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Spy×Family 18

Spy×Family 18 (Testing Time #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 18 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Anya fails a test and is forced to stay after school for extra lessons. It is dark when she comes home. Seeing the moon, Anya realizes her plans to use telepathy to cheat on the midterms won’t work as her powers go into eclipse with the moon.  Yor invites Yuri over

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Urusei Yatsura 04

Urusei Yatsura 04 (2022)(Enter Kurama! #UruseiYatsura)

うる星やつら episode 04 (2002) Urusei Yatsura 04 (2022) review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Shuutarou and Shinobu are partnered for tennis doubles against Lum and Ataru. Meanwhile, a group of Karasutengu (crow tengu) are carrying the pod of their monarch, Princess Kurama, down the hillside. An accident causes the pod to smack Shuutarou. Upon seeing Shuutarou, the Karasutengu

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Spy×Family 17

Spy×Family 17 (Operation Griffin #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 17 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Anya has a new family portrait with the dog Bond in it. She wants to impress Damian, but he’s not interested. Becky sees the picture and is smitten by Twilight’s looks. In art class, Anya is happy to be paired up with Damian as it gives her another shot. She makes

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Urusei Yatsura 03

Urusei Yatsura 03 (2022)(Enter the Waka! #UruseiYatsura)

うる星やつら episode 03 (2002) Urusei Yatsura 03 (2022) review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: MENDOU Shuutarou’s (Shuutaro as I used in the OG) grandfather sees him off to school from within a giant, custom helicopter. Shuutarou parachutes down while within Ataru’s classroom, Shinobu attacks Lum and Ataru with desks. One desk sails out of the classroom, clobbering Shuutarou.

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Spy×Family 16

Spy×Family 16 (Cooking Lessons! #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 16 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis Twilight notes that Yor has been coming home late recently, and she has injured fingers and hands. Anya probes Bond’s mind to see the future, where Yor is crying. Unbeknownst to them, Yor has been taking cooking lessons from a reluctant Camilla. Her boyfriend Dominic talked her into it. Considering how

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Urusei Yatsura 02

Urusei Yatsura 02 (2022)(The Curse and the Gift #UruseiYatsura)

うる星やつら episode 02 (2002) Urusei Yatsura 02 (2022) review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Lum is all over Ataru while he’s in class, wanting to make out. After giving him a big kiss, Shinobu goes nuts and buries Ataru under a pile of desks. That evening at home, Lum attempts to apologize, but electrocutes him in her exuberance.

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Spy×Family 15

Spy×Family 15 (Introducing… #SPY_FAMILY)

Spy×Family 15 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis The terrorist Keith discovers his dog bomb exploded in the river, leaving the minister (Twilight’s disguise) unharmed. Keith flees in his car, only to be spotted by Yor. She recognizes him as the one who wanted to harm Anya. As such, she kicks the car so that Keith wrecks. Yor calls

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Yu Yu Hakusho

“Yu Yu Hakusho” 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set!

“Yu Yu Hakusho” 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set! Hey gang! Crunchyroll is going to release a new blu-ray box set for the 30th anniversary of Yu Yu Hakusho. Here’s a video I made with the details.     As someone with a fondness for Yu Yu Hakusho, combined with the fact that my original DVD

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