UQ Holder Chapter 84 Manga Review (“Heeere’s Johnny!”)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 84

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 84 Touta defends Kitty (Eva) from Dana, somehow sending seeming to obliterate her. Kitty is impressed by this, though Touta doesn’t know how he did it. Kitty wants to have him try it again, so she uses her ice magic on him, but he’s encased in ice. After he gets out, she apologizes, then asks about what he said earlier. Touta annoys Kitty by blowing off his love confession, so she puts him on ice again.

After he gets out again, Touta says he wants to help her. She tells him that if he wants to help her, he should kill her and end her from her life of hell. Touta rejects her notion of not having anything to look forward to, telling her she’ll make lots of friends and even fall in love. He vows to make that come true, so she asks if he’s the guy she’s supposed to fall in love with. Touta says it is someone with red hair who’s more impressive than him.

An enraged and enlarged Dana Dana literally bursts through dimension walls, remarking on Touta’s hit on her. Kitty warns that a Noble could easily wipe out an entire town. Kitty says they’ll have to work together to defeat Dana, but Touta figures hey are dead. Roaring, Dana stops short and hands Touta a diploma, meaning he’s finished with the beginner work. She returns to her standard size, again remarking about how powerful a hit Touta had landed on her. She then turns to address Kitty.


Whether I like it or not, this chapter follows form, whereby Touta again is able to instinctively use a technique that even causes damage to a Noble vampire. Based on the pose Touta had, no doubt, this is partially something inherited from being a homunculus of Negi.

I presume that Touta sent Dana to another dimension, instinctively using what he saw Dana do to the giant dragonfly to send her away.

I got a chuckle out of Eva’s eagerness to see Touta obliterate something for a second time.

UQ Holder Chapter 84

It was sad to hear Eva want to be killed even though it made sense to me. Since it seems that Touta influences Eva’s life, I’m hoping we’ll get to see how she came to make a pactio with Chachazero and how Chachazero became ensouled. I say this because her time with Touta lets her know she need not be alone, and since we saw she already had a “relationship” of sorts with Chachazero, that’s how the doll becomes the bloodthirsty entity we knew and loved from Negima.

Oh, I guess we know where Eva got her “last boss” remarks from — not from playing video games, but from Touta using the term.

On the enraged Dana, other than having us see how she could easily destroy Eva and Touta combined, I can’t help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, there’s a long term plan to have her show up for some big battle as the manga ends. I’m probably thinking too much.

UQ Holder Chapter 84

So the next question is, “What does Dana do with Eva?” I can kinda see Dana allowing Eva to stay because of how she’s helped Touta, thus she could help the others as well. I can also see Dana letting her go. We’ll see which way Akamatsu-sensei goes.

In the end, there were things I liked about this chapter while being resigned to the things that are related to Super Touta.

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42 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 84 Manga Review (“Heeere’s Johnny!”)”

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  2. Dargor says:

    Maybe. Given how wibbly wobbly timey whimey Dana’s realm is, I’m actually becoming more and more convinced that she actually has various projections of herself out and about. Its the only way I can handwave Touta’s “I’m 100X better then Asuna” Magic Cancel from pretty much blinking her out of existence in a flash.

    • Seimei says:

      Tota has NOTHING erased at all. If it was a projection of Dana okay, but even if it was the true Dana, soooo… In the end she is simply regenerated in another place before returning. In any case “the magic cancellation” was almost no effect and was only a small minor embarrassment for Dana.

      Actually I have the impression that Tota was thrown her from her own dimension. But in any case, again, it was only a minor problem for her.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Given how wibbly wobbly timey whimey Dana’s realm is…

      OHHHHH! Now it all makes sense. Dana’s realm is somewhere on the hidden Gallifrey and Dana is a rogue Timelord. Sweet! Now for the Doctor to pay a visit in the TARDIS. *nods*


  3. PaperAxe says:

    On the yin yang that appears when touta blocks her, the black part appears to be shattering the ground, maybe he absorbed her spell and immediately released it just by instinct.

  4. Seimei says:

    I liked that one shows that the noble can take a monstrous appearance. Reminds me Hellsing (Alucard when he becomes serious literally looks more like a demon than a vampire) or Castlevania (Dracula has repeatedly took monstrous and demonic forms in the “final battles” of the games)

    We also confirmed that we nobles are almost équivalants to as gods can match the kings demon from hell and erases a city in a blink (and probably a contry when they are REALLY serious).

    Hmm I feel that later will be a treat I advance saliva, yum!^^

    Otherwise Astro I chord with you, I think sensei showed us some of the strength of Dana, for us later shown in a serious battle (probably against another noble or even life-maker. ^^ )

  5. Gore17 says:

    I presume that Touta sent Dana to another dimension, instinctively using what he saw Dana do to the giant dragonfly to send her away.

    Actually, if you look closer, it appears he either absorbed and redirected it with Magia Erebia, or used Magic Cancel.

  6. Leonard Norwood Jr. says:

    So Touta finally passed the beginner course. That hit he got on her was out of instinct, so to now figure out how to control and bring out that power he has. I’m not that surprised he just now got up to his friends level. Thing is, he’s been a rookie since the beginning, so it was obvious. Granted once the training is done, the end results of Touta and his friends training should be clear, Akamatsu won’t make it that easy for Touta though, he’ll one day get to the tower, but some obstacles must be overcome to make that happen. Just because he’s some clone doesn’t mean there’s a way to become stronger. You’d think some people would stop messing with this DNA crud, but they are trying so dang hard at other clones and other creations expense sometimes. Touta’s still being him, although I do hope his intelligence and common sense improves, because he’s still acting like this thing gets claimed so easily. Not that I have a problem with the way he is now.

    I do have that question if Touta will match up or surpass the strength of his friends’ someday, but that’s just too obvious to ask, and it is up to the author. Thing is, once this things through, he’ll start to find a way to rise up and be more capable as a UQ Holder member. I look forward to some more interaction with the other people in there, after this. And of course, how Touta will increase his strength as he faces more tougher enemies. Heck everyone talking this and that about being weaker and stronger, it’s becoming some for reason irritating to me. If it’s the case you’re not that strong, in some video game terms, level up and increase your stats. And Learn more about the people you face, etc.

    • Seimei says:

      Oh yeah! Here is someone who has capped the essence of jap-RPG and shonen. In my arms, my friends! ^^

      Wish openly as Tota and other members of UQ become even stronger? Be content with what manga and compliment Akamatsu sensei for his work so far?
      Poor fool! Do not you know how dengers you expose yourself here? I pray that you have a solid titanium armor at your disposal lol!

      Good kidding and more seriously, I also look forward to even Tota actually use his powers now that ea consciousness. I wonder what the next stage of its formation.

      But me what I attands really is to have an update of the “power of Rakan scale.” Because so far we just said “Fate is the strongest solar-system and is now stronger than Eva.” “The” real-Shinso “are as strong as” demons-kings “and capable of destroying a city, a country or even in one second.”

      But it has no idea what his concrete match. Numbers and statistics, I want hard numbers! example:

      Eva = 50000
      Fate = 100 000
      Tota = 3000
      Lifemaker = 3 million
      Dana = 1 million

      As in Negima, Nanatsu No. taizai, yuyu hakusho or Dragon ball Z

      This would allow for better estimates of the forces and make it all less blurred.

      Ps : I also expect see others pure-blood vampires.^^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      That hit he got on her was out of instinct, so to now figure out how to control and bring out that power he has.

      Which based on previous experience, will be quite quick.

      I do have that question if Touta will match up or surpass the strength of his friends’ someday, but that’s just too obvious to ask, and it is up to the author.

      Since Touta is the MC, yeah it is obvious — he will. 😉

  7. Mattcgw says:

    So demon kings are a Canon thing, now.

    Problem with that is, how are they divided? By species, bird king, Tiger king, skeleton ram king. Honestly akamatsu could have a demon king for every single sub-species of demon. Yata demon king, uzuoko demon ETC

    • Seimei says:

      By “demon-king” (“mao”), I think Akamatsu refers:

      1. either biblical demons (Beelzebub, Alastor, Ashtaroth ect)
      2. or to “demons-kings” of Chinese mythology.

      In both cases this just serves to show that the pure-blood vampires are really monsters of power.

      But is true that your theory is interesting, a demon king by demonic tribe? Why not.

      The only problem I have with this theory is that personnaly, I keep the word “demon” for magical and spiritual beings who are associated with darkness and black magic. For me youkai are not “demons” for example.

      Following is due to the influence of our Christian culture that makes us see “demon” = “evil spirit.” But if that is true Negima Lexicum explained that at the base, “demon” meant: “a being who is like a god, but that is not a god” in there so you can put everything and do anything lol.

      To resolve the question it would have had to say “devil-king” instead of “demon-king.”

      Anyway, we’ll see what interpretation of the “demon” Akamatsu-sensei prefer. ^^

      • Teenryu says:

        Read back to when Poyo showed her true form, the kanji used for demon when he spoke of her was different from when he spoke of demons earlier on in the series. You can also refer to Venus.wordpress.com

        As he noted that in one of his postings. I think when they say demon kings, that he means the same demon he stated when talking about poyo

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Sadly, I still haven’t been able to see a raw for chapter 84, so I can’t see what term is used in the chapter. If you are correct, then it is mazoku, which is what Poyo/Zazie are.

    • Dargor says:

      Poyo and Graff were described as Demon Lord’s (Well, Graff was) in Negima, so they’ve always been a thing. Still not very impressive though compared to Negima!Eva. Destroying a town or castle is pretty Fate tier.

      • Seimei says:

        Yeah, strangely for once there is agreement I say “destroy a city? Uh … is not as if the top-level of Negima not already capable of that huh? Fate (And negi mode “Raitei Soso”) could indeed largely do that! I do not know if it’s so surprising … ”

        After Eva spoke of it in the sense of “destroying in one second and effortlessly.” What even Fate could not do I think. It can destroy a city but not in time to blink of an eye!

        I think a noble vampire who really focuses can easily destroy a country within hours

        • Well, in Fate’s arc they did say he could turn the whole place as far as the eye could see into a sea of flames or a desert in a matter of seconds, so yeah. Also, current (weakened) Eva took care of a city-wide fire with a single spell in the slums arc. So, ya know. Busting a city kinda doesn’t sound all that impressive against the high tiers. We’d have to see how Dana or other noble fares against another top-tier later on the series, before taking any conclusions.

          • Seimei says:

            I meant the Fate of Negima, of course the Fate of UQ is much stronger, he trained for 80 years. But yeah I can not wait you climb higher up the power scale.

            Otherwise I look forward to even more pure-blood too. There Dana seriously teased me there. ^^ I love the idea that “noble vampires” are beings “demon-like” rather than simply “more powerful than normal vampires”. Reminds me a lot Hellsing or Castlevania ^^.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Poyo is mazoku (I use that term instead of “demon” ’cause Akamatsu-sensei had “youkai” and “mazoku” and the two were different things, but were often called “demon”). I never looked back to see what Graf was classified as.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, that’s why I’m curious to know the Japanese term for Demon King. I was thinking that there might have been a special term for it in Yu Yu Hakusho, so I wanted to see if the terms were the same.

  8. Rob C. says:

    I thought this was an amusing chapter, It brighten up my day to have this come in today.

    Hopefully the story will get back on track now, with Touta finishing up his beginner’s course.
    I thought Dana was hilarious at the end, handing him the diploma, good thing she managed to pull herself together before completely loosing it.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Hopefully the story will get back on track now, with Touta finishing up his beginner’s course.

      Depends on what the track is. 😉

  9. cold_menthol says:

    Dana in UQH: A master who’s also a last boss material.
    Eva in Negima: A master who’s also a last boss material. Plus a former enemy.
    Like master like student(?)..

    I’m late, but let me say this; Eva really needs her own manga. Akamatsu-sensei should just put UQH on hold. :p

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m late, but let me say this; Eva really needs her own manga. Akamatsu-sensei should just put UQH on hold. :p

      Yes. 🙂

      • Seimei says:

        Astro & Menthol : Oh no! No hiatus please! It is still 100 times worse than abrupt end (wich is already very painful) know that a series will eventually continue (not Negima was not hiatus or e abendonné but ended whatever may be said, was different lol) but do not know when was absolutely atrocious lol.

        And in case you not know, many people really love UQ Holder (and yes, I am absolutely not the only lol). So thank you to take them into account in the equation ^^. The clamp are already masters of the genre (Gate 7 come back please!) Then not Akamatsu sensei does not take example on them please and achieve your courrent work !before starting a new lol (and I repeat it, but whether you like it or not, Negima was finished, not on hiatus ^^)…

        HOWEVER, more seriously I am not at all resistant to a manga about Eva instead, because me too I WANT to know about Eva’s past know you? She was the Only (with Mana, kaede and Setsuna) girl of the 3-A that I loved (and also the only who has a true past and background lol)…

        And is where I express an idea: Akamatsu could do as for Mashima with Fairy Tail Zero, publish UQ Holder AND Eva Gaiden in the same time. You will say “How?”. Well two solutions:

        1. Publish Eva gaiden in a monthly magazine, which would give enough time to work on UQ sensei weekly and Eva Gaiden same time.

        2. be the screenwriter but take another illustrator (is what Mashima do for Ice Trail)

        Anyway for me Eva Gaiden would not destined to be long, twenty or forty chapters. Because for me what is interresting in the backstory of Eva, was how she lived her early years in vampires, training to “fights between immortals” with Dana and how she created the Magia Erebea to become the terrible Dark Evengel we love so much ^^. That is if I find most interesting.

        It is not necessary to recount 600 years of life.

        So I think a “Eva Gaiden” about 50 chapters published in a monthly magazine, in parallel (not “instead”) of UQ Holder could be enough. And most awesome would that Akamatsu introduce characters in this Gaiden Eva, who later play a role in UQ Holder (anotger pure-blood rival of Dana or a “demon-king” for exemple.

        • cold_menthol says:

          For me, a forced end is much worse than a hiatus, as long as the reason for the hiatus is clear. A forced end would ruin a story, while not every hiatus is bad, take OP for example. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you how popular OP was before the hiatus. If a story as popular as OP can take a hiatus, why not UQH!?

          I’m not really aware of Matsuena Syun’s previous works, but I read his 3 one-shots, which turned out to be background stories for his newest series (I haven’t read this new series though). If Eva’s story, instead of only Negima’s story and its forced end, can serve as a more solid background story for UQH!, then why not? It could also answer some unanswered questions from Negima, so everyone (Negima reader and UQH! reader) is satisfied.

          Of course it doesn’t need to be everything in her 600 years of life. Just those that are connected to Negima/UQH!. MotB, Dana, Chachazero, Karin, Ala rubra, etc.

          Your 1st option is almost certainly not possible, because even now, Akamatsu-sensei only managed a 16-page chapter instead of usual 18. This is the difference between Mashima-sensei and Akamatsu-sensei.

          As for your 2nd one, it could work only if he managed to create two stories at the same time. But, even now, although many people likes UQH’s story, there are also many people who doesn’t really like it. I’m afraid the quality would be worse (for both stories), after all, it’s not easy to come up with interesting ideas.

          • Seimei says:

            1. “OP” I imagine that you speak of One Piece? I do not remember that there was a gap at a time, you teach me something here lol.

            Well the problem is precisely because UQ Holder was not as popular as One Piece I’m not sure that a hiatus, even for a side-story, is a good idea. In any case, for the moment. Later, when the manga will more popular, perhaps…

            2. After yes, there was “hiatus” and “hiatus”, if the hiatus is determined in advance (1 month or 6 months for example) okay, especially if has to make a side-story interesting as Eva’s past (or even another member of UQ why not? For example Jinbei or Juuzo) but “indefinite hiatus” which continue for many years are just horrible” so if was for the side-story put in “stand-by “The main-story for 5 years, then it will become annoying lol.

            3. I chord with you, because even if I do not agree with those who say that UQ Holder is sloppy or Akamatsu doesn’t cares about his actual story, as I do think that Akamatsu prefers to focus on his last main manga before retirement, rather than getting lost on side-story, in any case I would not advise him to do that.

            In fact he would to do as Kurumada for saint seiya lost canvas with Shiori tashirogi. Let another mangaka deal with the side-story. This may seem like a bad idea but it is sufficient that the mangaka in question is familiar with the original manga (because yes mangakas also read manga lol) and akamatsu just leaves some guidelines to both clear and not too restrictive (for exemple : “do not forget Dana” and “present another pure-blood vampire”) and let him get by with it.

            Eventually consult each other from time to time for the side-story and the main story is always consistent with one another (especially if a character of Eva side-story-appears later in the main story of UQ Holder if that would be just absolutely amazing! This is wixh makes side-stories so interesting. They are not there just to tell a past event but also to be linked to the events of the present. ^^) …
            Moreover a side-story is not meant to last for 300 volumes. I think two or three volumes should suffice, if, one day, a “Eva gaiden” is announced^^…

          • cold_menthol says:

            1. There was some kind of hiatus for 1 month, if I remember correctly. In the story, it was that 2-year time skip.

            2. Yeah, if a hiatus lasts for years without any apparent reason, then might as well call it a forced stop or simply dropped instead of hiatus. :p

            3. Well, if Akamatsu-sensei acts as some kind of advisor and not screenwriter, maybe the 2nd option would work. I can’t help but think about Fate/zero in this case.

  10. Alliriyan says:

    Well I have an interesting thought that most likely won’t be addressed in canon – if Touta has influenced Eva’s past 6-700 years ago, then she’s got this ray of hope to look forward to. However, Touta only exists in Timeline (B), so how would that pan out in A and C? Maybe she doesn’t get her life/love lessons at all in those parallel universes.

    I liked this chapter, because it had some action and humour that actually progressed the plot. Angry Dana is as beautiful? as ever! Also it puts an end to the forced, flagged romance which makes me like the previous chapters a little better. I’m not against Touta/Eva, they are bonding, but it needs waaaaaay more time and development to be palatable. At the moment it’s half a ‘Touta is in love because he is gullible’ thing.

    Hopefully they can get into team training now. The yin-yang is cool, but it’s probably not flexible.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      However, Touta only exists in Timeline (B), so how would that pan out in A and C?

      Touta might be in Timeline F. Or Timeline Z. We don’t know what timeline he’s in because there can be an infinite number of timelines.

  11. arimareiji says:

    Sorry to be ticky about it… but using Nobel twice (instead of Noble) led to a vivid mental image of this guy laughing maniacally while showing comically-oversized fangs and tossing lit sticks of dynamite at Touta.

    And yellng “Raaaawr”. (^_^);;;

    (Okay, maybe throwing explosives at Touta is just my wishful thinking. (^_~))

  12. magine says:

    The Dana’s face LOL What a face, It was scary (The final boss? XD)

    It seems that finally Touta can do magic, the diploma of graduation (Now he can to go to defeat dragons with Kuroumaru and company XD)

    I wonder if they will continue with the training or they will go to the tournament or the base UQ Holder.

    Evangeline gave me pitty, when she told Touta “Then, kill me, I want you to save me from this never ending hell” Things were really tough for her in the past.

    And What will happen with the “Evangeline”? I think that she will came back to her time.
    I need to see the real Evangeline to know if her memories was changed for all this.
    How much time will have passed since then?

    PS: About the previous chapter. When Evangeline told “I was told it was to help me, because I was sick”

    Was she really sick? Would she have died if the Lifemaker hadn’t turned her into a vampire? Or Was it a lie and she wasn’t sick? ._.

    • Seimei says:

      Yeah, some have accused Dana, to be a “Unlike vampire” but actually has the opposite! She is very “vampire-like”, at least by the standards of contemporary fiction.

      Indeed very old and powerful vampire or even “pure-blood vampire” precisely, are often presented as beings “demon-like” that have nothing in common with ordinary vampires low-level. For example they can often take a monstrous and / or demonic appearance, just as Dana.

      As an example I would quote:
      -Alucard of Hellsing
      -Alucard (Another one lol) of Rosario + Vampire
      -Dracula Of Castlevania
      and there are other examples. ^^

      If so, the theory that the lifemaker has vamped Eva saved her is quite popular yes. The question is whether the lifemaker told the truth or lied. It may even have been a mix of both.

      I want to say that he really vamped Eva for saved her but could have used other means (He is the creator of an entire FUCKING PLANET lol! You will not make me believe he did not know a great healing spell which could have healed Eva!) and he took the opportunity to experiment about dark power and magia-erebea on her.

      Personally I prefer this third option. It would go well with the pesonnality of life-maker who is a being whose personality is complex, and quite hard to define.

      On the one hand it seems wants to save the universe but on the other, it seems animates by a darkest and evilest will and desire (he does not hesitate to sacrifice his subordinates for which he nevertheless shows a real affection and he has no qualms about re-invoked beings sent into the “cosmo entelekeia” to be used as puppet to fight under his orders).

      I find that this third option would fit well with this dualistic personality that is his.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      And What will happen with the “Evangeline”?

      Are you referring to Eva’s “Yukihime” persona?

  13. Aki says:

    Hmm… of with the left hand, he stopped Dana’s attack and that was black (Magia Erebia)… if it was ME then of course, Tota absorbed the attack… Then with his right he sent it back at her/using Magic Cancel to cancel out anything getting in the way…

    Uh there is definately something more to this Yin/Yang perfect balance of ME and MC technique but we will have to see… (It’s like a super Kankahou)

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