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X-Men - 05

X-Men – 05

X-Men – 05 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:  Hisako is in the Danger Room and facing a Sentinel but she is quickly defeated. The simulation over, Wolverine helps her up, saying she would have died. Cyclops makes a sardonic remark about Hisako’s training which she understands to actually be an attack against Emma.  She angrily confronts Cyclops about

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X-Men - 04

X-Men – 04

X-Men – 04 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The U-Man cyborg doctor attacks Hisako, who is saved when Emma knocks her out of the way, taking the blast and then being about to deflect it. Cyborg-Doc continues in his insanity to screech about organs and to attack.  He is eventually taken down for good when Hisako kicks him

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X-Men in Japan Circa 1983 — Wolverine’s Wedding and the Seeds of My Love of Japanese Honorifics, Terms, and Culture

A few days ago, I wrote a piece on the 1982 4-issue comic strip series called Wolverine, which the recent anime series used as a foundation for their own story.  Considering how different the comic and anime stories end, combined with the current X-Men anime series which sees the villain character Mastermind lurking around, I

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X-Men – 03

X-Men 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The X-Men, having found sleep capsules containing Hisako as well as Emma Frost, whom Cyclops saw manipulating Phoenix before she took her life, are released by Beast after Cyclops recounts to the others what he saw a year ago.  Emma wakes first and when confronted, she denies having been part of

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X-Men - 02

X-Men – 02

X-Men Anime Episode 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The X-Men do not arrive in Japan unnoticed as they visit Hisako’s family.  Her parents tell the X-Men of numerous child mutant kidnappings but since since mutants have been blamed for many strange occurrences in the region, most parents don’t report their missing children. Wolverine figures this to be

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X-Men - 01

X-Men – 01

X-Men Anime Episode 01 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Mastermind, from an evil mutant group known as Inner Circle, takes control of Jean Grey’s mind and as Dark Phoenix, she defeats her former X-Men comrades. Her lover, Cyclops, manages to reach her mind and after they commune a bit, she appears to kill herself rather than destroy the

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