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Coppelion Anime Review

Coppelion Anime Review (Or how to really jack up a story.)

Coppelion Anime Review Whenever a I decide to elevate one anime series over another, there usually is some compelling element that hits me just right. With Coppelion, it was the promotional art, which displayed a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, and three high school girls within this environment. I was immediately reminded of Tokyogenso‘s post-apocalyptic Japan artwork, which

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Coppelion – 07 (A little bit of nuclear science, a lot of stupidity.)

コッペリオン Ep. 07 Review Coppelion SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Aoi freaks out as Haruto has to get her to get him the emergency medical equipment he needs. With Ibara’s heart not beating, Haruto does CPR, then attempts to restart her heart with a defibrillator, Aoi finally helping out. With her heart going again, the group returns to

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Coppelion – 06 (Wanna join Coppelion? All you need are the brains of a squashed apricot!)

コッペリオン Ep. 06 Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Haruto from the Cleaners squad sets out to find the Medical Unit squad of Ibara’s. Meanwhile, in Planet, Takeo continues her recovery while Ibara has a meal and chats with Kurobe and Gennai about the situation. Kurobe has a large arsenal of weapons he’s collected, so to deal with

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Coppelion – 05 (How come this rescue team doesn’t have an M1133 Stryker Medical Evacuation Vehicle?)

コッペリオン Ep. 05 Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The Coppelion girls wake up, having spent the night in a ruined school. They are informed by Mishima that some “Shelter-Helicopters” are being used to take care of the nuclear waste and put it into large, temporary storage containers. However, one of the containers is destroyed by a tank

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Coppelion – 04 (That’s no B-2 Stealth Heavy Bomber! That’s a B-2 Stealth Cargo/Fighter/Bomber/Whatever we want it to be!)

コッペリオン Ep. 04 Review Coppelion anime SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Coppelion and Dr. Shiba chase the B-2, but Ibara’s first shot from Hand Arrow doesn’t work. So as they are being chased by the B-2, Ibara comes up with a plan and lands a hit. The plane goes down in a nearby deep water pool.  Dr. Shiba

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Coppelion – 03 (More going on than a failed, nuclear reactor.)

コッペリオン Ep. 03 Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The three girls continue their movements deeper into the radiated metroplex while Mishima tries to learn more about who’s behind the supply deliveries that weren’t sponsored by the government. They find a key outside of a prison facility, which there are two guards. When they report the key to

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Coppelion – 02 (Sacrificing 50% of the manga’s story to speed along)

コッペリオン Ep. 02 Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Ibara and Aoi find Taeko, a wounded dog, and a desperate man looking for his daughter, holding Taeko hostage. After shooting him with the drug for radiation, the man, Mitsuo, takes the trio to where he’s residing, after Takeo tends to the wounded dog. Mitsuo is living in a

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Coppelion – 01 (Tokyo is radioactive, so let’s send in the high school babes.)

コッペリオン Ep. 01 Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Three high school girls, FUKASAKU Aoi, NOMURA Taeko, and their senpai, NARUSE Ibara, arrive by foot on the outskirts of a long abandoned Tokyo, which is now in ruins. The three girls, genetically created to withstand massive radiation without protective gear, are tasked with searching this massive, ruined city

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