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Nitro Microphone Underground

Nitro Microphone Underground – Still Shinin’ (AM Version)

Nitro Microphone Underground – Still Shinin’ (AM Version) Yeah, more 日本語ラップ(Japanese rap). The song on the album is over 7-minutes long, which would explain why there is an “AM Version” and a “PM Version” on YouTube for the video (which is how the Japanese split the song to have two separate videos.   For some

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Goemon Lupin Jigen

Rhymester – Gennama Ni Karada Wo Hare

Being so busy at the moment with an intensive Japanese class, work (with changing schedules), and some other stuff, I’m going to just do a cheap blog entry here (because this blog is also about stuff Japanese too) about another “nihongo rappu” tune I happen to like. This time it is Rhymester and the song

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Anime DJ girl plays music

Japanese Rap — Grand Slam "Fresh"

Back when I lived in Japan back in the day, the Japanese were into things western to include hip-hop. Heck, some Japanese kids would pay BIG money to have a high top fade hair style (and remember, these Japanese don’t have a natural curl to their hair to accomplish this). So for giggles, I thought

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