Coppelion – 06 (Wanna join Coppelion? All you need are the brains of a squashed apricot!)

コッペリオン Ep. 06 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Haruto from the Cleaners squad sets out to find the Medical Unit squad of Ibara’s. Meanwhile, in Planet, Takeo continues her recovery while Ibara has a meal and chats with Kurobe and Gennai about the situation. Kurobe has a large arsenal of weapons he’s collected, so to deal with 1st Division, they load up. An alarm sounds, indicating intruders at the front gate, but since no one is there, Aoi assumes the wolf is there and races out to let it in. She’s immediately captured by 1st Division, who demand Ibara join their cause. 1st Division leaves, so Kurobe takes Ibara to their hideout, where Ibara foolishly tries to force their surrender. They aren’t afraid of death, and she’s quickly overcome and beaten.

Haruto arrives and tosses a grenade at their makeshift HQ, damaging it. They escape in his APC, but have to abandon Aoi after Kurobe accidentally drops her. They do get Ibara, who’s not happy when she gains consciousness and learns about Aoi. Haruto reveals that he has a tracer on Aoi that will remain active as long as she’s alive. He’s made it so that 1st Division will have to move and sure enough, they do just that. The group sets out with Gennai and follow 1st Division to a former water treatment plant, where they are extracting barrels of nuclear waste from the pools. Haruto creates a distraction to allow Ibara to rescue Aoi. Aoi gets away but Ibara is caught by the general, how has his tank fire at himself and Ibara. When Aoi lets the others know, they are horrified when they find the injured Ibara.


Please, can we lose the character of Aoi already? Sheeze, what was she injected with? Massive amounts of stupidity instead of brains? Short term memory failure?

Hey! There’s an alarm at the front gate. We don’t see ANYTHING, but clearly, it was the wolf that’s been hanging out with them ’cause that’s what Aoi believes. Why is Aoi in the JASA facility? It couldn’t be because she and her comrades were FLEEING FOR THEIR LIVES from 1st Division, could it?

“Oh no! Who’s 1st Division. It has to be the wolf and by George, I’m going to open the gate, let the wolf in, then get surprised when I’m captured, whereby I can execute my chief skills of crying, screaming, complaining, etc. I’m a valuable member of Coppelion’s Medical Unit! IBARA-SENPAI! DON’T ABANDON THE BEAUTIFUL AOI!”

Ibara may have some redeeming skills, but she’s kind of annoying as well, more so in this episode. The anime may be making her more stupid since the manga had her in firefights with opponents, even killing mutant animals, proving she had fighting skills. Here, she’s worthless because she won’t shoot when she should despite knowing the truth. Instead, she falls back on her emotionalism, leading her to a stupid, naive decision which could have cost her the only life she has.

Remember how I was complaining last episode about the Medical Unit (as I’ll now refer to the members of Ibara’s team) not having an M1133 Stryker Medical Evacuation Vehicle? At least the Cleaner’s group had some sort of Armored Personnel Carrier. So tell me again why the Medical Unit didn’t get a vehicle?

I wanted to read the Crunchyroll translations, but naturally, this one is the only one of the ones I’ve checked with an adaptation that isn’t ANB-approved (it actually made my eyes hurt because of certain changes made, which would be minor to most, but a big deal to me…kinda like not getting cheese on my cheeseburger ^_~). So I’ve just been unable to swallow it. I may try again later.  I’d like to see how the manga story actually goes for this arc.

For now, I still want to be fair to this anime and as such I’ll keep going. However, this is proving to be a case of what NOT to do to make a good anime series.

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4 Responses to “Coppelion – 06 (Wanna join Coppelion? All you need are the brains of a squashed apricot!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Personally I am a little suspicious of Aoi as she is so useless at the moment it probably means she will be important later. There is the bit in the opening that shows brief pictures of the other Coppelion beaten up, except Aoi who is standing looking into a golden light.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think it has a few spoilers but it is probably one of the better openings this season.

    I always watch the openings of the shows I follow as I feel they are an art form in their own right. My favourite tends to change all the time but at the moment it is the 11th opening for One Piece

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      For shows where I’m not aware of the manga/light novel story, I test to avoid OP/ED moments, lets spoilers come out. ^_^;;;

      I’ll give that a look-see though.

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