Fate/Grand Order Getting Major Update!

Fate/Grand Order Getting Major Update!

Hey gang! Since I had this Fate/Grand Order video going up on YouTube, I thought I’d also share it on the blog here.


As an aside, I’m really unhappy with my Blue Yeti mic at the moment. It worked great for a while, but as you hear in the recording, I’m encountering occasional electrical, static popping. Logitech owns Blue Yeti, but neither have been helpful at all. And by that I mean, “support is nonexistent” at the moment. So it is really frustrating to me.

That aside, I have swapped cables and ports. I even put it on a different PC. Initially, it did work fine, but then it started popping there, though in a minor fashion. So who knows what’s going on.

Anyway, rant aside, you all are welcome to watch me stream Fate/Grand Order and Marvel Strike Force on Monday evenings on Twitch.

Fate/Grand Order Engine Update

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