Fate/Apocrypha 19 (Calm Before the Storm)

Fate/Apocrypha 19
フェイト/アポクリファ episode 19

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis

Fate/Apocrypha 19The Yggdmillennia hold a meeting about the storming of the Hanging Gardens. Also in attendance are Ruler, Sisigou, and Red Saber. Black Rider has a Noble Phantasm in the form of a book, who’s name he’s forgotten, that will nullify the magic protection of the Hanging Gardens. He just needs a moonless night to activate it, which will be in three days. After the meeting, Caules has a meeting with Fiore, where he confronts his sister over her softhearted nature. As such, she agrees to transfer leadership of their clan to him.

Fate/Apocrypha 19Ruler goes to have a chat with Sieg, when they run into a nude Black Rider, who despite looking like a woman, is all male. This causes Ruler to freak out and Black Rider to find it hilarious even into the next day.  Black Rider and Sieg head into town, where they find Red Saber at a local cafe, eating a huge meal. They join her where Sieg asks her about humanity, so Red Saber gives some thoughts. Back at the castle, Black Archer transfers the Magic Circuits from Fiore to Caules, giving him control over the Black Faction.

Fate/Apocrypha 19That evening, Ruler is waiting for Black Rider and Sieg to return. Black Rider has a bit of fun at Ruler’s expense, but allows Ruler and Sieg to have a little chat. That night, Caules and Fiore have a chat, where Caules states his intention to lead the raid on the Red Faction flying fortress. Fiore has a chat with Black Archer, who appreciates that Fiore treated him with respect. Caules ponders things in his room when a flower petal lands on his hand. Ruler takes a bath and ponders her feelings for Sieg.

Fate/Apocrypha 19Elsewhere, Red Saber and Sisigou have a chat as Sisigou repairs a fighter jet. Red Saber decides to spray paint Saber on the nose of the aircraft. Meanwhile, in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Red Archer interrupts Red Rider’s training to ask if he thinks they can save all of the children. Red Rider does not think they can, so a depressed Red Archer leaves without a word. Red Lancer comes upon the room with the former Red Masters in it. Red Caster observes the dawn from his study while Red Assassin does the same from where she stands.


Not a ton happening in Fate/Apocrypha 19, so this will be a quick review..I hope.

Fate/Apocrypha 19

Black Faction

I didn’t expect Fiore to hand over leadership of the Black Faction to her little brother. He doesn’t seem like that much of a leader either. I guess the difference is that he will kill when needed and she cannot.

I’m surprised Ruler didn’t know Black Rider was a male. I thought she knew all, but it took him revealing the truth of being a trap for her to get it. 🙄 I guess this is all about this forced love-triangle between Ruler, Black Rider, and Sieg, which I’ve no interest in.

I rather enjoyed having Sieg consult with Red Saber for her thoughts on humans. After what he recently experienced, it is understandable he’d be shaken. It also provided for character development for Red Saber, revealing that Mordred wants to be a good king for her people.

Finally, I don’t know if the flower petal that flew in his window and landed on his hand is just happenstance or means something more. I can’t imagine Black Berserker is alive, but if Fran-chan were somehow able to observe her former Master and help him, I’d like that.

Red Faction

Not a ton happening here. Red Archer is still shaken by her experiences with Black Assassin. As with Sieg, this too is understandable. When I think back to the horrors shown for late 1800s London, it rather depresses me as well.

The other Red Faction members are all given a cameo, save Shirou. I did note that Red Lancer discovered the room where the former Red Masters are. (I guess they are just in a drugged state and not actually dead.) I wonder if Red Lancer will turn on Shirou.

Finally, I liked that Red Saber was affected by Sieg’s conversation with her, enough so that she asks Sisigou what it means to be a good king. Even though Red Saber is soon going to battle the Red Faction, she’s thinking about the reality of becoming king, should she win the Holy Grail. I liked this.


In the end, Fate/Apocrypha 19 is an episode that is the calm before the storm. I guess the remaining episodes will cover that storm.

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