Fall 2022 Anime I’m Looking Forward To

Fall 2022 Anime I’m Looking Forward To

I didn’t watch any new anime series for the Summer 2022 cour. But there are anime titles I really want to watch for Fall 2022. As such, I figured I’d spell them out.


I don’t know if SPY×FAMILY will get the “Part 2” moniker or not. However, I loved anime series so much, I put aside my disgust for Viz and bought all of the manga published in English. And if this comes to DVD/BD, I’ll be getting it there too. This series ROCKS!

If you missed out, SPY×FAMILY takes place in a fictional representation of early 1960s East Berlin. A spy named Twilight has a mission that requires him to have a family. He scores an adorable little girl named Anya from a squalid orphanage. Unbeknownst to Twilight, Anya is a telepath. She’s learned to not tell anyone about her powers, which were the result of lab experiments.

Later, Twilight meets Yor, who seems to be an attractive, office worker. However, she’s actually an assassin and a very good one at that. Twilight’s agency doesn’t even know this about her, but Anya learns it. Twilight and Yor agree to a sham marriage as it gives both of them cover for their real jobs. Action, adventure, comedy, and even a hint of romance await. Plus, Anya is the best.

So the Fall 2022 anime title I’m most looking forward to is SPY×FAMILY Part 2.

Spy×Family 03

Urusei Yatsura

I have a fondness for Urusei Yatsura, but at times, watching the original series could be quite the struggle. One episode might have me laughing my arse off. Another might bore me to tears. Yet another episode might have a nice, romantic moment that sadly would be forgotten by the time the next episode rolled around. And above all else, the status quo must be maintained, as is common for a Takahashi-sensei title.

Assuming the production team doesn’t change anything, Urusei Yatsura will feature a boisterous (and lecherous) teen boy named Ataru. He’s tasked to be Earth’s champion when an alien race of Oni invade. Ataru’s task is to grab the the female oni by her horns. However, this oni, named Lum, can fly, is very strong, and has an even stronger electrical ability. Ataru wins, but then finds himself betrothed to the attractive Lum as a result. However, Ataru would rather chase girls, leading to Lum’s wrath.

It will be interesting to me to see what this anime adaptation changes. Takahashi-sensei’s style of writing is not easy to adapt properly as the source manga stories were often short. However, I am looking forward to it as part of my Fall 2022 anime viewing.

Urusei Yatsura 2022

Other Stuff

Two new anime titles in a cour that I want to watch is pretty much the norm for me. That’s fine as it will give me a chance to continue pushing forward in other areas. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be pushing through the Fruits Basket remake (I’m about to restart that series as I write). Likewise the Lupin III Part 1, and if I’m done there, then Lupin III Part 2.

And as usual, I’ll continue chapter blogging Tonikaku Cawaii (Tonikaku Kawaii). Hopefully, I can continue to work through my insane backlog of manga volumes I’ve been purchasing but never finding the time to read.

Anything you all are interested in this season? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. pheeph says:

    Wait…. there’s a modernized Urusei Yatsura??

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