Paradise Residence Chapter 20 Manga Review (Penultimate chapter.)

Paradise Residence Chapter 20 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 20

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 20 Suzuka comes up with some interesting research on the substitute director ITAMI Matsuri as Hatsune returns from the trip to Dorm #2. On the ground floor, Ai lays out plans for Tachiarai and Komatsu to review before they summon Ominato-sensei. The teacher reminds the girls she can’t take their side, so Komatsu says they want permission to hold an emergency dorm festival since Dorm #1 is going to be demolished and they want to leave with good memories. Ominato-sensei asks about the expense, so Komatsu presents the dorm’s budget money, since the dorm’s destruction negates the need for the money. Suzuka knows Ominato-sensei has a license and clearance to use a crane, so they talk her into helping them for this festival.

Ai supervises construction, based on her blueprints, as Ominato-sensei uses the crane to lift up the construction materials, though she thinks this is a waste of time, since she knows the girls are up to something to save the dorm. Komatsu says they are simply preparing for their dorm festival, nothing more.

As work continues, Hatsune makes fluffy, runny, curry omurice for Suzuka, remarking on how she loves this dorm and wants to stay here. The smell of the food brings the other girls, so Hatsune cooks for them too.

As work continues, other girls attending the school come up to assist the girls of Dorm #1 on their construction project. They finish in time to have an emergency festival, which happens to be the same day their dorm is to be demolished.


The wind down of this manga continues with this penultimate chapter.

I looks like the whole plan is to build a fake dorm that looks like the real dorm. How the girls hope to save their dorm with this scheme, who knows.

We didn’t learn what dirt Suzuka dug up on the substitute director (who’s finally given a name), so I guess that will come into play in the final chapter of the manga.

I find Ominato-sensei amusing in this chapter, namely because she goes along with whatever scheme the girls have hatched, knowing the dorm festival is a ruse. I found it amusing that she thinks whatever the girls are scheming is a waste of time, yet she still helps, partially because of the last push from Hatsune.

Paradise Residence Chapter 20

(We won’t talk about the convenience of a private girls’ school teacher not only having a large vehicle license, but who’s also qualified to operate a crane, much less how they have access to even get a crane. 😉 )

Although Paradise Residence chapter 20 (and this manga) may have been much ado about nothing I am sad to see it ending. I do look forward to seeing how Fujishima-sensei wraps this all up.

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