ViVid Strike! 10 “The way we were.”

ViVid Strike! 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

ViVid Strike! 10Fuuka and Rinne keep fighting, each getting blows on the other. Fuuka is unhappy because Rinne is going through issues and not sharing with her friends. Rinne is unhappy because Fuuka is trying to butt in. After taking a blow from Rinne, Fuuka recalls how the two became friends at the orphanage. She remembers how Rinne used to smile. Rinne recalls the brief period of happiness she had after being adopted. She hates herself the most. Rinne demands that Fuuka leave her alone if she wins. Fuuka is about to make her own demand, but Rinne says Fuuka won’t win.


Hey, I’ve got an idea. Lets drag out the Fuuka and Rinne fight forever. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

ViVid Strike! 10

The Melodrama

ViVid Strike! 10 continues to pour on the melodramatic elements that have been played up in the series. This was played out in two areas. One was Rinne’s self-loathing and her remembrance of the time she was happy with her adoptive family. Add to this her guilt over having brutally demolished the bullies that abused her.

ViVid Strike! 10

Second is Fuuka’s recollection of Rinne being the sweet, happy child while Fuuka had been the negative, moody one. However, Rinne won Fuuka over and Fuuka found herself smiling as a result.

ViVid Strike! 10

As such, we get the tragedy of their current situation where the former childhood friends are now fighting. And then, through the power of their fists, Rinne and Fuuka can become friends once more. The end.

ViVid Strike! 10

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Not much to talk about this episode, so I’ll wrap this up.

  • I think that because ViVid Strike! 10 made such a big deal about Fuuka’s rapid rise in power and her ability to quickly learn new forms of fighting, King Records is hoping that Fuuka and Rinne can be the new face of the Nanoha franchise, changing it to the Fuuka franchise.
  • The melodrama stuff wasn’t just limited to Fuuka and Rinne. Jill also got in on the act.
  • So, one more episode of Fuuka and Rinne fighting and reconciling, then what? An episode of Fuuka winning it all?

ViVid Strike! 10

In the end, ViVid Strike! 10 is a very melodramatic episode full of action, signifying nothing.

ViVid Strike! 10

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