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What I’m Watching 08

This segment is brought to you by whatever lung disorder I currently have. *_* Kanon 24 — Some time has passed since episode 23. Akiko-san has completely recovered (a miracle) and even made new jam. At school, Kitagawa and Kaori discuss Akiko-san’s infamous jam with Yuuichi and Nayuki. Kaori has news for Yuuichi and that

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What I’m Watching 07

Kanon 23 — Yuuichi colapses in the snow and is rescued by a woman in a car who looks like Makoto. He awakes in a strange apartment and discovers his rescuer is Makoto-san, the woman that the kitsune Makoto based her human form on. Makoto-san knew Yuuichi from years before and was a neighbor. Meanwhile

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What I’m Watching 06

Honey and Clover II 01 — This first episode is basically a recap of Honey and Clover. So we are re-introduced to Mayama, Morita, Takemoto, Ayu, Hagu-chan, Hanamoto-sensei, Nomiya-san, Rika-san, & Miwako. Of course, we get to see the highlights of things that happened such as Ayu’s unrequited love for Mayama, Mayama’s unrequited love for

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What I’m Watching 05

Always look out for SPOILERS! Kanon 21 — Yuuichi and Ayu-chan are shown as kids when Ayu made her second wish to him — that the field in the middle of the woods with the giant tree she loved to climb would be their “school” and in addition to no test, homework, or the like,

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Kanon 20

What I’m Watching 02

What I’m Watching 02 Not a ton watched this week, but a bit more than last week. Negima!? 08 — The twins Fuuka and Fumika are looking to be adults with the help of Kaede. Negi and his parters explore the giant school library for a book. And of course, Negi ends up with new

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What I’m Watching 01

Another new feature to reflect titles I’m currently watching. I’ll post every week or so, depending on how much I watch. I’ll keep these mostly without spoiler. I’ve been rather light on the anime watching lately. Even from the vaults, I haven’t watch an episode of Chobits in 10 days because I’ve been reading instead

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