I Started “Monster Farm” DVD (aka: Japanese version of “Monster Rancher”)

I Started “Monster Farm” DVD (aka: Japanese version of “Monster Rancher”)

Hey gang! I went to my DVD stash of unwatched anime titles. And I went for my more recent purchase (as in I bought this in 2018) of Monster Farm from Discotek (their Eastern Star subdivision).

For those who don’t know, Monster Farm originated from a game of the same name in Japan. Similar to Pokemon or Digimon, the series features young kids with some friendly monsters. In Monster Farm, they are trying to find stone discs with which to birth the legendary Phoenix monster to battle the evil Muu monster.

Monster Farm/Monster Rancher

I first caught the series back in the day on cable, where it was known as Monster Rancher (as was the American port of the game). I never saw the whole series, only the last season or so. As such, I vaugly remember how things ended, but I never knew how things began short of reading about it online.

As Monster Rancher, I have no interest in seeing that. This is because the series is edited for American TV. So I was delighted to be able to actually watch the entire series in the original Japanese, with subtitles. There are 73 episodes in the series, so it will take me a bit to get through. However, it will be nice to finally see the whole series as it was intended.

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