UQ Holder Chapter 177 SPOILER Info and Images!

Here is some SPOILER info and images for the upcoming UQ Holder Chapter 177, courtesy of Pika Edition and 2ch.  (My review of the chapter should come out as soon as they appear on comiXology, depending on when they actually publishe the chapter.)


Here is the spoiler info.

While Tôta has recovered part of his memory, he is attacked by an agent of Baal who claims to have eliminated all his companions. Deprived of his immortality and his source of infinite magic, how is Tôta going to stand up to him?

Interestingly enough, some of the spoilers are from English sources and some from Japanese sources.

UQ Holder Chapter 177 UQ Holder Chapter 177 UQ Holder Chapter 177 UQ Holder Chapter 177 UQ Holder Chapter 177 UQ Holder Chapter 177 UQ Holder Chapter 177

I don’t know if that is Touta at the end or not. If so, this will be the second Fate/Grand Order character that Touta resembles. 😂 That aside, we are seeing more visual evidence that the Touta’s immortal comrades are indeed dead. Nut we’ll see how the chapter actually plays out.

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13 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 177 SPOILER Info and Images!”

  1. fpinheiro96 says:

    For what I can tell, Touta will get is powers back in this chapter because on the spoiler image he has is right arm back.

  2. OverMaster says:


  3. Dom says:

    Time for the revenge mode

  4. Afdhalul akbar says:

    Btw Astro,the orbital elevator at the end…..
    Tbh I’m surprised because that’s Jakarta from the katakana and 2 years later (2133).
    Although honestly I’m chuckled about the name バロジヤカルタ or baro jakarta (bahasa: baru Jakarta),i can understand it’s just some translation mistake
    It’s jakarta baru xD

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