Paradise Residence – Cast of Characters

Paradise Residence – Cast of Characters

In order to help me keep track of who’s who, I’m creating a public page for the various cast members of FUJISHIMA Kousuke’s new manga, Paradise Residence.

DORM #1 (Kikka Dorm)

  • TAKANASHI Hatsune – Student at the all female Kikka Academy. She hates nattou with a passion. She loves pudding, curry, and motor bikes. She has a very hard time waking up. She’s rivals with Nyutabaru, whom she calls Pudding thanks to an incident where Nyutabaru prevented Hatsune from getting pudding.Father: Papa. Works the family motorcycle repair shop.
    Mother: Akiko. Motorcycle enthusiast. Good cook.
    Little Brother (?): Hikaru
  • MISAWA Suzuka – Roommate and best friend of Hatsune. Long suffering. Collects licenses and has a motorcycle license. Might be an ojousama.
  • Tachiarai – A senpai to Hatsune and Suzuka who lives in their dorm.
  • Komatsu – Another senpai to Hatsune and Suzuka who lives in the dorm. She’s the dorm superintendent. Despite her pleasant smile, she’s quite sadistic, as seen by her methods for forcing Hatsune to wake up.
  • MATSUSHIMA Ai – Another senpai to Hatsune and Suzuka. She enjoys sketch art and has a photographic memory. Hatsune seems to get her art more than others. She also handles dorm repairs.
  • Little Dorm Mother (Mama) – An elementary school girl who handles food preparation and chores in the dorm.
  • Big Dorm Mother – Little Dorm Mother’s actual mother and the real dorm mother of Dorm #1. In three months, Hatsune never saw her, nor was she aware of her presence.
  • Stephany (sp) – British exchange student who lives in the
  • Ominato-sensei (aka: Minchin) – A feared, hair done up on a bun, female teacher who drives an old jeep. She used to live in Dorm #1 when she attended school here.
  • Mitsuho (Mihomiho-senpai) – Has a hime hair cut. Is a member of the swim team. Is also a masochist.
  • Unnamed #1 – Has short, twin tails.
  • Unnamed #2 – Hair in a bun.
  • Unnamed #3 – Single braid and glasses.
  • Unnamed #4 – Short hair, weird eyes.
  • Neopan – The black and white dorm dog. Frequently bites Hatsune, though never seriously. Never bites any of the other dorm residents.


  • Nyuutabaru – The girl at Kikka Academy who enjoys antagonizing Hatsune, starting by calling her dorm a condescending Teppen-sama since Hatsune’s dorm is at the top of the hill (using the -sama honorific makes it condescending). She then goes to call Hatsune Teppen-sama to continue to antagonize her. (Sometimes spelled Nyutabaru.) She’s often called Purin (Pudding) by Hatsune.
  • Kouzouji — Komatsu’s counterpart at Dorm #2. She and Komatsu are apparently rivals.
  • Janice — Black, apparently American, student (wore American flag bikini).
  • Unnamed #1 — First appears in chapter 13; black hair and glasses.
  • Unnamed #2 — Hair tied up on top, kinda like Ogiue.


  • Haneda — Short hair, glasses, wears hairband.
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