Fate/Grand Order– USA Emulator Update News!

Fate/Grand Order–USA Emulator Update News!

Hey gang! For those of you who play the Fate/Grand Order game on an emulator, there’s some good news. The latest version of BlueStacks ( will now play Fate/Grand Order. Below is a copy of the live stream I did on YouTube for the “Halloween Strike! Demonic Climb Himeji Castle War” event currently going on in the game. I was playing the game on BlueStacks.


As I previously reported, the developers of Fate/Grand Order broke almost all emulators in their previous game update. Apparently, it was more important to do that than to upgrade the NA Server to use the newer game engine that is used in Japan. I don’t know why they bother wasting their time on this stuff. After all, the developers for the emulators will just fix what was broken. All the Japanese developers are doing is just irritating fans of the game who play on emulators.

So if you were playing on BlueStacks, you’ll be able to play once again.

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