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FX Shogun 2024

FX’s “Shōgun” (2024): A Rubbish Adaptation

FX’s Shogun (2024): A Rubbish Adaptation When it comes to move or TV adaptations of a source novel (or manga), things tend to fall into one of three categories. The first is a faithful adaptation, where very minor changes are made to the source material. Spy x Family falls into this category. The second is

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Shogun 2024

FX’s “Shōgun” Delayed to 2024

FX’s ‘Shōgun’ Delayed to 2024 Hey gang. My video on YouTube about FX’s adaptation of the novel Shōgun is pretty popular for my tiny, AstroNerdBoy Rambles channel. One thing that kept coming up was, “What’s the latest news on this series, which is supposed to release in 2023?” Unfortunately, Hulu and FX have been rather

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2023 Shogun FX

FX’s “Shōgun” to Air in 2023

FX’s Shōgun to Air in 2023 Hey everyone. I loved the original 1980 Shōgun mini-series. I even did a review of the series here. Outside of the dated, Western incidental music, and the dated hairstyles of a couple of the non-Japanese characters, the original mini-series holds up quite well. But Hollywood always thinks they need

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Shōgun — Why You Should Watch This 1980 Mini-series

Shōgun — Why You Should Watch This 1980 Mini-series –> Purchase the Blu-ray or DVD from Shogun Mini-series Review (DVD) I was 10-years old when this mini-series was released in the U.S. As such, I would not have been allowed to watch this back then. Naturally, now that I’m into things Japanese, I had

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