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ViVid Strike! 12

ViVid Strike! Anime Review

ViVid Strike! Review When it comes to the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha franchise, I gave a bit of a weakness. There’s nothing particularly special about it as an anime franchise. Despite this, I’ve enjoyed watch the main character Nanoha and her best friend Fate grow from little girls to awesome young ladies. In a weird

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ViVid Strike! 12

ViVid Strike! 12 (Finale)

ViVid Strike! 12 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis The day after the fight, Fuuka and Rinne wake from a refreshing sleep. Rinne and Jill renew their relationship. Einhart gets some training in as Vivio and her immediate crew return home for school. Fuuka and Rinne have a tea party and continue to renew their friendship. Rinne reveals their

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ViVid Strike! 11

ViVid Strike! 11 (Together again.)

ViVid Strike! 11 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis As Rinne and Fuuka continue to fight, Jill recalls training the girl. Jill feels like a failure for not understanding Rinne’s heart. Rinne sees Fuuka crying, then when Fuuka nails her, Rinne remembers the harsh training of Jill and uses that to hammer Fuuka. Fuuka is sent flying across the

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ViVid Strike! 10

ViVid Strike! 10 “The way we were.”

ViVid Strike! 10 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Fuuka and Rinne keep fighting, each getting blows on the other. Fuuka is unhappy because Rinne is going through issues and not sharing with her friends. Rinne is unhappy because Fuuka is trying to butt in. After taking a blow from Rinne, Fuuka recalls how the two became friends at

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ViVid Strike! 09

ViVid Strike! 09 (Cue the “Rocky” Theme)

ViVid Strike! 09 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Rinne is very depressed as she watches coverage of Fuuka’s and Einhart’s success. Victoria pays Rinne a visit, but has no success as Rinne decides there’s no point in martial arts. At the hospital, Jill is delivering a present for Vivio. Jill and Nove talk until Jill gets the news

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ViVid Strike! 08

ViVid Strike! 08 (Boring Tournament Throws a Curve)

ViVid Strike! 08 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis After one round, Vivio is ahead on points. Rinne tells Jill it will be OK and in the next round, she finally lands blows on Vivio, knocking her down. To Rinne’s surprise, Vivio rises, then changes fighting styles, confusing Rinne. As such, Vivio is able to avoid Rinne’s attacks and

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ViVid Strike! 07

ViVid Strike! 07 (“There is no Nanoha, only Nove.”)

ViVid Strike! 07 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Rinne acknowledges to herself how close her fight with Miura came. Einhart easily defeats a girl twice her sized and weight. The girls pay Miura a visit in hospital. Afterward, Vivio does a late night training session with Nove while the other girls provide a little bit of background information

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ViVid Strike! 06

ViVid Strike! 06 (Violent predictable fight is still predictable.)

ViVid Strike! 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Training is pauses as news that Fuuka qualified for the Winter Cup is announced. Nove reveals the tournaments first round bouts, which has Miura facing Rinne. Fuuka thinks Miura will win, so Miura suggests that if this happens, they arrange for Fuuka to face Rinne after the tournament. Jill passes

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