Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 547 Manga Review (No fear!)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 547 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 547Hisui battles Hayate with incredible ferocity. Hisui amazes Hayate by her strength and her insight. She explains that she’s been like this from the beginning. Hayate doesn’t understand, but when his sword is shattered, he knows Hisui is getting stronger.

Yozora admires Hisui’s actions, but decides she needs to go after the still recovering Athena. Isumi casts a spell, causing a giant, dragon head to burst into the mansion, taking out pillars and blasting Yozora. Yozora compliments Isumi on her surprise attack. Isumi tells the daughter of King Midas that she needs to return to gold. Isumi hands Athena her adult clothing and battles Yozora.

Hisui continues to attack Hayate, chastising him for worrying about things like the collapsing mansion. When Hisui proclaims herself as the chosen one, Hayate steps up his game and shatters her sword with his. Hisui doesn’t give up. Instead, she grabs the blade of his sword and kicks him in the head, reminding him that a king does not fear such things.

Isumi is unable to penetrate Yozora’s barrier and is causing a lot of collateral damage to the mansion. Yozora knows Athena is rapidly recovering and that Hisui cannot defeat Hayate. As such, she opts to make a call to get support.


Heh. Lots and lots of action in Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 547. Certainly, the “combat butler” part of the series is back. 😉

Hisui the Insane

In the previous chapter, I tossed out a speculation that Hisui’s insanity might possibly have something to do with her sister. I no longer believe that.

I’m not exactly sure what Hisui means by stating that she has been like this “from the beginning.” The phrase suggests that even as a young child, she was touched. She could see things others could not. She could do things others could not. I don’t sense that Hisui has supernatural powers. Instead, I sense that Hisui is extremely gifted. To that end, I think her gift has driven her insane.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 547

Hisui talks of being a king. She talks of being the chosen one. Heck, she’s so nuts, she grabs the blade of Hayate’s sword. Hisui is a force to be reckoned with, even more so because of her insanity.

Athena and Isumi

There wasn’t much comedy in this chapter. However, Isumi provides a small amount of humor, some as Athena’s expense. Athena and her lewd clothing. 😉

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 547

As an aside, I thought that Athena didn’t look old enough at times. I think Hata-sensei has gotten too used to drawing her loli form.

That aside, apart from Isumi’s initial attack, nothing seems to be working on Yozora. I guess we need Athena to get back into the game.

Yozora the Princess

Speaking of Yozora, while Isumi’s attacks were being blocked, Yozora felt compelled to call in support. I’m guessing that should Athena get back into the game, the combination of Isumi and Athena would overcome Yozora’s barrier.

One nice thing that came out of this chapter is that Yozora’s identity as the daughter of King Midas was confirmed. I like that Hata-sensei isn’t trying to be too clever these days. He laid the groundwork earlier when Yozora battled Machina, then continued to do so a little later. Now we have the confirmation and didn’t have to wait a few years to get it.


Since the next chapter is already out, I’ll just wrap up this review now. Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 547 shows Hata-sensei at his best, mixing plot, action, and humor.

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2 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 547 Manga Review (No fear!)”

  1. Hisui may act like she’s insane but as they say “there’s a method to the madness.” She’s just willing to take a few extra risks to ensure her victory… just like Hayate is willing to resort to picking up garbage to defend himself.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I don’t think she’s just acting. I think she’s totally off the deep end, which goes beyond doing what’s needed. Hayate has done crazy things to protect Nagi, but he’s never come off as insane. Just full of rage at times. Hisui, with her crazy laugh and crazy look in her eye, comes off as totally nuts.

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