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X-Men – 12 (Finale)

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: With Takeo out of control and the world now a strange red color, sky and all, Xavier sends out a telepathic message to the mutants of the world, including other known X-Men as well as Captain Britain. They, along with Iron Man help humans as best they can through this crisis.  Xavier attempts

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X-Men - 11

X-Men – 11

X-Men – 11 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: < Hisako feels the pain in her hand, which has been bothering her since she arrived at Sasaki-sensei’s place, and remembers her past with Takeo even as Mastermind attempts to get Takeo to release his power via the illusion he has Takeo trapped in. Said power would negate things like

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X-Men – 10

X-Men 10 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:  Mastermind has his two assistants engage the X-Men while he enters the breach in the massive door that had been sealed. Emma, Hisako, Beast, and Cyclops attempt to protect Sasaki from the long-haired, gray-skinned mutant’s spit-wad attack and ability to morph into the ground and appear in other places.  Storm and

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X-Men - 09

X-Men – 09

X-Men – 09 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:  Sasaki-sensei tells the X-Men that her assistants have been taking the medication Cyclops found, but it was supposed to suppress not only mutant effects, but secondary mutation as well. Emma is found to be missing, as is Jun, so the others leave to investigate while Beast remains with Sasaki-sensei. Beast

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X-Men - 08

X-Men – 08

X-Men – 08 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:  Sasaki-sensei’s is attacked by a winged, spider-scorpion and her screams bring Hisako, Emma, and Cyclops running. As the thing shoots acid from its tail, Hisako uses her armor ability to shield Sasaki while Cyclops attempts to nail the fast-flying thing.  Meanwhile, Wolverine, Storm, and Beast return and discover the fight

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X-Men - 07

X-Men – 07

X-Men – 07 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:  At Sasaki-sensei’s cabin, the X-Men and she discuss her starting the Sasaki Institute and its closure as well as whether or not Xavier would be coming to Japan. Hisako asks if Sasaki remembers a mutant boy who was younger than her but whom she can no longer recall. Sasaki says

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X-Men – 06

X-Men 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The X-Men return to the Tohoku region and the U-Men are alerted to this.  Beast, assisted by Kyouko, begins vaccinating mutants and is stunned at how many there are, especially since Cerebro cannot detect them. Cyclops, Emma, and Hisako go investigate a report of a mountain bridge being destroyed, which would

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X-Men - 05

X-Men – 05

X-Men – 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:  Hisako is in the Danger Room and facing a Sentinel but she is quickly defeated. The simulation over, Wolverine helps her up, saying she would have died. Cyclops makes a sardonic remark about Hisako’s training which she understands to actually be an attack against Emma.  She angrily confronts Cyclops about

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