[O/T] About the Stupid Ads

About the Stupid Ads

Hey gang. In order to get Google to stop throttling my blog, I’ve let them run “experiments” with ads here. You see, when I originally set up this (now out of date) WordPress theme, I did two ads. The first was a small banner ad at the top of the page (web version, not mobile), and one was a small, square add on the side panel. I didn’t want to be intrusive. And back in the day, this would generate a few dollars for me. Today, it barely generates pennies.

Shock Yahoo Auction Computer

That aside, Google has throttled the blog for whatever reasons (and it doesn’t help that I don’t get to blog much; when I do blog, it is often about titles others aren’t watching; and folks today prefer to go to YouTube for reviews and such rather than read a blog). But whenever they do new experiments, amazingly, my traffic goes up quite a bit. So I allow them to experiment.

Anyway, I did remove the most intrusive ad, where you’d get some malware-looking ad come up before the content. Google protested that (’cause apparently, they can trick a lot of folks into clicking this rubbish). I allowed their new “bottom of the page that goes everywhere” ad ’cause it wasn’t that intrusive. Now I see they are inserting ads all over the place, making it looks dumb. (But hey, AI for the win, yay!).

As such, I do apologize for the ad stupidity. I suppose I could just remove the whole lot of it as running the blog is basically a vanity project. Plus, I don’t have a lot of time to blog any more, and when I get time, I never feel like blogging. 😭 That said, I do plan to get something out tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

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2 Responses to “[O/T] About the Stupid Ads”

  1. Well I browse with Firefox and Mercury using a GNU/Linux distribution called
    PCLinuxOS on a used/refurbished Dell laptop with Pentium processors and
    I am not seeing the advertisements.

    If people are upset by seeing advertisements or having their information
    shared by various “free” ISP with mail service they should learn to find
    better tools.

    By the way the Linux distributions like PCLinuxOS are as easy to use
    as Windows has ever been. Some people must use Windows and the best
    way to use it would be on Linux running an Emulation tool called
    Virtual Box.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, I know ads are easily blocked with ad blocker stuff. Still, I can see how all the ads in here can make things visually look like rubbish.

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