UQ Holder Chapter 139 Manga Review (“The ‘boys’ are back in town!”)

ユーキューホルダー! 魔法先生 ネギま!2 Manga Review
UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima 2
UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi! 2 Chapter 139
UQ Holder Chapter 139

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 139Ayaka and Chizuru join Kotaro and Natsumi on the asteroid surface to observe the battle. Fate goes to handle the 78,000 demons that have been summoned. Negi uses a new spell on Nagi-MotB, which doesn’t work. Nagi-MotB acts more like Nagi as he battles Negi. Elsewhere, Asuna presses Paru to make the Great Paru-sama Mark II fly faster so they can make it to the battle.

Five hours later, Fate is still battling demons and Negi is still battling Nagi-MotB. Kotaro explains how Negi is keeping his magic going for so long. Nagi-MotB manages to get an advantage and lands a massive blow on Negi. While Negi is flying from the punch, he’s punched again by Dynamis, the second in command from Cosmo Entelecheia. Other CE villains Nii, Septendecim, and Secundum all join the attack. Negi finds himself in a sea of black goo, which is apparently the actual body of Ialda (MotB). While CE summons more demons, Dynamis and Nagi-MotB state that even Asuna won’t be able to stop them.

Meanwhile on Earth, college girls Misa, Madoka and Sakurako visit Eva, who’s still trapped at Mahora thanks to the curse. They discuss the battle in space.

Back at MotB’s asteroid, Negi is freed from the black goo by Mana, Kaede, Zazie, Chachamaru, Ku Fei, Setsuna, and Konoka. They yank him out, where he’s caught by Asuna, who’s flanked by Nodoka and Yue. Asuna had heard Nagi-MotB’s words and is not concerned, feeling everything will be OK. She’s joined by the surviving members of Ala Rubra, Jack, Al, and Takamichi. Further, Fate’s battle harem of Homura, Shirabe, Koyomi, Tamaki, and Shiori jump in. Fate and Kotaro also join the mix.

Dynamis is not happy to see these people, especially Takamichi. Nagi-MotB shushes him, then asks Asuna to repeat what she said. Asuna reaffirms her belief that everything will work out OK. She tells Negi to stop worrying as if they die, they’ll worry about that then.


Another chapter, sans UQ Holder characters, and this time, the splash page had to be used in a constructive manner, so no cameos there. Frankly, I don’t mind that a bit. 😉

The Five Hour Battle

During the five hour battle between Negi and Nagi-MotB, K couldn’t help remember when Negi fought the illusion of his father during the Mahora Budokai. Even though MotB claims that the Ialda persona and Nagi persona have been unified and merged, it was clear that the Nagi persona emerged during the fight with Negi. In that light, I think that Nagi-MotB actually enjoyed battling Negi. From Ialda’s perspective, this was probably a bit of entertainment. And from Nagi’s perspective, we know he loved a fight. So it all made sense to me.

UQ Holder Chapter 139

MotB felt no fear about Asuna and company coming to help, so as far as Ialda was concerned, have a bit of fun, then when Negi’s allies arrive, end the fun and give Negi a sample of the despair.

Cosmo Entelecheia, Ala Ruba, and More Return

You know, I’m sad to say that I had kinda forgotten about Cosmo Entelecheia. There really hasn’t been a hint of them in UQ Holder, so I suppose it is natural. After all, Negi may have wiped them out before failing to defeat MotB. So it was fun seeing that group return and lay the smack down. No doubt they have some thirst for revenge, both against Negi and against Nagi. Since Nagi is “occupied” (har!har!), they have to settle for Negi. I’m kinda hoping that Fate gets to square off against Secundum.

I like seeing the surviving members of Ala Rubra show up. We Negima! fans already know about Jack, Al, and Takamichi. I had to smile when Dynamis had the biggest reaction to Takamichi showing up. I recalled that in Negima!, Takamichi was celebrated on the magic world for having taken down a powerful (criminal) organization. I don’t think Takamichi was ever discussed as having battled CE (I need to look I guess), but if not, then I think this reaction from Dynamis shows that Takamichi really put a hurt on CE back in the day.

Fate’s battle harem also showed up. I was really surprised to see them ’cause there too, we’ve not had an indication of them being in the UQ Holder timeline. I doubt we get more than cameo shows for their fights, but it is still cool to see them.

Ala Alba

Then you had what I’m calling Ala Alba, aka Negi’s battle harem, show up to save him. Zazie, Ku, Kaeda, Mana, Setsuna, Asuna, and Chachamaru are your obvious front-line warriors. Konoka, Yue, and Nodoka are your back-line support, with Yue having the ability to not only provide tactical info to the front-line folks, but having the ability to give defense to the back-line.

UQ Holder Chapter 139

We had Paru being the pilot of the new Great Paru-sama Mark II. (I wonder if the ship Kotaro and the others were on is the original Great Paru-sama.) So I’m thinking her support role will be air support. We don’t know who all else might have come with Paru, but I would assume the ship’s weapons could be used.

I was glad to see that Ayaka and Chizuru were with Natsumi and Kotaro on the other ship. Both are looking quite lovely as college girls. Akamatsu-sensei did well in making them look more mature, unlike what he did with Setsuna (she is hanyou, so maybe that’s to be expected), Konoka, and Ku. Those three still looked like junior high girls, as did Natsumi now that I think of it.

UQ Holder Chapter 139

I’m really wanting to see Zazie in combat. We’ve seen the others, and it will be great seeing them in action again, but Zazie had a mostly passive role in Negima. Now that she’s on the team battling CE, I want to see her in combat, kicking bottom and taking names.

We don’t know where Chisame is, though she’d be worthless in this kind of fight. Ditto Asakura and Sayo. However, I’m thinking we’ll see them all before this UQ Holder-free flashback is done.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

With so much of UQ Holder chapter 139 dedicated to Negi battling Nagi-MotB, there’s not a ton to say, so I’ll wrap this up.

  •  I absolutely loved the idea that the three cheerleaders Misa, Madoka and Sakurako would pay Eva a visit to eat, drink, and chat. Akamatsu-sensei really did a good job showing how they’ve matured, and he matched that by making them look like hot college babes.
  • Further, I enjoyed seeing how Eva has mellowed over the years. However, as she mentioned being a junior high school student, the reality of the curse really came home to me. Her classmates from Negi’s time became her friends, but they had to move on to high school and now college. Eva has to start junior high school all over again every three years. I think that realization helped make the visit from Misa, Madoka and Sakurako more impactful.
  • I wonder what that house is that Eva is apparently living in. I don’t remember her old log cabin getting destroyed. However, I do love this modern home with a roof terrace. I’m kinda curious as to where Akamatsu-sensei got the idea.

UQ Holder Chapter 139

In the end, UQ Holder chapter 139 continues to wrap up the main plot thread from Negima! and start to give us Negima! fans the closure we’ve been craving for years. That alone makes this chapter awesome and a half!

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61 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 139 Manga Review (“The ‘boys’ are back in town!”)”

  1. Mattcgw says:

    Re; konoka’s height continuity error/cognitive dissonance.

    It especially doesn’t help konoka, because when Akamatsu-Sensei introduced the age pills, he had konoka take them first. (I apologise for the twitter link, but I don’t have the patience right now, to read through early negima)

    Konoka looks about 6 foot, which isn’t really out there, because Akamatsu-Sensei retcons bite him in ass, massively in this regard. Due to the kyoto arc ending.
    Basically, in the original picture jack was 6 foot and eishin about 6’2, (plus, during the arkia flashback, Akamatsu-Sensei made a point to cite that picture as a time frame for Godel, and he’s 6 foot, but jack is clearly taller than him)

    Pop up cancer site, which is strange for a legacy site.

    however the proportions of nagi scaled to this, meaning that eishin become 6’7 and Jack 6’5. Because Al originally wasn’t 6 foot and some other stuff with zect. So nagi was about 5’8 and Al 5’10. (nagi is now 6’1) and subsequently negi is 6’2.
    I cannot cite exactly where just giving issue caused everyone to gain 5 inches, I think one of it, must of been an extra saying that eishun was 6’7, (I think it may of been a question asking how tall eishun was) which clearly wasn’t the case in the kyoto picture of Ala ruba.

    This, also has Ku Fei, being alot taller alongside konoka and Setsuna.

    Although, the the age citation on the side could be for biological representation, not chronological age

    • Dargor says:

      The fact that no one looks different, despite now being in their twenties really bothers me. I just want to see 3-A all grown up damn it.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Some do, some don’t. I’m OK with Setsuna, Zazie, and Mana not aging much ’cause they aren’t fully human (and in Zazie’s case, she’s pure Mazoku). I thought Ayaka and Chizuru looked 19. Ditto the three cheerleaders.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I apologise for the twitter link

      Those are fine. 🙂

      Pop up cancer site, which is strange for a legacy site.

      Yeah, that’s why I had to kill the link.

    • hata says:

      sigh, Konoka looks shorter here because she was KNELLING, isn’t it OBVIOUS she was healing Negi the moment she gets there?

  2. some dude says:

    It looks like Mana has her Pactio item

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Not sure. Her big gun doesn’t indicate it is an artifact, but we’ll see. It would be foolish for her not to have a pactio with Negi.

      • Izayoi Arashi says:

        She didn’t perform a pactio at all with Negi actually. She had her pactio with another person that she had admired and loved, but he died. I think it was a chapter or two before Negi’s match with his Father’s illusion thanks to Colonel Sanders back in the earlier chapters of Negima.

        Plus, she could still hold her own even without an artifact thanks to her variety of weapons and ammo stored in a pocket dimension back in Negima

        • custard melon says:

          Actually she did pactio with Negi and that’s their artifact, Mana’s last artifact was duel wielding guns when she was a kid

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I don’t remember her doing that in the manga. She may have, but I don’t remember it. I know she did in the anime.

          • Izayoi Arashi says:

            A bit tad late to reply by 14 days, but, care to share where you got that info? It wasn’t shown in the manga at all. For all we know Mana might be carrying another one of her ‘big guns’ in her arsenal.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I’ve been slowly going through Negima at night in bed and the Magic World arc is almost over and Mana hasn’t made a pactio with Negi. Indeed, she was thrown away after engaging in combat with Poyo, only to be seen in brief cameos here and there, much like Setsuna.

          • Izayoi Arashi says:

            @Astro Actually I was replying to @Custard Melon. My Fault for not clarifying. XD Thanks for the info, though.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I just jumped into the conversation to back up your point. I think Mana’s only pactio with Negi happened in the anime.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I remember the pactio you mention. I don’t remember any others for Manga in the manga.

  3. Dargor says:

    If anyone can get in touch with whoever does the type setting for the first image (I.E with Asuna in the forefront), there’s a spelling error. “We’ll” is missing an L at the end of it.

    Other then that, no thoughts, haven’t read it. Just thought I should point that out.

  4. LoneWolfx03 -]===- says:

    I can see it now. With the help of Asakura’s artifact, Chachamaru can hit the other CE members while “Sayo’s Got A Gun!”. That would be so hilarious. ?

    I can already picture out who’s battle who.
    Everyone will all go “IT’S MORPHIN TI— I mean ADEAT!” with their cool battle gears and improved abilities. Please just PLEASE no more maid costume for Setsuna. ?

    I can understand why the Konoes (aka Eishun & Konoemon) can no longer fight. I wonder if they’re okay since they have to be in THEIR wedding this year, right? *wink wink* ?

    BTW, did you check this out too?

    LoneWolfx03 -]===-

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I can see it now. With the help of Asakura’s artifact, Chachamaru can hit the other CE members while “Sayo’s Got A Gun!”. That would be so hilarious. ?

      Haha! That’s kinda what I’m thinking.

      I can understand why the Konoes (aka Eishun & Konoemon) can no longer fight.

      Gah! I forgot about Eishun. I’d been saying, “All the surviving members of Ala Rubra,” but if Eishun is alive, I’m wrong. Ooops.

      BTW, did you check this out too?

      I see the Negima reference in the URL, but the images on the page aren’t Negima. And I may have easily missed it, but I didn’t see text about Negima.

  5. CerealQueen says:

    I wonder if Negi could have summoned his partners instead. It looks like several artifacts are still present, so the pactio may not yet be void. Then again, I suppose its ability could have been blocked by the Mage of Beginnings. Just something I’m wondering

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I wonder if Negi could have summoned his partners instead.

      Hahaha! Yes, good catch that.

      Then again, I suppose its ability could have been blocked by the Mage of Beginnings. Just something I’m wondering

      If I had to guess, that would be the official excuse — telepathic communications all jammed, thus summoning paths as well.

  6. Durra says:

    Takamichi was stated back in Negima (in chapter 301) to have spearheaded the efforts to finish stamping out the remnants of CE as best he could after Nagi & co took out the Lifemaker and all their big hitters.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ah, so he did mention it. I couldn’t remember if he did or not. I’ve been trying to reread Negima!, but in the last several months, I’ve only made it to the start of the Magic World arc. ^_^;;;

  7. sanchi says:

    We have seen Tsukuyomi dressed as a waitress briefly fight IIkyu at the train station in chpts 36-39 where we saw Fate for the first time and fighting a new contractor Priest Shaba Gyurei

    There was also Asuratu (had many arns) of Ala Alba and (maybe include that shadow knife guy Chao) at the tower battle when Kuromaru was a blonde girl date with Tota in the tower (no Tsukuyomi). So maybe Tsukuyomi switched from CE?

    • sanchi says:

      oops the new contractor Priest Shaba Gyurei stated he was part of Ala Alba and not CE, which made me think Tsukuyomi changed groups.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      So maybe Tsukuyomi switched from CE?

      I seem to recall that Konoka reportedly did something to Tsukuyomi. I can’t remember the details though.

  8. sanchi says:

    Another typo —

    but Zazie had a mostly passive role in Negima. Now that she’s on the

    Its below the Ala Alba section under the 2nd picture, first paragraph.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Actually not a typo, but rather a sentence cutoff. ^_^; Man, I wonder what I did to accidentally blow the rest of that away.

  9. Rob C. says:

    Wow, this was action pack chapter. It seem so filled, it seem too short. ^_-.
    Here my thoughts. Why the heck are they doing in space to begin with? Was the magic-verse dimensional alignment all messed up? Space in Mars-verse is slightly different from the regular one? Is this the bad future, where Nagi wasn’t on Earth at all after Negi freed him from MoTB? Bigger question, why is Asuna running around. Depending if this is the time line when Asuna has “Returned” and sleeping “past” self is holding Mars together is the reason.

    Astro, i think you may want come up with a timeline tree so we can keep track where everyone is in this timeline thing.

    Age thing can be seen in three ways, 1) The girl were properly already mature mostly so perhaps they already reach their body’s growth’s end. 2) Sensei and his assistance (and editor maybe) missed some characters that should be slightly older/different looking. 3) No one was paying attention to secondary characters. It’s only been couple of years.

    Chapter was exciting, i’m little concern if they do drum up interest in the manga with the return of the original crew of characters from Negima! Will boost be temporary due this is all a flash back and everything will revert to the current setting of character.

    • Dargor says:

      In order of your questions, this is the Good!Ending where Asuna came back, Akamatsu wants to have his space opera cake and eat it too which is why we’re in space, and he doesn’t care about drawing them differently because that would require more work. That about sums everything up.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Why the heck are they doing in space to begin with?

      For whatever reason, MotB had established herself in Nagi’s body on an asteroid in space.

      …why is Asuna running around.

      This is supposed to be the “Happy Ending” timeline where Asuna went back and helped Negi save Nagi. What we are seeing is how this was accomplished.

      Astro, i think you may want come up with a timeline tree so we can keep track where everyone is in this timeline thing.

      Haha! Alas, that won’t be happening. In addition to my not having the time (it is difficult enough to do what I do in the blog these days), my own theory is that there are tons of timelines.

      • Rob C. says:

        That’s too bad. Timeline tree for the known timeline would help make sense to things for some people and keep things straight.

        Personally, i won’t all this the “Happy Ending” timeline given what’s about to happen. I think the original timeline when Asuna woke up actually was more peaceful ending since MoTB apparently wasn’t around to begin with!

        It does open a interesting questions. In that timeline, MoTB wasn’t trying destroy the world. She/He was trying save Magical World by encasing it into a dimensional space preserving most of the people.

        Then UQ Holder open completely new location not known before. Venus. Venus apparently is world of Demons, which Zazie Rainyday is from. If the manga survives long enough, maybe Touya. Remember him? He and crew could end up visiting (properly visiting briefly if ever). Was Venus considered to be part of this Marverse/Magical World dimension like MarS?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          If the manga survives long enough, maybe Touya. Remember him?

          The name sounds familiar somehow. 😉

          He and crew could end up visiting (properly visiting briefly if ever). Was Venus considered to be part of this Marverse/Magical World dimension like MarS?

          Well, it would be cool to learn this info. During Negima, I was hoping to learn more about Cocone on the Magic World by visiting her home, but alas, that never happened. We did learn some stuff via other means, but Venus and the world of the Mazoku was never explored. It would be cool to learn though.

  10. Blacki says:

    Im hyped…. Mostly for my Waifu Zazie….

    Thought what im curious about is this, we have seen CE and Ala Aba + Fate Group.

    The 2 people we havent seen are Poyo and what more important: The Gravekeeper

    I think many ppl forget or miss her existens, but i personally think that she will play a huge rule in it.

    Also now that we have learned in UQ about the “Nobles”, it can may hint to the fact that Poyo and / or The Gravekeeper is a Noble aswell, since she is supposed to be VERY OLD and Powerfull.

    Thought 1 point still bugs me. We know that Eva sealed CE in the “happy end” time line in Ever-lasting Lighting-Ice….

    But what happened in this version of Negima at the final fight with Fate ?? Did she not seal them there too?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Im hyped…. Mostly for my Waifu Zazie….

      I hope we actually get to see her in action.

      The 2 people we havent seen are Poyo and what more important: The Gravekeeper

      I forgot about the Gravekeeper.

      Also now that we have learned in UQ about the “Nobles”, it can may hint to the fact that Poyo and / or The Gravekeeper is a Noble aswell, since she is supposed to be VERY OLD and Powerfull.

      Poyo is a Mazoku, like her sister Zazie.

      Thought 1 point still bugs me. We know that Eva sealed CE in the “happy end” time line in Ever-lasting Lighting-Ice….

      Nagi and Ala Rubra wiped out CE, but MotB has the power to bring them all back to life. I would also guess that MotB can fee anyone from being sealed.

    • Dargor says:

      The Gravekeeper is a member of the Ositian Royal Family, and is thus related to Negi and Asuna in some compacity. She doesn’t need to be a vampire to be both old and powerful, like Zecht was.

  11. DD says:

    My gues is that they are going to use chisame artifact to pull nagi consciousness from motb like they did in negima when they menaged to wake up asuna and stop the ceremony when she was captured by CE and then cancel motb somehow

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I forgot what all they did in Negima to wake Asuna. If your theory is correct, then Asuna is needed to prevent actions being taken against Chisame. Of course, that presumes Chisame got dragged into this, though with Akamatsu-sensei’s infatuation with Chisame, I would expect her to be around somewhere.

  12. sanchi says:

    uumm – the girl’s space suits — I understand on the chest girl’s need more room than guys, but what purpose are those two black dots strategically placed on their space suits… as in lights or thrusters, or even blasters… oh, probably suit environment knobs to twist… gez really?

    • Rob C. says:

      Given they had chapter dedicated to nudies of girls losing clothes as they raced. does the nobs on female space suit really surprise you? It doesn’t me how low they’ve sunken to get ratings from every kind Otaku out there.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Speaking of nudies, my monthly quest for UQ Holder spoilers has me see spoilers for a lot of other shounen titles. UQ Holder is tame compared to some of the titles coming out monthly. ^_^;

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Hahaha! I had totally missed that. ^_^;

  13. Mattcgw says:

    I hope the true opening song for Uq holder, is good and not the typical Toei animation choice of music, that’s often unexciting or bland.
    Although, going by Kire’s Kanna esq pose, something rock heavy ala UVerworld or ling tosite signed. Is probably out of the question.
    Konomi Suzuki is a really in line choice, for Uq holder. Amazing vocalist.
    Or maybe Kana-boon, they seem to be making the rounds.

    Egotist could be a good choice for the ending, powerful somber music, for a series about Immortals would fit, also one can do some really Visceral imagery in an Ending.
    However, the music done, for railgun and index was catchy, especially for techno pop. it was better than one thought it would be.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Its so weird — when I first got into anime, there was a lot of anime OP/ED music I liked and purchased. Now, I find most of the music doesn’t strike my fancy that much. I don’t know why. Once in a great while, something will strike my fancy, but it is very rare.

  14. Gyaru says:

    I have mixed feelings about the anime chara design for UQ. I’m wondering whether they should’ve used Shaft again, because the designs by JC Staff dont look “sharp” enough to me. Touta lacks that kinda determined “eyebrow look” he had in the manga. of course there’s a limit to how much they can make the art resemble the manga obviously, goes withot saying, but still.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, when it comes to anime character designs, they often are disappointing to a degree when compared to a source manga.

  15. sanchi says:


    Just browsing you tube – on Aug 4 someone posted a teaser for the UQ Holder anime. Seems to show scenes mostly in the hot springs. Kirie is a blonde like Yukihime. I always though Kirie as a red head for some reason. It also shows Karin, Kuromaru, and possibly Santa.

    IF this link works:


  16. sanchi says:

    I think we are gonna see answer’s to Negi’s attempt, and may show how he becomes Negi-MotB and absorbed along with Nagi, and how Jack, Al, Yue, Nodoka become who they are in UQ. Not complaining. Its nice to see once again to see them again going after the MotB as like the end of Negima!, but I cringe in what the story may show on how they became who they are now on the MotB side. Probably explain why we saw Negi’s grave stone in the beginning chapters of the manga. At least we know a few of class 3-a like Mana and Zazie weren’t controlled.

    I’m still wondering which Eva since there are supposed to be two? The one from the current time and graduating with class 3-a, or the Eva that came back with Chao and Asuna and stayed. The future Eva could have created UQ while the current Eva is still stuck at Mahora. This whole time shifting can get confusing.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think we are gonna see answer’s to Negi’s attempt, and may show how he becomes Negi-MotB and absorbed along with Nagi, and how Jack, Al, Yue, Nodoka become who they are in UQ.

      I suspect so as well. After all, I believe the manga is being structured in a way so that if sales don’t improve, Akamatsu-sensei can end it with the MotB storyline resolved. If sales improves, well, he can shift to other things.

  17. Mattcgw says:

    So the recent Seiryu announcements.
    So the uq holder seiryu list came out, and casting yuki kaji as gengoro, is a complete mistake.

    Kaji is the most loadmouth genkei seiryu out there, (loved him as Issei) I wanted him in uq holder, but not, as this. Genegoro is a stotic Intellectual type, ergo a more reserved voice type is fitting, like noriaki sugiyama (Sasuke, Uryruu) or Toshuyuki moriwaka(the one true Griffith), (think, more Karin like, then again Ono surprised me by being Al; and Azrael in rage of Bahamut, so perhaps Kaji could pull of a nuanced and subtle performance)
    Side note for Bahamut, we have casual homosexuality, I repeat casual homosexuality, only three years since Genesis, and such character traits aren’t being treated with immense teasing or gravitas, but with a simple shrug, and noting it down as a quirk. The progress being made is astounding, how very liberal.

    On height’s if Akamatsu-Sensei made Touta’s (true/adult?) height 195cm 6’5, then at least it’s consistent with his family lineage. (yes, I have been reading JoJo, as shown).
    Unlike, bloody naruto where He and Sasuke ( according to perriot) (of which the last is canon)
    Sasuke 6’2, OK not out there Itachi was 180cm, but Minato was 5’8.
    Here’s the problem in the last naruto is 5’11 (respectable) but in boruto (and technically the last) he’s 6’5. So 19 year old naruto grew 6 inches in 2ish years, even though he should’ve ceased growth/end puberty. (plus, factor in the higher end percentile, it’s just even more absurd.) at least gurren Laggan had the time skip to 21 6’2 Simon (and 5’11 nia?) so less scepticism could be applied.

    Also, so much meaningful panel time was spent on Sasuke, that he and his hair did grow longer, to justify his Boruto height. In addition to the timescale fuckery in part 2 because of kurenai’s pregnancy and Kishimoto’s abysmal writing. Although, it seems that the boruto anime is taming down there heights, from a still I saw of the Gaiden material, of; Naruto Sasuke and orochimaru.

    Also, One Piece heights are stupid, especially since they’ve made Luffy drawn more childlike and thus shorter, (which messes up the crews height) even through he was drawn reasonably 17 years ago, also Coby height/track to 6 foot plus, is also stupid.

    Hopefully, Akamatsu-Sensei lateness with chapter 140 won’t affect it being published in weekly shonen, or Amazon.
    Also, I hate volume 14’s cover, because it’s wasted space (Akamatsu-Sensei has so few color pages) and it’s dedicated to Kire. WTF, it’s so bland, it has been convinced that the front and back are switched by mistake. Also, Kire is not interesting, I hope 15 is better or has multiple characters, preferably catsuit Ayaka (or just Ala alba and ruba) and pregnant (or wedding dress) Konoka or Setsuna, (maybe limited edition cover) so as to send the Fandom and the Internet into an explosive frenzy of Hype.

    It would be, crazy irrefutable proof to the KonokaXnegi or setsuna crowd and atomic nuke all other ships, Korrasami style. Sheer anarchy, would ensure. Hell’ve a viral marketing tactic for the anime, it’ll be a bit after, but prison school has come down reasonable well from its anime boost to 200k-400k, according to oricon.

    • OverMaster says:

      Volume 15 is going to have something bland and safe like Touta and Negi standing together and you know it.

      He’ll never put a pregnant 3-A student on a cover. Heck, mothers as a whole are pretty much some sort of forbidden subject on Akamatsu’s work, for God knows what kind of reason. They’re all either dead or completely invisible, most often never mentioned.

      • Mattcgw says:


        You know, Akamatsu-Sensei has been a manga-ka for 20 years, and despite all the questionable fanservice shit in love hina and negima, he’s avoided, being called a lolicon, everything he’s pulling with kirie, will undo that, and label him retroactively. As such.
        A tainted reputation indeed, I blame the Boruto manga-ka.

        For making it acceptable, FFS, Toriyama-Kami-Sama drew bluma’s beast’s and had ChiChi in that peado bait garb in part 1 dragon Ball, back when child porn was legal in Japan, and he’s just fine.

        Damn that bloody volume 14 LE cover, but this kind of shit is what made the to love ru OVA’s made with the special edition volumes.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      There are two volume 14 covers. The first is the bland one. The second one has her fully opening her yukata, topless (convenient censorship with hair), no glasses, blushing as she looks back to the blushing Touta. ^_^;;;

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