Sailor Moon Crystal – 19 (Back to the future, with Sailor Pluto)

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19As Chiba comforts Chibi-Usa, she reveals that she’s from the 30th Century. However, she claims not to know if the calamity in the future is tied to Black Moon, nor does she know if Sailor Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter were taken to the future. Chiba takes her to his apartment and puts her to bed, telling her that she’ll have to stop running away. Usagi, who came with them, confesses to being jealous of Chibi-Usa, whom she realizes loves Chiba. Chiba embraces Usagi from behind and takes her to bed, where he’s on top of her. The next morning, they see Chibi-Usa, who’s decided that she’s going to take them with her to the future. At the park and using the Space-Time Key, Chibi-Usa takes Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Artemis, Luna, and Tuxedo Mask through time, but the group gets separated from Chibi-Usa.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19As this happens, the Black Moon folks become aware of this time traveling. Esmeraude summons the feminine-looking Boule Brothers Chiral and Achiral to greet the travelers. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon and company find themselves in a dimension out of time. They are attacked by Sailor Pluto, who’s sole job is to protect the door of time and space. Chibi-Usa stops Sailor Pluto from killing the others, where they learn that Chibi-Usa is actually a princess. Sailor Pluto sends them to 30th Century Earth, where they are soon trapped in crystal by Chiral, Achiral, and Esmeraude. Sailor Moon is powerless as Tuxedo Mask hears a voice instructing him to shatter the crystal floor, which he does. Now free, Sailor Venus kills Chiral and Achiral while Tuxedo Mask drives Esmeraude off. Chibi-Usa takes them to the Crystal Palace, where Neo Queen Serenity sleeps in crystal. Further, they see someone who looks just like Tuxedo Mask there.


So wait. Did we just get the implication that Usagi and Chiba slept together? It certainly appeared that way with him taking her down on the bed and being on top of her, followed by Usagi not having the blouse that she wore under her dress the next morning, whereby Chiba brings one of his shirts to drape over her shoulders, causing her to blush. Not that it matters, mind you, but I didn’t expect that kind of development. Then again, this was a shoujo, magic girl series and not a seinen one.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19

As I saw Sailor Pluto attack Sailor Moon and the others, I could help but think of how awesome the scene would have been had ufotable been in charge. 😉  As it was, the fight scene comes off as laughable since it is clear they wanted it to be cool (but they failed).

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19

This 30th Century angle was unexpected. Long ago, I learned who Chibi-Usa’s parents were, so having her world set in the 30th Century is a bit odd. I suppose that her parents kept reincarnating, having sex, and giving birth to a reincarnated Chibi-Usa.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19

When our “marked for death” villains of the week were introduced in this episode, I would have sworn that Chiral and Achiral were women. Then they opened their mouths and an ugly noise came out.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19

As an aside…

don't read if you are among the easily offended

with the insanity of today’s world where there are things like “microaggression” and there are folks desperate to be offended by the tiniest something (“offensitivity” as Berke Breathed called its beginnings in the 80s), Sailor Venus’s killing of these two could be said to be promoting hate and endorsing the killing of dudes who look like a lady.  I hate to say this, but this actually went through my mind as the scene played out. That’s how whacked it seems our world has become. *_* 

But I digress…

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19

That aside, we have our first female villain of the week who’s managed to stay alive. That’s OK, I’m sure someone will slaughter her before too long.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19

While this episode was mostly laughably stupid, like all of the episodes in Sailor Moon Crystal have been, I find that for some whacked reason, I didn’t mind this one as much. Weird, huh? I’m actually kinda curious to  see what silliness comes up next.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 19

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal – 19 (Back to the future, with Sailor Pluto)”

  1. ether101 says:

    Your going to be so upset when you find out what’s up with Crystal Tokyo. It’s what ruins Sailor Moon for me.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Joy! 😆 At this point, I don’t think anything can ruin Sailor Moon for me since I have zero expectations of it. 😉

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