UQ Holder Chapter 93 Manga Review (“Here I come to save the day!”)

ユーキューホルダー! Ch 93 Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 93

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 93Touta sees and calls to Kitty as she comes under attack from someone with a blade. His blade hits cuts off her head as she slices him in half, turning him into ice. Before dying, the warrior says that they’ve avenged their brother, telling Kitty that the blade has been poisoned with a 10-year poison. Kitty puts her head back on and is slightly ill, but laments that someone so young threw their life away on revenge.  After dropping and coughing, Kitty gets up and walks away, laughing.

A frustrated Touta still pounds on the window, then asks Dana what happened. Dana explains that they called her the Demon Queen (魔王 Maou) at this time in her life and that she’s killed a lot of people. It started when she destroyed a band of wizards that had a town under their thumb, which caused her to have a lot of enemies in the wizarding world. The more people she killed, the more enemies she made, leading to her having to kill more people.

Touta is angry, so Dana reminds him that in a few hundred years, she’ll meet Nagi and then Negi and friends, which will save her. Touta isn’t listening and uses his abilities to break through the time window. Kitty thinks she’s under attack, but when Touta calls out the name Kitty, she stops and asks how he knows that name. When he reminds her, she remembers his name, then flees. Touta does a shundo to get in front of her, so she stops and turns away, not wanting to face him.

Dana marvels at Touta having recklessly invaded the past and notes how the seams of time will now start to crumble and vanish. Sure enough, the building Touta is in starts crumbling and the floor gives way. Touta makes a plea to Kitty, but she scoffs at him, citing how she got herself into this and she’ll bear the burden herself. Kitty gives a fake smile to him, saying she hasn’t been this happy in 100 years, so Touta is going to shundou to her, but his boulder gets his by more materials falling down, causing him to fall away.


Sadly, it doesn’t appear we are going to get a lengthy look at Eva’s life, just another glimpse of her dark period. But, at least Chachazero got a cameo in one of the fights Eva was in.

I’ve read the chapter a number of times, but for some reason, I’m having a hard time writing anything.

I did notice that Touta had his hula hoop without calling for it. As part of his Super Touta persona, it wouldn’t surprise me if he now has the ability to get a hoop when he wants.

Furthering the Super Touta thing is his ability to break through the time window. Right now, he’s falling away, possibly out of Dana’s control and possibly somewhere outside of the normal time and space. Or he could be falling back to reality, where we might discover he’s changed time somehow (à la Back to the Future).

UQ Holder Chapter 93

As to Eva, her being attacked constantly wasn’t a surprise. I had figured that at some point, she decided she no longer cared about humanity and while she didn’t declare war on humanity, she would slaughter them without mercy if anyone got in her way. Things didn’t happen quite that way as even in her cold, merciless moment, she still lamented someone throwing away their life trying to attack her. I’ve got no problem with that, but how I had imagined Eva becoming would make her redemption story through Nagi and Negi more powerful.

I really wanted to see Eva hook up with Ala Rubra and stuff, but I strongly suspect we won’t see that happen.

Finally, I noticed that the editing job from Crunchyroll wasn’t so good. I can understand how those kinds of mistakes happen since I make them on the blog all the time. I don’t think the Crunchyroll pages will ever be corrected, but hopefully, the printed versions will be fixed.

In the end, an interesting chapter, though I suspect that’s the end of Eva’s past (unless Eva’s Yukihime form decides to speak more of it to Touta).

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  1. […] upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 93, courtesy of 2ch. (My review of UQ Holder Chapter 93 should come out late Tuesday night or Wednesday, U.S. time, depending on when Crunchyroll publishes the […]

    • Seimei says:

      We are in a multiverse, thus basicaly, Tota has (at worst) not change the past in the sense that we entands in “back to the future” but rather created a parallel timeline, as in Negima with the case of Chao. I say “at worst” because it is more likely he hase chenged nothing at all in the past.

      He just made a little to smiling Eva, but she herself told to Tota that she will continue to follow her “bloody path” (as in the story of Negima that we know), so that in the end, that has done Tota has hardly served to nothing this time so no, in this case, he has ABSOLUTELY NOT “saved the day” lol.

      For the hoola hoop, yes I too am say “uh … What? Where he goes these hoops? Lol.” But hey, I guess as we are in the castle of Dana (which is where he got them from the statrt, Dana may have cast a spell allows him to invoke at will when he is in her castle for his training?
      For me is largely a minor detail. By cons, if indeed he can invoke hoops of nothing being outside of the castle, there I will admit that it will be weird. ^^

      Besides, Akamatsu said on tweeter as the next chapter will be the last before the next arc. Personally does not displease me. I would like us to recommance avencer in the script! ^^

      • Aki says:

        Depends what degree… Uh if watch doctor who or steins gate there is some common elements or key points to time alteration which does occur in back to the future I guess…

        First of all there is the world line, this determines the reality u are in for example…

        World line A – Negi did not save the magical world as he never faced Chao and never got a hint but possible he still got Magia Erebea and fought Fate or remained Human, magic on mars was exhausted and Chao was part of a war.

        World line B – Chao Lingshen duels Negi and gives him hints to the situation in the future and this version of him befriended Fate and came up with the solution to save the magical world and Asuna went to sleep. Negi also went m.i.a (assumed to have face the Mage of beginning) war still occurred on Mars presumably

        World Line C – Chao Lingshen and Future Eva used the parallel world jumper and Cassiopeia to jump world lines and travel back down the line to bring Future Asuna back to past. War still broke out on mars that Mana fought in and presumably Negi had to face Mage of Beginning.

        World Line UQ – we don’t know which world line this occurs in… Negi gained magia erebea and defeated Fate and later befriend him to save mars. Foundation of UQ holder occurred and Negi faced the Mage of Beginning and went missing in action. War presumably breaks out on mars.

        Since A is the only timeline where Mars ran out of Magic lets called that World Line Alpha and B, C and UQ world line beta.

        Next is Fixed Point in time a term used in Doctor Who, these events are unavoidable and must occur to keep the timeline going in the same direction or to maintain the timelines. For example Chao Lingshen returning from an apocalyptic future in an attempt to save the world and Asuna going to sleep is an unavoidable event and must occur for the events of world line Beta to occur.

        Or in terms of Back to the Future, Marty’s parents have to hook up for him to exist or the Doctor has to seemingly destroy Gallifrey… Or in steins;gate the seeming death of Makise Chris had occur for World line to diverge or in Heroes, the prevention of Sylar from obtaining high speed regeneration.

        However whilst not fix there is always self correcting elements to time… For example in heroes, no matter what Hiro or Peter does, the future will always be a chaotic future. In Steins;gate Mayuri always died though the period in which she dies varies per altered divergence. In back Doctor Who, the doctor saved Gallifrey by making it seemingly destroyed and placed it into a pocket universe, but forgot he saved it for two incarnations and a period of 400 years due to his timeline being out of synch with the 11th but the 11th retain these memories as he witness his pass selves saving gallifrey.

        In Negima/UQ terms this would be Negi going m.i.a after his fight with Mage of beginning and some war or conflict happen in mars or between the two worlds.

        Next is divergence these are periods or points where time can be altered and sent down a different route for example the Mahora Festival arc… That was a divergence point in time that. Chao could exploit to shape the future, leading to one where she reveals magic to the world or for Negi to save it.

        Kirie abilities allows her to freely diverge time and choose the best outcome.

        With what Touta does in this chapter I assume he broke into a time lock and enter a time period in the pasts but whether he altered time remains to be seen. For example there is pre destination… Or rather fix point… It is possible that Eva had to have meet Future Touta from her perspective to be able to create the UQ world line. So Touta interference won’t alter time…. In fact he might have set things on course… (Maybe she peeve at al calling her Kitty is because she only allows Touta to call her that hehehe I smell romance)

        But yeah since that moment was out of synch, Eva might have forgotten him when the breach was fix or it allows Present Eva to remember him.

        A divergence will only occur if and only if Touta was to interact with the past like Chao did. For example if he had caused the distraction that allowed the attack to land on Eva then that is a divergence and time would have been altered. If by calling out to her was all he did then no time will not be altered it will stay fix and progress to Negima and branch of into various possible endings.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        For me is largely a minor detail. By cons, if indeed he can invoke hoops of nothing being outside of the castle, there I will admit that it will be weird. ^^

        Not really. Touta has shown a knack for picking up a lot of things just by seeing them done or doing them on instinct. This could be another one of those things.

    • Rob C. says:

      Very dramatic chapter, these things seem way too short. I guess that’s why people typically read them when there all put together.

      Touta punching though time seemed over the top, but at the right moment. His appearance, may inspire Eve to turn away from the killing as much in the future.

      I do wonder if this time break Touta caused will change UQ Holder’s timeline or it was always thing that happened.

      Unlike Ranga, i’ll be hanging in there reading these chapters to come.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Touta punching though time seemed over the top, but at the right moment. His appearance, may inspire Eve to turn away from the killing as much in the future.

        I’ve been figuring that this event might be what caused Eva to leave Europe and/or the Magic World and head to the Pacific.

  2. Well, guys. Gotta say it was fun while it lasted, but honestly, I can’t stand the way this story is developing anymore.
    It was nice debating with you all here and there, but I get the feeling that if I keep reading and coming here, I’ll end up becoming an annoyance because man, do I have a lot of things to complain about.
    When I read the spoilers, I told to myself, If we had one more chapter of this, I’d be dropping Holder, because recently, I just get more and more disappointed with nearly EVERYTHING in the series.
    But don’t get me wrong, I won’t be doing any bashing here, just had enough, is all.
    I really hope you guys can keep enjoying the history from now on, ’cause this is where I stop. Stop the train because I’m out. /facepalms
    If you happen to make reviews about another series that I happen to be watching, I’ll be right back, Astro! Until then, see ya!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      If you happen to make reviews about another series that I happen to be watching, I’ll be right back, Astro! Until then, see ya!

      Sad to see you go, but hope to see you back soon.

  3. jeffers says:

    Poor eva she just wanted to help but kept getting shafted. also is anyone else unable to read chapter on crunchyroll? they just been giving me error messages for 5 hours. had to go elsewhere in the end. i really hope dana leaves touta in a void for a while for breaking her window

  4. magine says:

    I feel sorry for Evangeline of the past time… I would have liked can see more of her past, but, I think that we will see it when have passed more chapters

    Why did Chachazero show up when Dana was explaining the part Evangeline being attacked by the wizards? I don’t see her anywhere now…

    I think that who was attacking Evangeline is an ancestor of Kuroumaru, I have that sensation

    PS: Will the next chapter be the last before the next arc?
    we going to see Evangeline of present time, Fate, Karin…The day, because, with everything that’s happened, I already don’t know how many days have they been there XD

    I wonder if Dana will go with them to see Evangeline.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Why did Chachazero show up when Dana was explaining the part Evangeline being attacked by the wizards? I don’t see her anywhere now…

      Continuity. I’m glad we got to see her because Chachazero was a big part of Eva’s life in the past, working as Eva’s pactio partner.

  5. Mattcgw says:

    So touta floats around looking at different negima time windows, maybe he sees all the contacts negi made and wants to make some as well or Dana just immediately recalls him.

    Also wouldn’t most of the greek/Italian Holders be demigods?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Also wouldn’t most of the greek/Italian Holders be demigods?

      A lot of the Japanese ones are youkai, so there could be demihumans in Europe.

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