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Negima! Vol 23 (Ch 206) *SPOILERS*

Summary: Kaede, blind folded for training , is fighting a giant, black dragon and for the bounty she and Konoka will receive from the horn of the beast. After two hours, Kaede defeats the beast and gets the horn. At Kaede’s request, Konoka activates her artifact and completely heals the dragon, save for the horn.

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Negima! Vol 23 (Ch 205) *SPOILERS*

魔法先生 ネギま!Volume 23 Chapter 205 SPOILER Summary: Negi is going through his Kenpo exercises and thinking back to the moment after Jack’s performance. Jack tells him to give up on the dark magic as it will kill him. Negi knows the risks having seen what it will do. Further, he knows he has comrades in

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