Paradise Residence Chapter 12 Manga Review (Time to work the beach house restaurant!)

Paradise Residence Chapter 12 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 12

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 12The girls, save the unaffected Hatsune, are recovering from the wild ride to the beach when Ominato-sensei tells them to gather their luggage. At the beachside restaurant (cafe) SFA Restaurant Enterprise, Ominato-sensei says the place is owned by her relatives, but the girls may be asked to do things as it is not only a restaurant, but an inn as well. Her cousin runs the place and immediately puts the girls to work. She demands to be addressed with the English term “sir” and that when responding to an order, it will be “Sir! Yes sir!” The girls loudly respond as requested as Hatsune is puzzled by this.

A couple of guys come in, dejected by the lack of babes, when they see of the young, high school babes working the restaurant. Captivated, they order everything on the menu. Ominato-sensei’s cousin (CPO as her apron says) makes the food and is tired afterward, when a couple of girls come in, dejected by the lack of guys. Seeing Tachiarai, the girls are captivated and order everything on the menu. This stuns CPO, who doesn’t know how she’ll cope. Hatsune and Suzuka offer their services in the kitchen, impressing CPO with their culinary skills.

Business is booming as even English speaking customers come in and are served by Steph. Komatsu dispatches Tachiarai to get more supplies, even though CPO hasn’t told them what to buy. Komatsu assigns others tasks and things run smoothly. CPO is surprised by the girls’ efficiency, to which Suzuka explains that they’ve been well trained at Paradise Residence.


You know, this whole seaside cafe/restaurant or beach cafe/restaurant thing is pretty common fare in anime and manga (Love Hina, Urusei Yatsura, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Hayate the Combat Butler, Ai Yori Aoshi, etc.). Since I’ve seen it so often, I thought I’d look for actual images of them. However, at least through English searches, I cannot find any pictures of these establishments.

Update: Thanks to lordcloudx, the Japanese for these kinds of seaside establishments is 海の家, which is umi no ie. So it is “beach house” as a translation, though trying to find this by searching for the English term, even trying to restrict it to Japan, didn’t come up with jack.

Because I’ve seen this many times in manga and anime, the story is pretty cliched — hot babes take a seaside restaurant that does OK business and turn it into a booming thing that makes tons of money. The only difference might be in Komatsu’s character becoming a defacto manager.

When it comes to adaptations of manga, it is impossible to know how much liberties are being taken with the adaptation text without looking to the source material. So when I saw the girls screaming, “Sir! Yes sir!” in the adaptation, a flag went up in my head because this isn’t something I’d expect from the Japanese, and thus I’m expecting some adaptation rule whereby “we substitute something American because we think it is more relatable to the audience than an accurate translation of the text.” However, in the Japanese text, the girls were actually saying the English phrase, “Sir! Yes sir!”

Paradise Residence Chapter 12

Fujishima-sensei does his annoying, “Let’s not name the new character” thing here. I’ve never understood the logic there. I can only assume he doesn’t have a name picked out, so just call the lady “Ominato-sensei’s cousin”, or just “cousin”, or as Hatsune and Suzuka later call her, CPO.

Now that we’ve had the “girls work hard at the beach restaurant” deal, I suppose that we’ve got to get the chapter next where it is “hot high school babes at the beach in swimsuits.” Since Fujishima-sensei has enjoyed servicing these girls a lot, naked breast shots have to be a part of that for when the girls take a bath later on, right? ^_^;;;

Otherwise, not a lot to say here. While the chapter’s story is old and cliched, I still enjoyed it all the same.

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