Paradise Residence Chapter 13 Manga Review (Babes and Guns!)

Paradise Residence Chapter 13 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 13

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 13Hatsune wakes up in the morning, depressed that she fell asleep immediately after work the night before and missed out on some fun. Ominato-sensei’s cousin (CPO as her apron says) produces some cards to give them a special bonus for working so hard the day before. The girls put on their swimsuits and Suzuka borrows one from Mitsuho, but finds it a somewhat skimpy. Mitsuho offers to lend her another one, but since it is even more skimpy, Suzuka passes and makes do.

The girls have their fun at the beach, so when Komatsu asks what’s next, Hatsune says watermelon splitting. Hatsune is dispatched to buy one, but the watermelon stand has only one left, and Nyuutabaru from Dorm #2 is going for it as well. This leads to the fight between the two as the Dorm #2 supervisor, Kouzouji, arrives to find out what is keeping Nyuutabaru. Komatsu arrives, amused with her rival about how the two dorms had the same fight the year before. Their discussion leads to a decision to have a Super Soaker water gun fight.

With Ominato-sensei acting as referee, the fight begins with Mitsuho going down first. Despite having greater numbers, the members of Dorm #2 start going down fast as Steph takes a position behind Ominato-sensei to pick off the other girls. The surviving girls of Dorm #2 attempt to concentrate fire on Steph, but only hit Ominato-sensei, who declares herself like a rock, meaning Steph could use her to hide behind, though Ominato-sensei would be cross about getting soaked later.

The few survivors attempt to spread out as Hatsune charges. They attempt to fire on her, but she takes cover behind the fallen Mitsuho. Soon, Kouzouji is the only one left, so she surrenders. Kouzouji realizes that Mitsuho purposefully got herself shot first because as a masochist, she didn’t mind getting blasted from water guns. She asks Komatsu if this was her dirty plan, but the amused Komatsu says that Suzuka came up with it. Kouzouji asks if Suzuka is Komatsu’s successor, but Komatsu says that just coming up with this plan is not enough.

With that, Hatsune takes a stick and blindfolded, attempts to smash the watermelon as Mitsuho lays with her head next to the watermelon.


As stories go, this one pretty much follows the trip to the beach trope. Last chapter was the girls hard at work phase. This chapter was the girls at play phase, from the sexy swimsuits right down the the watermelon smashing. (I’ve never been sure why that’s seen as so fun — just give me a giant knife and I’m slicing that puppy up!) However, I found this chapter pretty amusing.

I was highly amused at Steph being the babe with a gun. Giving her the shotgun model fits with her family being hunters (in England). And yes, Nerf does have a shotgun version Super Soaker with a scope. Fujishima-sensei really did his research there ’cause all of those water guns used in the chapter are Nerf Super Soaker models.

Paradise Residence Chapter 13

The whole fight was pretty amusing, not only because of Steph, but because Mitsuho taking the fall to be a barrier. Usually Mitsuho’s masochist nature hasn’t been that amusing to me, but here, things were done in a way that made her funny.

I was also amused by Komatsu’s swimsuit. The other girls were wearing pretty skimpy outfits, but she chose to wear a snorkeling suit with “Kappa” on it, even with a kappa’s back design on the back of the suit.

We finally got the name of Dorm #2’s supervisor (Kouzouji) and got to see more of their girls. I figure we’ll see more of them later. However, seeing the two dorm’s fight, it made me wonder why some of the girls from Dorm #1 didn’t come on this trip.

So while there’s not much here to talk about, this was a fairly amusing chapter set in a familiar beach trope.

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