Some Blogging Delays!

Some Blogging Delays!

Hey gang. Things are pretty nuts right now getting my new home set up. I’ve had deliveries, installers, and the like over this week. If I get a chance, I’ll try to finish writing my review of Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye this weekend. No promises though. Not sure when I’ll get to the new Urusei Yatsura episode. I haven’t even had time to watch it. 😅

Anyway, from now until next Tuesday is kinda tied up with more deliveries and installers. Somewhere along there, I have to get my work station set up, and get my big rig out and set up. (I’m still working off the old laptop.) And then it is back to work, to say nothing of whatever mounds of stuff I still have to unpack. Moving is F-U-N! Lord willing, I won’t have to do it again.

Still, I wanted to post something to let those of you who read my drivel know what’s up. Thanks for your continued support!

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