as Magia Erebea scroll and they saw the spiritual imprint of the Mage, Nagi and Negi.

    Either way its an interesting direction sensei is going in…

    • Seimei says:

      “Her goal Might Be to restore her physical body … I’m guessing Negi Signature Has the Saami effect as Magia scroll Erebea And They saw the spiritual imprint of the Mage, Nagi and Negi.”

      I thought about it but it does not stick. If this were the case we would also result if Zect (if Negi CONTAIN footprint as the life-maker (in case he is possessed by it) and a trace of Nagi, why not a trace of Zect? I do not think we are in the consciousness of life-maker nor in that of Negi I think.:

      Either the letter trensporté their consciences where is the life-maker, Negi and Nagi (but one wonders what ficherait there and still young, or why he and Negi are planted there without stopping the life -maker).

      Either the letter actually trensportés consciense of the tota and other elsewhere but Negi and Nagi are illusions created by the life-maker and that alone is present on the places, which spoils the look of understanding .

      I think it is closer, in all cases, a situation similar to that of the scepter of Loki in The Avengers movie that allows him to trensporter his mind with “the other” and Thanos.

    • cold_menthol says:

      The statue of the Mage of Beginning suggested she was a woman and had a knight as her pactio partner

      Isn’t that the statue of Amateru, the woman who’s said to be MOTB’s daughter?

      • Seimei says:

        Bingo ! In addition I looked at the statue and the mage from the beginning does not seem to like him a lot.

        I repeat to me the mage of the beginning, is just a man with androgynous appearance (which I find very classy and adds to its badass attitude I think).

        Oh my god I’m in nirvana there! Do you believe me if I tell you I count the hours until the release of the chapter?

        Not only the life-maker is almost confirmed as the main antagonist of the manga, but in addition sensei managed to surprise us! It was expected to have a replay of Mahora tournament with Al takes the identity of Negi, as he did with Nagi and there, BANG, false Negi is the life-maker and in addition it seems he does not live in the body of Negi, contrary to what some skeptics (or even in some Haters), thought at the base!

        In a nutshell: AWESOME !!!

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        I believe that is correct. That’s why I think this female MotB is actually Amateru and Zecht is the knight of legend.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I do think that the statue with the legendary female mage (Amateru) and her protector knight are at the heart of this mystery with MotB. I don’t believe she’s looking to restore her body, but I keep having this feeling that she would ultimately like to die, only she’s immortal.

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