When there are delays…

When there are delays…

Hey gang! This post is another one of those, “Delays” excuses. Or something like that. 😂 But in all seriousness, right at the end of last night’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic stream, I was being contacted by the offshore teams about issues. And even as I write this at 2am, I’m still in discussions with offshore folks. 😅

That said, I know some folks wonder when I don’t make a post, especially now that I’m mostly back to daily blogging. As such, I will be using my Twitter account to make any blog announcements. I can also do it for my Facebook page as well. (I probably should.) That aside, the Twitter post will be something similar to what you see here, though probably with some image. (Ditto Facebook.)

So follow me on Twitter or Facebook for any news on when there are delays in the blog.

That aside, I do appreciate your patience. Also, look for a new My Monster Secret manga review, coming soon. 😀 The next anime blog review should be for the very good El-Melloi II series.

Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files 03

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