What I’m Watching 01

Another new feature to reflect titles I’m currently watching. I’ll post every week or so, depending on how much I watch. I’ll keep these mostly without spoiler.

I’ve been rather light on the anime watching lately. Even from the vaults, I haven’t watch an episode of Chobits in 10 days because I’ve been reading instead when I’ve had free time (Bible, various “cheat” manga, and my Bloom County comic strip collection). However, I did have time to watch a few episodes of one anime.

Kanon (2006) — I watched episodes 17, 18, and 19. Man, this anime makes me a bit emotional, but I’ve yet to bawl like I did for the original Kanon (2002). Shiori’s story has concluded and it looks like Nayuki won’t get her own story. I didn’t think she would since the writers set her up not to be a potential romantic interest for Yuuichi nor have an issue for him to resolve. So that leaves us with the final girl, Ayu. I’m looking forward to seeing her story told.

You know, I sure hope FUNimation will license this latest version of Kanon. I’m told that the cost of doing this is much higher than for other anime series. Combine that with the fact that this is an anime that would seemingly have a more niche audience (or so I’m told, but I think with good marketing, this could be a strong seller) and the chances of profit are lower. But FUNimation is the only company to do this right so they are the only ones I want to see get it, should it be licensed.

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