Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 112

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 112
Tonikaku Kawaii Fly Me to the Moon 112
トニカクカワイイ 112

Spoiler Summary/Synopsis:

Tsukasa and Nasa walk home from the ramen restaurant. Tsukasa remarks on how cute Miyako was. She’s not happy when Nasa agrees with her. As such, she begins prompting Nasa for compliments, which he provides. However, Tsukasa claims to not be totally convinced.

As such, Nasa steps up his game until Tsukasa relents. Tsukasa then suggests they take a bath and go to bed. However, she doesn’t want to have spicy ramen for a long time.


We get another short chapter with Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 112. It may be short, but it is cute for what it is.

Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 112

Tsukasa Plays

Nasa made a huge mistake in Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 112 by agreeing with Tsukasa that Miyako was cute. It is a terrible trap girls set. Even if you don’t agree with the girl, there’s still a chance that she might get upset with you.

That said, at least Tsukasa actually spelled out what she wanted Nasa to do. She wanted to be spoiled with certain acts on Nasa’s part. And of course, he’s only too happy to oblige. Some girls won’t bother to tell their man what they want. They want their man to just know, and a lot of the time, that’s just not going to happen. So I appreciate that Tsukasa told Nasa what she wanted him to do.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

There were only eight pages for Tonikaku Cawaii Chapter 112. Outside of Tsukasa mentioning “years of research” (implying her longevity), the chapter was just a cute, slightly jealous wife wanting to be spoiled and pampered.

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