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Dirty Pair 01

First Anime Crushes

First Anime Crushes Sometimes, I see silly little things going around social media. A recent one was, “Without stating your age, name your first anime crushes.” And it was limited to four. So I thought I’d play along, via the blog. I really don’t have 2D crushes, though as a teenager, I really liked Magik

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An Acrostic List of Liked Anime

An Acrostic List of Liked Anime Hey gang! There was a bit of fun going around on Twitter earlier, whereby folks were spelling out their name by listing anime titles they liked. This is an acrostic game (thanks to Twwk for cluing me in on this), so I thought I’d give it a go and

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Record of Lodoss War (TV) 27 (finale)

SPOILER Summary: Naneel sends her death spell out over Marmo, and also into Lodoss and as far as the city of Rood. In Marmo, the Ancient Gold Dragon Mycen shields the dragon riders of Moss from the spell and King Kashue orders his mages to cast protection spells. King Etoh arrives with a hoard or

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Record of Lodoss War (TV) 26

SPOILER Summary: As Wagnard presses through the pain to complete the extraordinarily long sequence of spells to bring back Kardis, the Grey Witch Karla also begins casting the same spells. The group tries to stop Wagnard but of course fail with Spark nearly getting killed by a death spell. So while Leylia, Slayn, and Aldo

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Record of Lodoss War (TV) 25

SPOILER Summary: As the hero group enters Conquera, Wagnard’s incredibly long ceremony to release Kardis continues with Neese unable to do anything but be trapped in her own mind as Naneel awakens there. The heroes stop to discuss where Neese might be when Ashram comes with Pirotess. Parn has to fight Ashram no matter what,

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Record of Lodoss War (TV) 24

SPOILER Summary: The Ancient Black Dragon Narse has risen, thanks to Karla and now Spark and Parn’s parties will have to fight. However, even though it never leaves the ground, its claw, tail, and breath attacks are more than enough to not only fend off attacks from this group of heroes, but to defeat them

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Record of Lodoss War (TV) 23

SPOILER Summary: On the ship bound for Marmo, Spark has a nightmare about Neese and Wagnard. The ship arrives at the shores of Marmo, and Spark’s party as well as Parn, Deed, Slayn, Leyila, Maar, and the cleric Hobb set off. As the Grey Witch observes them, Leaf and Deed both sense something not right

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Record of Lodoss War (TV) 22

SPOILER Summary: The attack on Rood begins and Prince Reona’s forces are able to easily take down the main gate to allow Spark’s party through. As the fight rages, Groder reports that the Kanon Free Army has attacked all four strongholds, something they’d not anticipated since they figured the Kanon forces would wait for the

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