Kyoukai no RINNE 28

Kyoukai no RINNE 28 (A guy and his black cat.)

境界のRINNE ep 28 Kyoukai no RINNE 28 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: A young, female black (humanoid) cat named Suzu arrives with a bill stating that Rinne hasn’t paid this month’s ¥500 shinigami union membership fee. Since he’d sent the payment with Rokumon, and Rokumon swears to have delivered it, the two head to the Mortal Census Bureau,

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Macross Delta 03

Macross Delta 03 Review (Suck at flying? Get a magic idol girl to help!)

Macross Delta 03 Macross Δ 03 マクロスΔ 03 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: With Hayate spouting that he’s only interested in flying, not fighting, Mirage takes him for a flight in her bird, causing him to become ill and vomit. Arad assigns Mirage to be Hayate’s flight instructor and gives her a month to get him up to

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Paradise Residence Volume 01 Manga Review

Paradise Residence Volume 01 Manga Review パラダイス レジデンス ***SPOILERS*** For those interested in my chapter reviews, follow this Paradise Residence link to see my old posts. 🙂 When Paradise Residence was being published as a side project for Fujishima-sensei while he wrapped up Ah! My Goddess, I remember thinking that I really would love for

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Evergreen Volume 3 Manga Review

Evergreen Volume 3 Manga Review ***SPOILERS*** Soga confronts Niki over her treatment of Hotaku. Niki gets angry over this, then discovers Hotaku is at the pool, so she runs away until she collapses. She’s found by Hotaku, where she confesses her love for him before being taken off on a stretcher. The next day, Niki

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Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 527

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 527 Manga Review (Surviving a dungeon.)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 527 Review SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Hayate and company begin their search of the tower. However, somehow, Izumi gets separated from the group and Isumi disappears completely, unnoticed by the others. The group decide that they need to find clues and come up with a plan to make

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Ad Astra per Aspera Chapter 06

Ad Astra per Aspera Chapter 06 Manga Review (Time for battle-mecha action!)

Ad Astra per Aspera chapter 06 アド アストラ ペル アスペラ ch 06 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Satella uses the mecha Rose to attach Versailles, causing heavy damage. Shinobu recognizes Satella’s voice over the intercom as Patty desperately attempts to steer Versailles to escape. Satella presses the attack, causing Patty to suspect that the mecha attacking them is

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Macross Delta 02

Macross Delta 02 Review (What’s old is new again.)

Macross Delta 02 Macross Δ 02 マクロスΔ 02 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The bishounen enemy is ordered to retreat from Al Shahal after the squad leader has the data he wants, though they are not happy with it. Mirage rescues Hayate and Freyja in his damaged battroid, then gives him a beating for his rash actions as

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Kyoukai no RINNE 27

Kyoukai no RINNE 27 (When lions attack, and more fun stuff.)

境界のRINNE ep 27 Kyoukai no RINNE 27 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: The high school tennis club brings a case to Rinne regarding tennis balls that just go missing. Rinne discovers the male ghost of a second year student who’d been a ball boy for the tennis club during his first year, but who’d died before he was

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