Delays, Delays, Delays!

Delays, Delays, Delays!

Hey gang! Sorry I have been rather absent on all fronts the last several days. I did have blog posts queued up through Friday. However, my Friday night streaming plans had to be canceled as did my Saturday blog post.

Basically, I hit the exhaustion wall. Eventually, the lack of sleep catches up to you. And my recent trip to New Jersey didn’t help, even though it was a good trip. As such, I basically spent Friday evening and all day Saturday sleeping and resting. So no blog post for Sunday either. But I’m going to try to get one going for Monday forward.

Of course, we have this lovely new Fate/Grand Order event dropping tomorrow night. So I do want to try to stream that come Monday evening. But we’ll see how things go.

Thanks for everyone’s patience! I wanted to make sure long time readers knew what was going on.

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