Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 31 (Companionate Love Foundation)

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 31
Tonikaku Kawaii Fly Me to the Moon 31
トニカクカワイイ 31

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

In Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 31Nasa checks with his landlord to make sure everyone is OK from the fire. He rescues the plant given to Tsukasa and him after their marriage. Tsukasa is worried about their situation, but because of Nasa’s careful planning, insurance will cover their physical losses. All of his important documents are in a safe deposit box or in the cloud. This, plus Nasa’s positive attitude causes Tsukasa to tell Nasa she loves him.

They stop by the local bath house where Nasa is caught up in thinking of spending the night in a hotel with Tsukasa. He’s caught by Kaname, who offers him the use of their small guest house. Nasa accepts the offer, which impresses Tsukasa since she’d have trouble doing the same. He insists that Kaname get clearance from Aya and her mom, so Kaname leaves to do this.

Nasa is happy they found a place to live so quickly. Tsukasa says it isn’t luck, seeing how Nasa lives his life. Nasa is quietly happy about Tsukasa’s compliment. Meanwhile, Kaname returns with official approval from her mom and sister.


Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 31 took an unexpected turn, but it is one that I rather like. Also, Tsukasa and Nasa’s relationship is given a firm foundation.

In Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 31

Make Lemonade

Back when I started my working career, my then boss and mentor told me that when life presents you with lemons, all you can do is make lemonade. It is another way of singing, “Always look on the bright side of life.” ? Nasa has this positive attitude. Further, by being prepared for disasters, he makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude. To be honest, Nasa is the kind of person I wish I could be, if I weren’t always so negative. ?

(As an aside, when my boss first told me this “make lemonade” proverbial phrase, I retorted, “But what if you don’t have the sugar or water to make lemonade?” I thought I had him on this. However, he quickly replied, “Then I guess you need to get off your ass and acquire some sugar and water hadn’t you.” ? )

Companionate Love vs. Passionate Love

One of the complaints I’ve seen expressed about Tonikaku Cawaii is that Tsukasa and Nasa aren’t boinking like rabbits in heat. After all, normal newlywed couples are supposed to do this kind of thing, right?

In Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 31, Hata-sensei establishes that Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship is going to be based on companionate love rather than passionate love. Until now, Nasa and Tsukasa have had a fairy tail romantic situation. There’s really not much of a foundation there for true love as they don’t know each other. That leaves the passionate love element, but that is swept aside due to the character personalities. (And this is a shounen manga, so no sex will be shown.)

By introducing a fire that destroys their love nest, Hata-sensei provides a vehicle for Tsukasa to observe Nasa’s reactions to this. Her own attitude was one of some worry and even a bit of self pity. But seeing Nasa inquire about the safety of others first, he scores compassionate love points with her. His being prepared by having proper insurance to securely protect important documents and pay for the loss of physical items scored him more points. And the fact that their first plant from their wedding night was so important to him meant a lot to her.

In Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 31

For Nasa, Tsukasa also scored companionate love points by seeing Nasa for whom he truly was. I like this.

New Living Situation

Now that Tsukasa and Nasa will be living at Aya and Kaname’s residence (or rather their spare, small, guest house), I suppose that this solves Nasa’s issue with the bed height difference. As at his parent’s home, Nasa and Tsukasa will be sleeping in futons side-by-side.

Realistically, Nasa and Tsukasa could rent the place from the Arisugawa family. I know the plan is for the couple to stay there for a short time while they look for a new place. However, even though the guest house appears to be a single-room place with a small kitchen area, it does suit their needs. (I presume there’s a small wash closet in the room.) They don’t need a bathroom as they can just use the bath house facilities, as they were before.

We’ll see what Hata-sensei does, but I rather hope this guest house becomes their new residence.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Funny, after my recent disaster trip to New Jersey, I actually felt motivated to write something. But I’m still way behind, so better wrap up my review of Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 31.

  • No real “Tsukasa is immortal” clues this time, unless the splash page of her in the game arcade is from the 80s or 90s. I’m sure all the video games shown were parodies of real games, but I just don’t know what those real games are.
  • Wataru and Saki got another cameo. Understandable since this picked up right were the previous chapter left off.
  • I had to laugh at Kaname getting her second good look at Nasa’s “very naughty bit indeed.” ? (Someone found that Netflix in the U.S. has “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” on for streaming!)

In the end, Tonikaku Cawaii chapter 31 helps build the foundation that will build the companionate love relationship of Tsukasa and Nasa. Those are the kinds of relationships that last a lifetime.

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  1. Zahir Hassan says:

    I think Wataru and Saki are pretty popular characters from Hayate No Gotoku which is why they appeared twice.

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