Inuyasha Vol 45 (Ch 443-445) *SPOILERS*

Thanks to Ear-Tweak for the scans.

Inuyasha Chapter 443

Inuyasha_CH443_PG13Mouryoumaru appears to have consumed Naraku and is gloating over it, though Inuyasha doesn’t really believe it. Both Kagome and Kikyou sense that Naraku’s piece of the Shikon no Tama and the fragment Mouryoumaru had have now merged. Mouryoumaru remarks on the rising power within him. Suddenly, both he and Kagome sense another fragment, which just happens to be Kouga. Kagome warns him to stay away, but Kouga decides to attack anyway, using Goraishi.

The attack fails which appears to be from the Shikon piece. Inuyasha unleashes Kongousouha from Tessaiga but it too fails. Inuyasha enlists the help of Kouga to a joint attack with Kouga being the decoy while Kagome urges them to hurry. As Sango and Miroku start to aid, Kagome informs Sango that Kohaku is coming as she senses his Shikon fragment. This of course is a concern to Sango since Kohaku is her brother and she knows Kikyou is using him.

Inuyasha and Kouga press their attack, but Inuyasha can’t see Mouryoumaru’s youketsu.

Inuyasha Chapter 444

Inuyasha-CH444-PG12Inuyasha can’t see Mouryoumaru’s youketsu so he starts hacking at Mouryoumaru. Kouga wonders what he’s up to since he’s not making progress and launches his own useless attacks. Inuyasha figures the fuyouheki the baby within Mouryoumaru is blocking the youketsu, and Mouryoumaru mocks him by making a weak youketsu appear at will. Both Inuyasha and Kouga attack together but again do no damage. Realizing that Mouryoumaru is going for Kouga’s Shikon fragment, he knocks him out of the fray much to Kouga’s irritation.

Kouga ends up being caught by Mouryoumaru anyway when he cannot move his legs again. Still a ways away, Kikyou can sense this has happened and urges Kohaku to move quicker. They are intercepted by Sango and Kagome. Kagome knows Kikyou’s plan, but Kohaku has made up his mind to assist Kikyou. Sango doesn’t like it since it will mean Kohaku’s death, but he’s determined to help Kikyou no matter the cost.

Kikyou figures that Kagome has sensed that the large Shikon piece is attempting to merge with Kouga’s shards, which is news to Sango. Kagome knows this, but requests Kikyou wait because she has another plan which Kikyou finds as useless. Kagome rushes back to the battle leaving Sango with Kikyou and Kohaku. Mouryoumaru has captured both Kouga and Inuyasha with Mouryoumaru planning to consume Kouga and take the fragments. However, Inuyasha has a plan.

Inuyasha Chapter 445

Inuyasha-CH445-PG02Inuyasha asks Kouga to attack him with the Goraishi, which Kouga doesn’t understand but complies with just the same. Miroku and Shippou-chan arrive at the battle just in time to witness this. Inuyasha uses Tessaiga to absorb the youkai power of the Goraishi attack, which he uses then to combine with Tessaiga’s attacking power to blast Mouryoumaru. The attack doesn’t do much damage, but does catch the attention of Naraku’s Heart.

Miroku and Shippou-chan discuss why Inuyasha doesn’t just cut the youketsu while Inuyasha attacks the point where Mouryoumaru is attempting to consume Kouga. The attack has some effect as the baby via Mouryoumaru counters with a gas attack. The gas knocks Kouga out and since Mouryoumaru has no interest in consuming a hanyou, he knocks Inuyasha away.

The shouki (poison gas) is purified as Kagome has fired a Hama no Ya into the cloud. Before Inuyasha can attack, Mouryoumaru does, forcing Inuyasha to have to shield himself. Mouryoumaru flees so that he can consume Kouga in peace while Kagome and Inuyasha are in hot pursuit. However, Kagome notices that the Shikon piece within Mouryoumaru isn’t being absorbed by him. With Naraku and the Shikon piece both devoured by Mouryoumaru, he should be incredibly powerful, but instead he’s not. The baby wonders what is going on and is shocked to see Naraku’s face appear as it tells him that Mouryoumaru isn’t using the power of the Shikon no Tama.


Yeah, here comes Naraku. Surprise, surprise.

Update (12-Feb-2016): That’s all I wrote for a review? 😆 Well, I was getting tired of the manga when I originally wrote this.
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