Inuyasha Vol 45 (Ch 439-442) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to Ear-Tweak for the scans.

Chapter 439

Kagome treats Kouga-kun’s injuries he received in the battle with Mouryoumaru. She’s amazed that it healed so quickly, which he attributes to her administrations, leading to a jealous reaction from Inuyasha.

Sango and Miroku contemplate Naraku’s methods for retrieving the Shikon fragments. Inuyasha joins them and they wonder about Naraku leaving Kai’s Shikon fragment behind to be obtained by Mouryoumaru.

Kouga decides to set out on his own (his tribe mates having been dispatched on another mission) which Kagome strongly objects to. Inuyasha also expresses his concern in his own way, stating that should Kouga die, he won’t be able to face the Yourouzoku.

Meanwhile, some Japanese people are telling a Buddhist monk about a large tree they know as Youmeiju. In the past, the tree used to eat humans and youkai that came near it, but the tree was sealed by another Buddhist monk. As such, the tree appeared dead, but now is showing signs of life again, meaning it go back to its old ways. The Buddhist monk attempts to reseal the tree, only to be consumed.

Inyasha and company come upon the tree and villagers a few days later and see that indeed it has come back to life. Miroku is amazed that the old seals are not worn away, yet the tree has returned to life. Kagome senses a Shikon fragment in the tree meaning Naraku is involved. Inuyasha dispatches a Kaze no Kizu attack on the tree, which is blocked by the arrival of Naraku. Even as Naraku defends the tree, it attacks him.

Chapter 440

The tree Youmeiju comes fully to life as it realized that it can finally consume a youkai after so many years. As such, it begins breaking down Naraku’s barrier. Naraku seems unconcerned and even taunts Inuyasha’s inability to kill him. Youmeiju is launched from the ground, with its intended prey. Youmeiju attempts to consume Naraku, but is absorbed by Naraku instead. This leads Inuyasha to launch a Kongousouha attack. It fails, Naraku gets away, and Miroku wonders what Naraku is up to.

Inuyasha’s group takes off after Naraku while Kouga detects Mouryoumaru’s scent and finds Kikyou and Kohaku on the trail. Mouryoumaru emerges from the rock, causing Kikyou to fall and be damaged. Kouga goes to Kikyou after Mouryoumaru escapes, thinking her dead. When she returns to life, he remembers that this is the undead miko he’d heard about. Upon learning that Kouga was after Mouryoumaru, Kikyou strings an arrow to attack Kouga.

Chapter 441

Kouga is amused that Kikyou means to attack him. She informs him that she’s only after the Shikon fragments in his legs. She demands he give them to her, which does not amuse him. Kikyou reminds him of the long-dead miko Midoriko and her will over the Shikon no Tama. Kouga had head the tale from Kagome, but Kikyou goes further, explaining that the reason his legs stop working at times is because the will of Midoriko is to give his shards to Naraku. If this should happen, Kouga could likely be killed. Giving Kikyou the shards would aid her in her quest to destroy Naraku, which does not impress Kouga.

Kikyou fires a shot, but Kouga is easily able to dodge. Deciding that he needs to go after Mouryoumaru, Kouga takes off. Kohaku suggests going after Mouryoumaru themselves, and Kikyou feels bad, knowing she’s using Kohaku and his shard for her purposes.

Inuyasha and company are in hot pursuit of Naraku, who’s not bothering to cover his scent. They see that Mouryoumaru and Naraku have squared off in the sky and the jyaki they are producing is killing plants and animals all around. After trading words, Mouryoumaru attacks Naraku. Naraku sees this as useless, since he can’t die. Mouryoumaru reasons that his own death would also mean the death of Naraku. Naraku is eager to see who would remain alive in a battle between them.

Chapter 442

As the shambled remains of Naraku and Mouryoumaru continue to square off, Naraku addresses his heart, the baby hidden within Mouryoumaru. Naraku had his heart detached, knowing it would betray him someday. As the infant, Naraku’s Heart has used Mouryoumaru to build an armored shell, like a castle. Naraku reforms himself as Mouryoumaru asks why someone so insightful and in control as Naraku portrays himself needed to give Inuyasha the tools to “power up” to defeat him. Naraku responds that he was waiting for Mouryoumaru to come to him, which in fact has now happened.

Naraku changes form and attacks Mouryoumaru as Kikyou and Kohaku approach. She senses the two parts of the Shikon no Tama attempting to come together (a shard with Mouryoumaru, a nearly complete gem with Naraku). Naraku’s form grabs Mouryoumaru’s body, attempting to break the armor. Instead, Mouryoumaru manages to dissipate Naraku again. Naraku’s pieces come together around Mouryoumaru, attempting to absorb him. Instead, Mouryoumaru managed to grab Naraku’s head and devour him, leaving Mouryoumaru victorious.


Well, anyone with half a brain will know that Mouryoumaru hasn’t won because Naraku will find a way to come back. Earlier, I was surprised that Takahashi-sensei dispatched with Youmeiju so quickly. I guess I figured we’d get a few more chapters there, but we didn’t need them so all’s well there.

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