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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Manga Review

フェアリーテイル Manga Review Fairy Tail Manga Review SPOILERS Back in February 2011, I was needing some new manga to read as the Kodansha Comics takeover of most Del Rey manga titles caused some delays in titles I was reading at the time. Fairy Tail had come up discussions about Negima! and since I knew Kodansha

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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 13

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 13 Finale (The Birth of Fairy Tail)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 13 review フェアリーテイル ゼロ 13 Fairy Tail Zero chapter 13 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Mavis astonishes her comrades Yury, Warrod and Precht by announcing she wants to found a guild in Magnolia Town.  Although she’d considered founding the guild on Tenrou Island, she decided that to help the local economy and its people,

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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 12

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 12 (Penultimate Chapter)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 12 review フェアリーテイル ゼロ 12 Fairy Tail Zero chapter 12 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Yury confronts Mavis about Zera (Zeira), who refuses to believe Zera isn’t real. Zera says that when she died on Tenrou Island, Mavis’s illusionary magic kicked in and she unconsciously created the illusion of Zera. Because of this, only

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Fairy Tail Volume 46

Fairy Tail Volume 46 Manga Review

フェアリーテイル Manga Fairy Tail Volume 46 Review –> Purchase from RAKUTEN (formerly BUY.COM) –> Purchase from BARNES & NOBLE –> Purchase from RIGHTSTUF! –> Purchase from Yes Asia! (Japanese tankoubon) ***SPOILERS*** Normally, I do summaries, but I am rather pressed for time, so I’m passing on that and just going to the analysis. Wendy cuts her

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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 11

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 11 (Your best friend is a lie!)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 11 review フェアリーテイル ゼロ 11 Fairy Tail Zero chapter 11 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Yury regains consciousness, where he’s greeted by Warrod. Yury demands to know where Mavis is, so Warrod and Precht tell him that after multiple doctors examined her, including a specialist from a neighboring town’s mage guild, because she used

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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 10

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 10 (To defeat a bone dragon.)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 10 review フェアリーテイル ゼロ 10 Fairy Tail Zero chapter 10 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Warrod discovers their trap for the Blue Skull master is empty. In town, Mavis creates the illusion of gold coins to attract the attention of the Yury bone dragon. Having accomplished this, Mavis leap’s onto the back of the

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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 09

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 09 (When bone dragons attack!)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 09 review フェアリーテイル ゼロ 09 Fairy Tail Zero chapter 09 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Mavis and Zeira return to the cathedral to warn Yury and Precht about the Tenrou Jade. Yury refuses to believe Mavis because Mavis wants the jewel returned to Tenrou Island. Mavis tries to explain about the true nature of

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Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 08

Fairy Tail Zero Chapter 08 (When a plan comes together.)

FAIRY TAIL ZERØ ch 08 review フェアリーテイル ゼロ 08 Fairy Tail Zero chapter 08 SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: Mavis convinces Yury, Precht and Warrod to free the town of Magnolia despite some reservations on the part of Yury. Mavis and Zeira make a scouting run before coming back to draw up a plan of action for taking

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