UQ Holder Chapter 169 SPOILER Rumor

Here is a SPOILER rumor for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 169, courtesy of blog reader, Kiba.  (My review of this UQ Holder chapter should come out as soon as soon as comiXology releases it for me, assuming they do it on the 8th. UPDATE: I guess the new chapter is coming out on the 6th. Here’s my review of said chapter.)

UQ Holder Chapter 169 SPOILER Rumor

This rumor comes from the French manga site, Pika Edition. They appear to be an official French manga publisher, so I give this rumor more credence. That said, here’s what they say about the hopeful goodness for UQ Holder Chapter 169. 😄 (Note: This is a machine translation of the French.)

After spending an entire day with Yukihime, Tôta offers a tête-à-tête to his friend Kurômaru, with whom he has not been alone since the day he revealed his secret to him. It is an opportunity for Kurômaru to confide in Tôta and to teach him more about Shinmei, the school of exorcism of which he is a part.

Whoa! You guys know of my strong desire is that we get some proper backstory for Kuroumaru. As such, if this is true, I’m VERY happy. I still want a trip to Kuroumaru’s home world. But I really hope that we get a really nice tale for Kuroumaru. After all, when Kuroumaru becomes a girl, she’ll be a lovely one. 😉

Thanks again to Kiba for letting me know about this spoiler rumor. You are awesome!

I’m keeping an eye open for any spoiler images, but I’m not holding my breath. 😅

UQ Holder Chapter 169

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  1. Rob C. says:

    Already out. You can feel the end times coming with this chapter.

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