Fate/Grand Order–CE Bombs!

Fate/Grand Order–CE Bombs!

Hey gang! I recently did another Fate/Grand Order game video. This time, it is an instructional video on Craft Essence Bombs, better known as CE Bombs. For a long time, I had no clue about these things and so wasted a ton of in-game currency (QP) leveling up my CEs. However, CE Bombs are all about saving QP to build “bombs” of experience to level up good CEs at a significantly cheaper rate.

That aside, here’s the video I made on the subject.

In my last Twitch stream (as of this posting), I did create videos for certain characters. But those require a lot of editing, so I’ll work on those as I have time.

Thanks to everyone who hangs out with me on Twitch, or who watches my drivel on YouTube. And of course, thanks to all of you who come by the blog. I really appreciate it.

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