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Spy×Family 07

Spy×Family 07 (Under Pressure! #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 07 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis At breakfast, Anya tearfully apologizes for getting into a fight at school, all but destroying Twilight’s “Plan B”. Anya boards the school bus and Twilight asks her to apologize to Damian. At school, Anya sees Becky get out of a limo. When the driver addresses Becky as “Becky-ojousama”, Anya is impressed.

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Spy×Family 06

Spy×Family 06 (First Day At School #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Anya gets measured for her school uniform. However, the seamstress tells of the problems Anya may face, including kidnappings. Days later, Twilight gets summoned to his agency. He gets scolded for his expenditures and gets briefed on the next phase of his mission. Yor and Anya pick up Anya’s school uniform.

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Spy×Family 05

Spy×Family 05 (Wish Granted! #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Anya fails to get into Eden Academy (College). However, Housemaster Henderson shows them that Anya is on the top of the list of alternates, should someone decide to withdraw. Thirty-three days later, Anya is accepted. As such, Franky comes by to throw a party. Anya wants to celebrate by reenacting an

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SPY×FAMILY Volume 01

SPY×FAMILY Volume 01 Manga Review (#Spy_Family)

SPY×FAMILY Volume 01 Manga Review スパイファミリー –> Buy SPY×FAMILY Volume 01 from! I only became aware of the Spy×Family franchise when the anime prepared to drop. After four, amazing anime episodes, I had to buy the manga, even though the hideous Viz publishes it. Since the first volume covers the first four episodes, I

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Spy×Family 04

Spy×Family 04 (School Interview! #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 04 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis The Forgers head to Eden College for the family interviews. Both Yor and Twilight sense they are being observed. Twilight realizes the teachers at the school are already grading them. Housemaster Henderson observes the Forgers and sees they have elegance, unlike most of the other applicants. He is most impressed when

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Spy×Family 03

Spy×Family 03 (Family Outing! #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Yor moves into Twilight’s home. Anya happily shows her new Mama around. Twilight shows the forged marriage license, stating they’ve been married for a year. He figures they’ll need to come up with an explanation for Yor’s brother. Meanwhile, Yor has her own room, but for appearances, they will make it

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Spy×Family 02

Spy×Family 02 (Enter the Mama #Spy_Family)

Spy×Family 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Twilight dresses informant Fanky in drag to see if he’ll pass as a wife. He does not. As such, Franky provides Twilight with a ton of papers on single women. Elsewhere, office lady Yor deals with some very petty, female coworkers who invite her to a party. Party organizer, Camilla, insists

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Spy×Family 01

Spy×Family 01 (Adorable and Heartbreaking #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 01 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis “Twilight” is the code name for the best spy in the country of Westalis. His agency gives him a new assignment. He is to target the leader of the National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond. Twilight is to become the  psychiatrist Loid Forger. However, he needs a child to get close to

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