Princess Connect! Re:Dive Game Progress Report #2

Princess Connect! Re:Dive Game Progress Report #2

Hey gang! I’ve continued to play the Princess Connect! Re:Dive mobile game. I’m only playing casually, so I spend about 30 minutes in the game (a bit more time during some events). But I thought I’d provide a progress report to those interested. Plus, it was a quick video to make for my YouTube channel. And it made for a “cheap” blog post while I work on stuff.



Hopefully, I can get the S2 anime review out soon for Princess Connect! Re:Dive. I actually got some time off for the first time in over two months. 😅

That aside, if you play the mobile game, I’m always keen to hear tips and such on the game.

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

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4 Responses to “Princess Connect! Re:Dive Game Progress Report #2”

  1. Gourry says:

    Long time blog-lurker, but never commented before. ^^;

    Started playing PriConne after watching the first season of the anime.

    I would say one mistake you are doing is rank and gear for the characters.

    A fully geared 9-6 (Means Rank 9 with all 6 gears equipped) is a lot better than a 10-1 or 2.

    So don’t rank up any character before you can equip them directly to 10-3 (usually the sweet spot they get better than the rank before).

    Kaori is a good choice, one of the top DPS:er during CB.

    A good defense character in the Arenas is Tsumugi. Disrupts the posistions.

    Quick glance at your characters, using these for PvE-stages? If not, try this team out and see if you can process better.

    Jun (or Peco), Nozomi, Muimi, Makoto, Christina.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      A fully geared 9-6 (Means Rank 9 with all 6 gears equipped) is a lot better than a 10-1 or 2.

      This boggles my mind. To me, it makes no sense to sandbag a character, but after being showing this Google Doc (, sandbagging seems to be a major thing in this game. Ordinarily, going to the next gear level would be the logical step and not only give you the bonuses from the gear at the previous level, but would give a bonus for the level up.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but when going to the next gear level, whatever bonuses the gear had go away?

      Jun (or Peco), Nozomi, Muimi, Makoto, Christina.

      I had been using Nozomi, Muimi, Christina, Yukari, and Kasumi for normal story PvE (Kasumi to overcome the nodes where there are tanks who take only scratch physical damage).

      Anyway, thanks for writing!

      • Gourry says:

        Yeah, it’s really weird for this game.

        In the JP version of the game, they even added in an update that you can de-rank characters (around a year or so for us in Global I think), just for this reason.

        In general it goes like this (for every rank) for ranking:
        Tanks 10-3 is better than 9-6
        DPS 10-4 is better than 9-6.
        Mages 10-5 is better than 9-6 (Could remembering wrong on this one.)

        The most important stat in the game is TP Boost (how quickly you can use a new UB).

        About the question, yeah each rank has a “base” stat. Each gear is a add/plus for that stat, so basically it “goes away” as the new rank has a new base stat.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Man, that’s so whacked. Every other game I’ve played with gear, the gear stats bonuses remain when going to the next gear level, and leveling up the gear just gives an additional bonus. So players are encouraged to max out their gear to get the best stats all the way around.

          The other whacked thing is some characters shouldn’t be given max star level (if not used in the arena). Sandbagging is probably this games biggest negative in my opinion.

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