Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05 (A Yandere Appears!)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05
プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive episode 05

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Yuuki is ill and Karyl is not happy that Kokkoro and Pecorine are spoiling him. However, when Yuuki gets worse, Karyl decides he needs to go to the hospital. They enter what they think is a hospital, where an oddly dressed nurse (Nanaka) greets them. The doctor (Mitsuki) begins a normal examination of Yuuki. She sees red marks on him and decides they have to operate.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

Kokkoro freaks out, but Pecorine calms her down. Yuuki’s screams cause all three to become concerned. That concern is exacerbated when the giant man they dealt with before shows up. Only now, he’s skinny instead of obese. He’s attempting to flee what he calls a prison. However the horned girl Yuuki had previously given food to (Eriko) catches him and drags him back. The trio are sent home to wait.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

Meanwhile, Eriko ventures out and is snagged by a fortune teller named Shinobu. There, she learns the one her heart desires (Yuuki) will show up. Eriko is happy as she returns to the “hospital”. She’s beset upon by thieves and scum men wanting to be with her. She defeats them all and plunders them of their treasures. When she returns, she discovers Yuuki’s room and decides to personally nurse him.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

Then next day, Pecorine remembers talk of a guild in town and races with Kokkoro and Karyl to the “hospital.” Outside, they discover all of the angry men robbed by Eriko, confronting Mitsuki and Nanaka. Eriko literally drops in, upset that the men are being loud. She unleashes a massive attack, causing one man to ID her Destroyer. Mitsuki (One-Eyed Devil) and Nanaka (Collector) join in as fellow members of the Twilight Caravan Guild.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

Pecorine, Kokkoro, and Karyl realize Yuuki is in trouble. So the enact a rescue plan with Karyl as the diversion. Kokkoro and Pecorine manage to get Yuuki to freedom, but Karyl is left behind. They take Yuuki to a proper doctor, where he says Mitsuki is a proper doctor and Yuuki is recovering.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05


The insanity of my life of late meant I couldn’t watch Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05 when I wanted to. However, now that I’ve done so, the episode was worth the wait.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

A New Guild

As I’ve previously stated, I know nothing about the game this anime series is based on. However, as is often the case in game adaptations, all of the factions must be introduced. Thus was the case with Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05  and the introduction of the Twilight Caravan guild.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

As a guild, it is full of nutters to be sure. Chief among them is Eriko, whom we saw in a cameo in episode 3. I didn’t know what to make of her when Yuuki gave her an onigiri. Her eyes went red, suggesting something sinister. That “sinister” seems to be the fact that she’s pure yandere. 😂 Because Yuuki did a nice thing for her, she’s now insanely obsessed for him.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

Normally, I wouldn’t like some yandere character. However, since this series is a comedy one, Eriko being a yandere works well. I laughed out loud at how she easily defeated man after man, then robbed them blind. Then when they came to complain, she defeated them again in hilarious fashion. No doubt, we’ll be seeing more of Eriko.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

Her other two guildmates are also nuts in their own whacked way. What they did to the obese, tall thug Pecorine defeated made me laugh out loud. Talk about diet plans.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

As is the case any more, I’m massively behind. So let me wrap up my review of Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05.

  • No new main plot points were given in the episode. No problem there.
  • I laughed at how both Pecorine and Kokkoro were determined to use bugs to heal Yuuki. Karyl’s reactions to this are a hoot.
  • The ending with Karyl left behind surprised me. I initially expected Pecorine and Kokkoro to go, “Crap! We forgot to get Karyl!” Instead, they purposefully left her in that suspicious guild/”hospital”. 😅

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

In the end, Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05 was a lot of fun with some laughs and fun. So far, I’m really enjoying this series.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05

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2 Responses to “Princess Connect! Re:Dive 05 (A Yandere Appears!)”

  1. Retro says:

    They left Karyl there because Eriko is not Yandere over her and it’s confirmed to them that Mitsuki is a legit doctor.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      But that crew IS whacked. And a yandere might do something bad if she discovered Karyl’s connection to Yuuki. 😅

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