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Fate/Apocrypha 06

Fate/Apocrypha 06 (The Once and Future Saber)

Fate/Apocrypha 06 フェイト/アポクリファ episode 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Thanks to Red Saber, Sisigou has a dream about Mordred’s history with King Arthur, covering her whole life including Mordred’s final battle with her “father.” Lord El-Melloi II calls Sisigou to give him an update of horrific murders of Mage Association folks in the town. Back with the Yggdmillennia,

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Fate/Apocrypha 05

Fate/Apocrypha 05 (And now, the MC finally emerges.)

Fate/Apocrypha 05 フェイト/アポクリファ episode 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis The escaped homunculus has a dream of being given Command Spells by a giant dragon before being consumed by said dragon. When he comes to, Ruler checks him out before the Black Faction arrive. Ruler introduces herself to Black Lancer (Vlad). The Black Faction are not happy to

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Fate/Apocrypha 04

Fate/Apocrypha 04 (A life for a life.)

Fate/Apocrypha 04 フェイト/アポクリファ episode 04 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis As Red Berserker lumbers gleefully through the forest, Red Archer (Atalanta) and Red Rider (Achilles) observe. Both discuss how they’ve yet to meet their Masters. Meanwhile, Black Rider is sent to battle Red Berserker. Black Rider uses his Trap of Argalia Nobel Phantasm on Red Berserker, removing his

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Fate/Apocrypha 03

Fate/Apocrypha 03 (Who’s Good? Who’s Bad?)

Fate/Apocrypha 03 フェイト/アポクリファ episode 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis A Yggdmillennia homunculus becomes aware of his surroundings and escapes his glass container. He is found by Black Rider, who harbors him with Black Archer’s help, protecting him from Black Caster’s search. Elsewhere, Ruler senses danger and sends her ride back. She’s attacked by Red Lancer, but Black

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Fate/Apocrypha 02 (More Historical Men as Woman Plus a Trap!)

Fate/Apocrypha 02 フェイト/アポクリファ episode 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis In 1431 France, Jeanne d’Arc is burned at the stake. In the present as Ruler, she wonders why she has been summoned for this strange Holy Grail war as she makes her way to the site of the conflict. Meanwhile, the effeminate Black Rider introduces himself as Astrolfo

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Fate/Apocrypha 01

Fate/Apocrypha 01 (Now with double the Servants!)

Fate/Apocrypha 01 フェイト/アポクリファ episode 01 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis A battle wages where pike wielding soldiers and female mages battle dragon tooth warriors. Red Saber battles Black Saber, both activating their Noble Phantasms. Meanwhile Ruler is battling a massive blob monster before ultimately defeating it. In the present, a tough looking male necromancer named SISIGOU Kairi arrives

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Fate/Grand Order USA

Fate/Grand Order USA Game Review

Fate/Grand Order USA Game Review Having been a fan of the Fate/stay night franchise, I was intrigued when the Fate/Grand Order game was released in Japan. It is amazing to thing that an H-visual novel could turn into such a massive, non-hentai franchise that now includes a mobile video game. I had hoped that it

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Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order USA is Now Live!

Fate/Grand Order USA is Now Live! Hey gang! For those unaware, the Fate/Grand Order game (or Fate/GO or FGO as it is also known as) is now LIVE for those of us in the US, both on Google Play and the Apple App Store. I have downloaded it for my Android tablet. Right now, I’m

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