Negima! Vol 23 (Ch 206) *SPOILERS*

Summary: Kaede, blind folded for training , is fighting a giant, black dragon and for the bounty she and Konoka will receive from the horn of the beast. After two hours, Kaede defeats the beast and gets the horn. At Kaede’s request, Konoka activates her artifact and completely heals the dragon, save for the horn. It begins to go on another rampage, but Konoka places her hand on the beast and tells it to behave. With that, it leaves and Kaede is amazed with Konoka’s abilities. Konoka doesn’t feel she’s done anything special as Kaede is the one with the incredible power. Kaede feels she still has a way to go for her own training.

Kaede and Konoka bring the horn into town, where they are celebrated as heroes for taking care of one nuisance dragon. Kaede doesn’t feel right about all this praise since they only took out one of the two dragons, but she is told another bounty-hunting duo took care of the other one. Seeing Konoka looking down, Kaede comforts her about Negi and the others when they hear Asuna and Setsuna. Turning around, they see Asuna carrying in a dragon horn as they are the other bounty-hunting team. Konoka excitedly greets both Setsuna and Asuna with bear hugs, even knocking Setsuna on the ground. Kaede notices Asuna’s skill improvement immediately.

Elsewhere, Chisame is attending to the ill Negi, wondering why Eva was there. Jack explains that the Eva from the scroll is just an artificial spirit and a trial for Negi. Further, Jack explains that should Negi fail, he may die or never be able to use magic again, something Chisame was unaware of. Meanwhile, Negi finds himself in another place, facing Eva, who tells him to prepare himself.

Thoughts: Yay! Konoka, Setsuna, Asuna, and Kaede are all together. Pretty impressive how Kaede defeated her dragon. I would guess that Asuna and Setsuna would have worked as a team to defeat their dragon. It would have been nice to see that action, but I guess Akamatsu-sensei didn’t want to waste the time. Since we’d already seen Asuna and Setsuna, giving Kaede and Konoka some screen time was best. Besides, we got to see Konoka tell a dragon to behave, which I found amusing. So in addition to being a healer, is she going to be a beast master?

Well, the mystery of Eva in the scroll is solved. Now it looks like Negi will have to defeat Eva to gain this dark magic ability.

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