UQ Holder Chapter 106 SPOILER Info (With Images!)

Here is some SPOILER info for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 106, courtesy of 2ch Crunchyroll. Oops!  (My review of UQ Holder Chapter 106 should come out late Tuesday night or Wednesday, U.S. time, depending on when Crunchyroll publishes the chapter.)


The UQ Holder Chapter 106 goodness begins. Here are this week’s spoilers. I’ve tried to keep the spoilers much like the Japanese would — light on specifics. ^_^

Kirie bars Touta from sleeping in his room due to Kuroumaru changing.

Touta uses the time stoppage to continue his training.

Four months pass, so Touta decides to make his dream of getting to the top of the tower come true. Kirie pleads for him not to leave her, so he stays. Kirie opens up to Touta on why it is hard for her to trust people, including the circumstances that caused her to use her time reset power for the first time at age 4.

After Touta falls asleep, Kirie tries a theory to resume time, which works.

And I’ll do two spoiler images.


UQ Holder Chapter 106

Man, it is so weird for the spoilers to not come from Japan. ^_^;;;

The chapter isn’t supposed to be officially published by Crunchyroll until December 21, so out of respect for Crunchyroll and Kodansha, I will not publish a review until it is officially released (Crunchyroll took it back down, but obviously, just a tad too late).  I won’t divulge additional information either out of respect for both of the publishers.

That being said, I highly approve of this chapter and look forward to sharing my full thoughts with you all come Monday evening, U.S. time. 🙂

UQ Holder Chapter 106

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37 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 106 SPOILER Info (With Images!)”

  1. nyaa says:

    …so THAT can make time stop eh? …can be use for sure

  2. NML says:

    I found the UQ Holder branded shirt Tota is wearing pretty hilarious.

  3. Mattcgw says:

    I found the chapter to be good, much to my surprise. However, I hadn’t read any spoilers; so that could be the reason why.
    It would be amazing if UQ Holder got simulpubed before the magazine leaked spoilers, it may prove to a boon of sorts in UQ Holders case.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, that’ll never happen because then it would be published in the U.S. early, and then the official English version would go up on unofficial site(s) (which it has), then the Japanese could get it, and the ones who can read English can read the chapter before it comes out in Japan and not have to buy it. 😉

      The only reason CR had the chapter early was because Weekly Shounen Magazine is on a break AND Akamatsu-sensei had turned in his work as usual so he could take a week off. Otherwise, I suspect the Twins have only a small window to take the digital chapter and get it translated before the official publication date.

  4. Dhdhd says:

    Now Kirie ship just sailed right pass Kuromaru’s one.

  5. kdsahf says:

    Ok, Kirie’s ship just rushed pass Kuromaru’s one by miles.
    Oh boy….

  6. Mangafreak says:

    Now thats the most powerful magic an immortal may possess, stopping time, thats just so imba, lol.

  7. Alliriyan says:

    Heh, actually the best chapter in a long time (not counting my beloved sinking ship chapter).
    Genuine feels and a laugh at the end.
    I had actually quit on this manga and I feel it’s won itself another chance.

    I also love it when someone gets a much needed hug.

    • sanchi says:

      I can see why the current Eva is in hiding because of the bounty on her and her history, name, and titles, so a name change a.k.a. Yukihime, and a adult image is a good disguise. But I’m wondering how many know that she is Eva so how secure is that secret if it is a secret.

      I would think that after a period of time she would want to be herself and not the adult image, and a few brief times she was that, one time at Mahora, the journey with Tōta to Senkyokan when Tōta met Shinobu, and her past at Dana’s place. I’m sure Tōta would prefer her real self at this time of the story, and a meaningful talk with Tōta as her true self (not as the adult Yukihime) is way overdue, and wondering why we don’t see her real self a bit more often when she’s not doing something in a official capacity, and the head of UQ Holder. She would probably be the same height as Kirie. Would she get less respect? Or is it something more simple like fanservice showing her as a adult? We don’t even see that dream ‘image’ of her that Tōta has in his head anymore.

      I would like to see her a bit more than just a administrator and learn about her as far as what’s her abilities and her history since the time with Negi after Negima ended, and what role she plays in the death of Tōta’s possible parents and her involvement with Fate. We already can reference back chapters about Nagi and Negi if needed. The short battle with Fate was good, and we saw the ‘ice’ princess and some of her power, but not much more about her.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        I can see why the current Eva is in hiding because of the bounty on her and her history, name, and titles, so a name change a.k.a. Yukihime, and a adult image is a good disguise. But I’m wondering how many know that she is Eva so how secure is that secret if it is a secret.

        That bounty hunter in episode 1 figured it out, though he had to take his time on figuring out how to take her out.

        Here’s the thing — the whole “Eva has a bounty on her head” thing isn’t a thing, even at the corners. It is one of the many forgotten things in this manga. 🙁

        I would like to see her a bit more than just a administrator and learn about her as far as what’s her abilities and her history since the time with Negi after Negima ended, and what role she plays in the death of Tōta’s possible parents and her involvement with Fate.

        So would I, but not just limited to her (but she’d be a good start). Unfortunately, Akamatsu-sensei has not structured the manga to be about UQ Holder, but about Super Touta. As such, no story can exist without Touta being at its center, and that’s unfortunate. Since Akamatsu-sensei apparently wanted to be random in his story telling, this would have been the perfect way to do it. But then the risk is that some of the characters might be ones no one cares about.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, I can’t wait to share my full comments on this. 🙂

  8. titangirl161 says:

    Damn you Ken Akamatsu, stop sinking my ship over here! (yes, I ship SantaxKirie, I know it’s weird, I don’t care)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      That’s the first time I’ve heard someone be with this ship. 😀 However, I think Santa is going to be faithful to Sayoko. 🙂

  9. xxJinraixx says:

    As a rule of thumb in a Ken Akamatsu manga, the first girl who kisses the MC does not end up with him in the end. But I may be wrong.

    Love Hina: Otohime Mutsumi (ended up with Naru)
    Negima: Kagurazaka Asuna (well the MC never did end up with anyone, although who Negi liked which he mentioned at the end was never revealed)
    UQ Holder: Kirie Sakurame (even first two kisses at that point, one accidental and one intentional)

    There’s still hope for my beloved SS Kirie! 🙂

  10. andmeuths says:

    Keep in mind. Kirie is immortal. I think that Touta might well have a mortal lover, sometime into UQ Holder – and then, the logic of immortality kicks in, and Touta’s mortal lover/wife passes on. Which drives home, not just intellectually, but also emotionally the implications of being immortal.

    This is one possible outcome.

    Ultimately though, I think the final fate of Touta, is to travel through the timelines as Eva’s companion in her Odyssey through parallel timelines and universes.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      That’s interesting. Shinobu and Mizore are both mortal, so possibly he hooks up with one of them, but since he never ages and the girl eventually dies from old age, Touta comes “home” to his fellow immortals changed from the experience.

      Kinda reminds me of The Highlander.

      • sanchi says:

        hmm this brings up a question. Immortals — if they stopped aging, does their reproductive plumbing work properly as in still fertile or not functioning so its safe to fool around and not worry of getting a immortal girl preggers? Has by this future time, in-vitro be so perfected and probably using magic, so babies can be created in the lab by combining genes and chromosomes and not the traditional intimate sexual natural way? (ie how Tōta as created) Or does one partner need to be mortal for this to happen? We haven’t seen Eva, Karin, or Kirie having their hormones messed up with a bad PMS and pounding super Tōta for the simplest thing, and probably will never happen, but yet we see the obvious hormone-like reaction/attraction desire of stronger heart beats.

        • Mattcgw says:

          Back in 1995, a film came out that answered this question. It was called Ghost in the Shell.
          Since all the cyborgs were pseudo immortal, (they had a human brain, but the series never established whether it would ever die or reach the point were they could digitise it) the answer it gave was thus. ‘The point of life was to survive, so humans would leave legacies of that desire in the form of procreation (children) of whom would continue that ideal and create further legacies.
          As an AI the puppet master couldn’t do so, therefore he wasn’t ‘alive’; so he and the other joined together in order to create a new legacy via the net, by doing so the AI was an organic being and thus had a life. Enter 1st Gig.

          In, conclusion. To become immortal is one of two means of fulfilling the survival directive, so children are not needed. That is why Vampires are the immortal nobility, they can produce/create life that is already immortal. However, that life can never be categorised as ‘human’.
          Which is contextual why in UQ Holder, immortals are monsters, they circumvent the survival directive. By living forever or beyond human comprehension. Since Immortals aren’t human, they cannot empathise with humans, meaning they cannot understand humans and vice versa; in place of understanding comes fear of the unknown, leading to us verses them with no room for compromise, thus no room for a peaceful existence.

          In short, immortals can’t/won’t have children because there is no need to, as they will survive through hundreds of human lifetimes. Completing the survival directive.

          Note: I would believe it to highly likely, that Karin’s immortality that she said is a blessing of love, would be given to the 1st child she bared and taken away from her. Thus, ending her life.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I don’t know if immortals can reproduce (if Akamatsu-sensei borrows from The Highlander, they can’t), but despite having been turned as a child, Eva developed a sexual appetite of some sort. Kuroumaru began shifting from gender-neuter to female, so that suggests that stuff happens. Beyond that, I don’t think that the series will explore this too deeply, considering it is a shounen title.

  11. jasper says:

    the time stopped but why they still have night? im confused..

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t think they had actual night. I was looking and it doesn’t say in this chapter. But in chapter 105, Kirie knows a spell for napping that makes it dark in a certain area to mimic night.

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