UQ Holder Chapter 126 Manga Review (It’s the all new Negima!)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 126

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 126Yukihime confirms to Touta that this is Negi, his grandfather. As Kirie is announced as the winner, Cutlass takes a knee in front of Negi. Negi reveals his dark power, causing everyone to have panic attacks, including the members of UQ Holder. Shinobu passes out from fear.

Negi sneezes, which strips everyone in front of him, including the crowds in the stands, save for the three Touta’s and Santa. Cutlass looks put out as she pulls out a cloak from a magic storage as Negi laughs and apologizes sheepishly. Yukihime starts to ask Negi something as Karin is stunned by the sheer power Negi has, including the power to change the atmosphere from one of death to one of a relaxed environment.

An amused Jack Rakan lands, causing massive destruction on the ground. Karin is stunned to see him. Al softly lands next, followed by Yue and Nodoka, who take position in front of Negi. Negi greets Yukihime as “Master,” then introduces himself as the Mage of the Beginning.


You know, for a table setting chapter, this one kicks all kinds of butt. Then again, like most of the strong UQ Holder chapters, it has a heavy Negima influence on it.

First up is Cutlass. She takes a subservient role before Negi, not only in addressing him as “Negi-sama,” but also in taking a knee when he descends. I was amused by her long-suffering look when she was stripped by him and simply muttered “Negi-sama” and pulled out a robe to cover herself. But then she stands, battle ready when Negi puts out his greeting.

It appears Cutlass has an artificial leg. I hope we get some backstory on her to explain some things.

For Al, there’s nothing really for me to comment on. He certainly looks and acts like Al.

For Yue and Nodoka, I’m asking myself if there’s a clue in the fact that Yue is wearing her “Witch Detective” outfit while Nodoka is wearing a space suit with the helmet back. There’s no other information to draw reasoned speculation about the two, so I’ll just say that I do like seeing them, even if in a villain role, complete with their artifact books.

As to Jack, he actually gets to speak, and he sounds very much like the Jack I remember. He looks very much like the Jack I remember, and he may have an artifact sword in hand. If so, that would strongly suggest Nagi is still alive. But alas, that is sheer speculation on my part.

So, are these four illusions with physical form, artificial constructs, clones of their original selves, or even the real McCoy, preserved via magic akin to Cosmo Entelecheia? Only time will tell.

As to Negi, it is interesting that he is both his old self, and a massively sinister and evil force. Clearly, Akamatsu-sensei was evoking memories of Sayoko, and I liked how Santa recognized this, only a times 10,000 more strength in power on Negi’s side. I felt Akamatsu-sensei did a great job reflecting the fear everyone felt in that instant when Dark Negi-MotB gave everyone a taste of what he could do. Heck, he even made the people in the stands look Japanese. 😆

UQ Holder Chapter 126

The Light Negi-MotB was like the Negi of old, complete with sneeze, embarrassed laugh, an apology. It was enough to shake Eva into wondering if this was the true Negi or not. I found it interesting that Karin was so suspicious of this sudden change of mood.

UQ Holder Chapter 126

I do wonder though. For starters, I have a difficult time believing that Akamatsu-sensei will kill Nagi. Now, if this is some whacked timeline, then he could do it here, but then have Touta-Kirie do some incredible time reset that goes beyond her normal time manipulation powers so that they can go back into the past and save Nagi.

Putting that theory aside, we did see Nagi with Negi when MotB first appeared. However, we’ve also been told that Negi had to kill Nagi to be possessed. But I have never liked that thought. I know Negi killed an MotB that was revealed to be Nagi (at the end of the Magic World arc in Negima), but there, it was as if Negi never believed that was truly his father.

Negi tends to opt for a non-battle solution with possible. I cite Fate, where this was Negi’s nemesis for all of Negima, then Negi decides to be friends with Fate, and eventually, Fate agrees to go along with Negi’s scheme, reserving the right to change his mind should Negi start failing. As such, I can see Negi offering MotB some kind of deal that doesn’t involve the death of his father, whereby she gets to use his body, but the Negi persona is still there.

That’s kinda how I saw Negi in this chapter. On one hand, he’s most certainly the MotB, who could wipe out all life in a flash. On the other hand, he’s still Negi.

So, is there a battle next chapter? To be honest, I can see there not being one. I can see Negi-MotB making Touta some kind of offer to come with him for whatever plan MotB ultimately has. I can even see Touta accepting (or at least one of the Touta’s). Since Akamatsu-sensei has structured UQ Holder so that 99% of the action has to take place around Touta, with three Touta’s, he can now follow three story paths if he so chooses. That could be quite interesting, should it happen.

Regardless of my speculation, UQ Holder chapter 126 does a nice job of setting the table for whatever events may come in the next chapter. I for one am really looking forward to it.

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43 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 126 Manga Review (It’s the all new Negima!)”

  1. Yue Ayase says:

    Man this was a wonderful chapter for those of us who read the series for the Negima bits. I don’t think Rakan has his artifact with him, but who knows. He’s still Rakan, he’s just as good unarmed.

    One surprise here was Negi… well… Making girls weak at the knees and… wet, shall we say. Not the first time Akamatsu has gone with that kind of thing (look no further than the girl in the witch hat), but first time it was explicitly shown. Kinda weird though it does convey the absolute terror that MotB!Negi can convey. Then again when Karin is afraid of you, you’re pretty legit.

    I agree with the sentiment that a battle probably won’t ensue right away though Negi’s entourage certainly looks prepared for the possibility. Needless to say, UQ doesn’t even hold a candle to the kind of intellect and firepower that Negi’s team holds. But interactions between old and new characters is something I’m really hoping for. Illusions or not, it’s something I think most fans of both series wanted. Plus I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I want to see Yue and Nodoka in action after so long.

    On a different note, Negi was always against fighting if the option presented itself, but he was absolutely dead set against his classmates fighting each other, which is why I don’t think an all-out battle will ensue just yet, especially with so many innocents around.

    Akamatsu is kind of a jerk, teasing us with the relatively boring race and then slapping us in the face with the kind of thing that most of us dreamed would happen. But I for one welcome our new Negima overlords. May their reign never cease.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Then again when Karin is afraid of you, you’re pretty legit.

      That’s true. 🙂

      Akamatsu is kind of a jerk, teasing us with the relatively boring race and then slapping us in the face with the kind of thing that most of us dreamed would happen. But I for one welcome our new Negima overlords. May their reign never cease.

      Ha!ha! Well, I think Akamatsu-sensei isn’t going to do a tournament either, so… 😉

      • Yue Ayase says:

        It’s possible but I think we’re aiming for the team portion of the tournament. At least that’s what I hope.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Well, I’m hoping there is no tournament since I see no purpose in it, but that’s just me. 😛

  2. Dargor says:

    The sword looks like the same type of weapon Male!Paio uses, and since it lacks the distinctive design all other forms of Ho Heroes Meta Chilion Prosopon has, I’m going to say its gone. We’ve seen Jack use mundane weapons before, like when he set out to fight Nagi, so my guess is Nagi is toast.

    Though, its an odd exclusion, given that Nodoka seemingly retained her artifact. The Lifemaker is the…life maker for a reason, so him resussrecting someone, soul intact, is possible. Gotta wonder if its exploiting loopholes in the pactio system. If that’s the case, not bringing Nagi back isn’t outside the realm of reason, since there doesn’t seem to be a cap on the Lifemakers capacity in that regard.

    …Excepting dealing with Mundus Magicus, since Asuna apparently essential to that plan.

    Oh, and Astro, I don’t think Rakan had any speaking lines in this. I’m pretty sure the dialogue right before Rakan’s landing was the announcer, and not the man himself.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Though, its an odd exclusion, given that Nodoka seemingly retained her artifact.

      Yue did as well. Remember, when her artifact came out, it was in the form of a simple textbook at first.

    • arimareiji says:

      The Lifemaker is the…life maker for a reason, so him resussrecting someone, soul intact, is possible.

      Thank you for filling in a puzzle piece I hadn’t noticed. But now I wonder whether one detail near the end of the first Negima anime actually alluded to something from Sensei’s notes. (I’ve long thought they may have recombined elements of notes they may have had about future plot direction, at least at that time.)
      Spoiler for end of first Negima anime:
      [spoiler]When Negi tosses off his ghastly-cheerful line about how demonic magic might be able to bring Asuna back to life, Takahata grimly reminds him that it won’t be the real Asuna – they can only create an imitation of life.[/spoiler]

  3. Fwahm says:

    Note that he said tens of thousands more than Sayoko, not tens of thousands times more.

    • Pamyurin says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s a translation error on Crunchyroll’s part and ten thousands of times more than Sayoko makes more sense seeing that the souls MotB carriers with her are literally all the people who died throughout the wars, disease, famine, slavery, etc in the entire world within the last 2700 years. It was mentioned in chapter 114. While the souls that Sayoko carries with her are the only ones who died of suicide within neo-Tokyo within the last 80 years. So it’s more logical that MotB’s souls are composed of billions of death during the last thousand of years especially back then when war and genocide is much more common. Also take note that Santa’s statement is an incomplete sentence, “he said ten of thousands more than she…” it could mean a lot of things like she could handle, capable of, etc.

      Also a much weaker version of Touta, Kuroumaru, and Santa are more than enough to deal with Sayoko. There is no way that Negi/MotB is only slightly stronger than Sayoko.

      DerGilga who can read Japanese also mentions it’s 10,000 TIMES more than Sayoko.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, looking back, you are right, but I think the implication was this.

  4. sanchi says:

    Very impressive entrance, even with the sneeze!

    Now that I’ve read the text I can understand Negi calling Eva as ‘Master’. Its going back to Negima where Eva helped Negi develop M.E. and strengthen and develop his other magic abilities. So its not like Eva Negi’s current ‘Master’, but Eva as a former ‘Master’ who instructed and trained Negi.

    Seeing himself two ways, shows there is still a part of the Negi we have and still love in Negima. Sneezing is Negi’s trademark too, and I’m glad Akamatsu did put it in the chapter. I really missed him doing such mischief. The US version didn’t exclude the ecchi pages of the girls.

    Interesting that Kuromaru is now naked too and exposed as a girl?

    Why would Negi be nervous? I’m wondering if he even knows about Tota and Honoka in the background is part of his family?

    If Negi came to destroy earth, he could have done it the instant when showing his dark power, and no chance of reaction by Eva/Tota or their group — but he didn’t.

    I’m holding the possibility of some flashback or some other background information being shown, but hopeful for this storyline to continue. Maybe also a nice catch-up chat and small talk before some sort of confrontation. Its about time Fate shows up too.

    • nt122 says:

      He is obviously nervous about meeting everyone for the first time and meeting eva for the first time if a long time. And, his ‘grandson’ is also there too.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        If he’s made a pact with MotB, then he might be nervous about how Eva would react.

    • sanchi says:

      my bad, the spoiler update#1 I think is still missing, showing Eva … but seems its ok to show Kirie and Karin… seems inconsistent…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      In regards to Negi addressing Eva as “Master,” you are correct. Once he started addressing her as Master, he continued to do so from then on. I think there was a flashback moment in an earlier chapter of UQH that showed the nearly faceless Negi calling Eva “Master.”

      Interesting that Kuromaru is now naked too and exposed as a girl?

      That would explain Santa’s shocked look. 😉

      If Negi came to destroy earth, he could have done it the instant when showing his dark power, and no chance of reaction by Eva/Tota or their group — but he didn’t.

      That’s why I think there may be no fight between Negi’s crew and UQH.

  5. sanchi says:

    I hope the rest of the UQ group shows up also like Jinbei Shishido, and Gengorou Makabe. We really haven’t seen much of their fighting abilities too, and they should also be there, along with at least Zazie Rainyday, Mana Tatsumiya, and maybe Chachamaru.

    I can assume the three remaining unknown characters in the UQ group pic are still unknown and possibly be there for the tournament, or never. Makes me wonder if one of them could be Cutlass…but that idea may no longer be possible.

    Then there is Fate, Tsukuyomi, Xiao, ala alba’s Shaba Gyuurei (the priest guy) and Asuratsu (multi arms guy), and C.E. if they show up.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      along with at least Zazie Rainyday, Mana Tatsumiya, and maybe Chachamaru.

      I would like to see them show up.

  6. sanchi says:

    One other odd nit-picking thing – going back a few chapters to chpt 119 when Negi first met his team on the space station/tower. Nodaka and Yue were wearing what looks like formal evening dresses/clothing to ease Negi’s mind. Now in this chapter which time hasn’t really moved along, Nodaka is now in a space suit, and Yue is back in her ‘witch’ kinda outfit, and ready with their artifact/books/power. The sword/blade Jack was holding while at the tower is a different shape totally from the one he lands with on the platform. But Jack and Al, inc Negi didn’t change outfits.

    It can easily lead to the assumption that these are illusions/creations with such drastic costume changes for some of them, but it seems they are physically real or real manifestation of the real person. I know its a minor thing, but Negi had glasses in Negima, and now he doesn’t. It makes me also thinking Akamatsu may have certain chapters already drawn out, but has to fill the missing chapters to create the smooth story progression.

    I also like ANB’s idea of Nagi being alive but without the MotB, and possibly weak or injured or possibly not very effective as a mage, and possibly aged or much older like Ayaka. But it would be sweet if Nagi is alive and has his revenge on the MotB (when separated from Negi) for what she did to him.

    • nt122 says:

      Negi also did not wear glasses for a Large, if not the entire, portion of the Magic arc after gaining ME.

      • sanchi says:

        ok… my bad! Thank you for the correction! nt122!

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        The glasses were always an affectation as far as I was concerned. That was one of the elements I cited in my theory about Negi actually being Nagi in disguise, since affectation magic glasses were used by characters to help prevent folks from seeing their their age illusion disguises.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      To expand further, I wouldn’t be surprised if MotB has possessed Nagi and Negi at the same time.

  7. Seimei says:

    Astro : I think Negi had indeed killed his father when he had understood there was no alternative for stop him in 2065. He saved him at the end of Negima, but was probably withe the help of Asuna.

    I do not think Tota and Kirie will go back in time in the era of Negima to save Nagi. Just because.
    1. It would destroy the entire timeline of UQ (Kirie not create parallel timelines when she goes back in time, she erase the ancient timeline, unlike Cassiopé who create paralleles worlds and timelines. Tota will not negate the existence of his friends in timeline (human and no-human), just to save his great-grandfather, a man he knows even less than Negi, be serious.

    2. Moreover it is almost certain that UQ is the timeline B of Negima where Asuna revival in 2135. The matter is that Nagi be saved in a timeline, and is the case in Negima, no need to save him in all timelines and dimentions.
    For me the only that will be saved in this timeline is Negi, and through this, we will probably an demonstration of the plan used by Negi to save his father at the end of Negima in the timeline A. Take it as you like Astro, for me Nagi is already dead and irrelevant in UQ, Akamatsu has absolutely no need or interest, to ensure that he will also saved in UQ, at least not with a time-travel. But it is only my opinion.

    However it is also possible that, as you say, he’s still alive in this era and that lifemaker deliberately left his body to invest one of Negi, but I do not think. On the one hand because he was seen with Negi in the phantasmagoria of lifemaker (representing his conscience with all his avatars, I think), which proves that even the dead hosts are always parts of the lifemaker, if he was alive I think it would not appear to be in this illusion.

    For cons, I am actually from agreements that Negi and lifemaker have merged their souls into one, rather than one take complete control of the other. What is very interresting. And suddenly, this implies that Fate and Eva have misunderstood the operation of the immortality of lifemaker. A moin bienssûr that Negi is the first case of spiritual fusion between MOTB and host. But I would prefer the first option.

    Therefore, it is quite possible that yue, nodoka, and Rakan Al soien actually does indeed true. Since Negi has kept his conscience, while gaining the 2,700 years of memories and knowledge of lifemaker, it is possible that he thinks maturely and considers the lifemaker has reason to want to create the “perfect world”, in retrospect. And some of his former allies therefore follow voluntarily.

    It looks very interresting, because now that the lifemaker and Negi have literally fused their souls in an unique new being, it is possible that we are witnessing a change of allegiance of many characters, notamant Fate and perhaps Ayaka.

    I look forward!

    • Seimei says:

      ps: I forgot to say one thing (thank to the end of the timer before the final validation of the comment lol ^^) props to the reason I do not think that Nagi is alive, or that Tota and Kirie to go back in Time withe “kirie’s power” to save him (I repeat myself, but for me his goal is to save Negi, Nagi he does not care about him). There it is :
      “And in the other hand, Negi was already a” Nagi-bis “: they presques the same basic spells and the same fighting style and they control the same elements (lightning and wind), except that Nagi is a moron, he does not have ME and it is not immortal. So even in terms of classes, badasseries and power in combat, Nagi would be totally unnecessary and hasbeen lol. “

      • Seimei says:

        Besides Astro, I think Kirie could not go back in time to the time of Negima or even until 2065. In fact iher power is to trensfer her consciousness in a past version of herself (or even substitute body and soul to the old version when she brings both her body and soul). So even if you do not know the age of kirie, I do not think she lived in the time of Negima. And any-ways, even if is the case, I think she could not use friend to take Tota or the other with her, because at the time of Negima, Tota (and divers numbers like kuro or Santa) did not exist, ditto in 2065 .

        And yet, again, it is very likely that UQ Holder is the timeline B Negima, that of “scealed Asuna”. So if is the case, it can not be altered, otherwise Asuna would not wake up in the future, and therefore does not go back in time with the help of Chao, to the Timeline A, to help Negi save his father Nagi, in the epilogue of Negima (and so, she would not be reunited with the rest of the 3-A), since UQ would have done in her place. You understand the problem Astro-san?

        After, now that I think, there is another possibility for Tota back in time than Kirie’s power. and that one does not threaten the existence of the timeline of Tota … Dana.

        We know she can travel between dimensions and certain indices, for exemple symbol of Cassiopé in her castle, shows that she is probably the basis of the devellops of Chao’s technology. It is therefore possible that the Dana would send Tota and the others in the past, but in a different dimension, which would not alter the temporal dimension of UQ.

        But even so I do not see the interest for Tota to go to an alternate past to save Nagi, in the sense that in fact, it wouldn’t chenge the world of UQ. So no, I think Tota will really try to save the world in HIS present rather than to chenge the past . If he were to go back in time with Dana’s power, I think it would have more to look for a lost magic item or seek the help of a former hero (perhaps precisely Nagi).

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          My point on Kirie’s power is that Akamatsu-sensei could suddenly give Kirie this upgrade, much like her time-stop power with Touta.

          As to timelines, we could be in any number of timelines beyond what was specified in Negima. But we’ll see where things go.

          • Seimei says:

            Yes, about Kirie, it is true that she very well can get a new temporal power, all I’m saying is that it is likely that this is not the one to go back in time beyond of her save-pointd, or beyond the birth of the members of UQ because it would createt a paradox impossible to solve for that power.
            I recall that the “save point” of Kirie, gave the power to return in time to another point in his life, and not before his life. And even if is possible, it is implied that when events are modified, has absolut. It is not a question of creating another parallel timeline, as with Cassiopé or Dana.

            So go back in time too far threaten the very existence of several characters, even kirie herself. And I do not think Tota, Kirie Santa Kuro or Ikuu, have the wish of disappearing in the nothingness once the past is modified, especially Tota, who wants find a way for live his life and his dreams lol.

            And anyway, like I said, I think that was implicitly impossible, for how, Save-Point works.

            However, it is quite possible, she gets the power to travel through time (not rewind the time as with the save-point), which would give her a similar capacity to the Cassiopé and Dana, travel in alternative timelines. Which would allow her to massively change the past without fear of damaging ers own dimension.

            This possibility is quite feasible, much more than an extension of the Save point. After all, when you look closer, in fact, the “Time freeze” has NO relationship with the save point. The power does not even work in the same way, their only relationship is that it is in both cases, time manipulations.

            And even, the possibility that Kirie obtained a similar power to Dana or Cassiope is very interresting. Indeed, as I said, I’m pretty sure that Tota will want to save his present rather than changing the past (it would be stupid, in a multivers like akamatsuvers with multiples timelines. The only reason Chao did in Negima, had to allow a less apocalyptic timeline to exist.

            But even so, she continued to try to save HER world HER present and still trying to bring peace there, according to the epilogue of Negima.
            What I want to say, is that it is likely she knew that to Change the past with CASSIOPE absolutely wouldn’t change her own present, at least some clues proves it.

            More so considering that Dana, the “witch of dimensions made in Akamatsu,” helped create this machine. So it is likely that such will Tota, she will mainly focus on the present I think.). However, the existence of kirie and Dana proves that the Time and the Multivers, will play a big role.

            What would interesting, is that Kirie, after getting her new power “Cassiopé-like” travel through the dimensions and timelines, not for change the past, but as I say, go in search of objects or people needed to defeat Negi-Maker.

            That would be very interresting, because on one hand, allow it to kirie to have a little lonely development and besides, it would deprive UQ of Time-Freeze and Save-Point for a while, which would not unpleasant .

            For timelines, numbers clues, saying that we are in the timelines B is huge. The absance of Asuna in UQ, but Mundus Magicus who was saved, date of disappearance of Negi, the fact that wikipedia page not Negi “disapeared”, while the grave tells us that he died. It takes all its meaning in UQ.

            And then, apart from the timeline of Negima, timeline B was the only one Akamatsu has shown us a minimum. The logic AND simplicity, both want the timeline of UQ is one where Asuna awakening in 2135. Thus allowing to “close the loop”.

            So it is logical to think that the timeline of UQ will not be seriously affected…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, we’ll see what happens. I think there was a reason we saw Nagi with Negi in MotB’s first appearance.

  8. ghostbeetle says:

    Writing for three different plot lines with three different Toutas would take much more effort than Akamatsu seems to have found himself able, or willing to invest into UQ Holder up till now.
    The tripple split also seems to reduce the individual Toutas to somewhat lesser versions of themselves and Touta’s only just managed to reach a level where he MIGHT stand a chance against all those monsters.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Writing for three different plot lines with three different Toutas would take much more effort than Akamatsu seems to have found himself able, or willing to invest into UQ Holder up till now.

      Heh! Yes, you are correct.

      The tripple split also seems to reduce the individual Toutas to somewhat lesser versions of themselves and Touta’s only just managed to reach a level where he MIGHT stand a chance against all those monsters.

      Yes, but this is a cheap method to take the OP Touta and make him regular powered and thus have a challenge.

  9. nt122 says:

    I decided to look at Negi’s face when it was all gloomy when he said he was being nervous…
    I am guessing he is being entirely truthful, He was being so nervous that the MotB’s power was actually leaking out.
    And the sneeze? i am pretty sure Negi is actually in a way allergic to the MotB’s power so she can’t even use it sneezing, like what happened with the Negi and Asuna vs Evangeline battle.

    Now maybe next chapter it will either be a fight, or we will get more insight to Negi’s words a while back ”This isn’t what it looks like”

    Now for those characters… I can picture al being around since he is just a Book, but the other three… I am guessing that it’s highly possible that Cutlass actually went back through time to get those three.

  10. DerGilga says:

    Heck, he even made the people in the stands look Japanese.


    I for one am really looking forward to it.

    3 times the Touta, 3 times the resonance, Astro?

  11. Leonard E. Norwood Jr. says:

    Yikes….seeing Negi again in full flush and meeting UQ Holder was inevitable, but darn it. Seeing Negi like this feels a bit dreading, especially what happened at the last page, I knew from before, but still. I know for a fact that Touta and the crew are still too underleveled. This is just the start of something that will go through a lot of ups and downs before the end. And I have to wait until next week of what’s going on.

  12. Mattcgw says:

    So the best cloning attempts resulted in limb deficit’s?! Question, is was Cutlass produced in the same vain as Touta or an attempt for high compatibility with Faux Artifacts, regardless; of how impeded the physical constitution of test subject would be, as long as their mental health reminded clean.
    Or Akamatsu-Sensei can show some torture fetish porn with even younger Loli’s evacauating thier bowls.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      So the best cloning attempts resulted in limb deficit’s?!

      Or, she lost it in combat.

      Or Akamatsu-Sensei can show some torture fetish porn with even younger Loli’s evacauating thier bowls.

      😆 *BARF*

  13. sanchi says:

    A idea …

    The way Fate talked about the MotB was like he loves her, then a thought was he was jealous of Negi, and his desire could also to replace Negi with himself and get the power and also meld with the MotB. Or he wants the power of the MotB and has a way to get the power from her to become the most powerful person, then get rid of the MotB. I can see Fate wanting to be the most powerful person and stronger than Negi. Fate did have that crazy look on his face the last we saw of him. So a re-match of MotB/Negi vs Fate is sure to happen, but what Fate wants is unknown too.

    So a real far and long possibility, maybe the bad guy could be Fate? Just another twist in the story.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Heh! Well, Fate did say he could switch sides in Negima. And he is on the opposite side from Eva.

  14. Rob C. says:

    Final Arc could be a foot..

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