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Vandread: The Second Stage

Back to the Vaults — Vandread: The Second Stage

Vandread: The Second Stage ヴァンドレッド the second stage REVIEW (may contain mild spoilers) When I initially watched Vandread several years ago, I was not into mecha titles but I was rather impressed with the story of that series, so much so that I bought it and Vandread: The Second Stage before completing the series. It

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Samurai Champloo

FUNimation Goes Warring State Hip-Hop with a "Samurai Champloo" Distribution License

FUNimation Goes Warring State Hip-Hop with a “Samurai Champloo” Distribution License FUNimation pulls another surprise “distro-only” announcement with Samurai Champloo. What?! Josh is on the case and has already reported that Lance from FUNimation has hinted there will be more licenses today since there are 24-hours within December 31st. *lol* I’m not sure about Soul

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FUNimation to Distribute Gungrave and Explains Why So Many License Rescues.

With FUNimation haven taken several titles completely away from Geneon, Geneon proves they are not totally out of the game as FUNimation only has a distribution license for Geneon’s Gungrave title. From a personal perspective, it is a little disappointing that FUNimation didn’t get the license free and clear as they did with the Geneon

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