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Negima!? 11 — After the Black Rose Baron makes himself at home in Asuna and Negi’s room, Asuna makes it her mission and the mission of the Chupa Club to capture him, using old fashioned baited traps. Meanwhile Haruna and Yue discover Negi’s secret and Haruna does a pactio. Yue flees, and Negi is again found out by the Chupa-looking critters of the magic world Motsu and Shichimi. Yue runs into the Black Rose Baron. More silly fun while continuing to press forward with the Star Crystal storyline.

Negima!? 12 — Setsuna watches a sleeping Konoka-chan and remembers their time together as a youth. Continuing from episode 11, Yue is fleeing and runs into the Black Rose Baron. Looking for Yue, Negi and Haruna go by the pool where Negi discovers Ayaka wears a swimsuit with his image on it. Yue flees from place to place on campus with Motsu and Shichimi also in hot pursuit to prove Negi’s secret is out. However, Yue manages to stay one step ahead of the Chupa Team. Haruna gets her power activated to try to find Yue. As Yue flees and hides, she worries about the whole kiss part of the pactio. She’s found by Motsu and Shichimi, but uses the Samohan Kinpou (a Chinese movie star and friend of Jackie Chan) gag to get away and makes up her mind about a pactio. Unfortunately Motsu, Shichimi, and apparently the rest of Negi’s class are witness. This one had humorous moments, but the comedy wasn’t the best.

Negima!? 13 — Negi is turned into a chupacabra by Motsu and Shichimi while their surroundings become a castle in Wales. Ayaka punishes Motsu for being heartless. Mana detects another Digimon escapee, who turns three of the girls, Ako, Sakurako, & Satsuki, into fighters for it. Chupa-Negi urges his class to flee since he can’t use magic. Eva and Chachamaru arrive on scene to save the day where the Chupa Club learns that Eva was the vampire from earlier in the series, but Asuna has forgotten. Chupa-Negi keeps Eva from harming his students and the Chupa Club flees with Chupa-Negi in tow. Takamichi-sensei arrives and meets with Eva and Chachamaru. Negi goes off with an illusion of his older “neesan” and his childhood friend. Ayaka’s group gets lost in a jungle and Makie is captured by a T-rex. Kei-Fuu’s group gets in a sci-fi anime parody with a tribute to the classic video game Space Invaders. Negi confronts Black Rose Baron while Eva, Takamitchi, and Chachamaru confront the fairy. Even when everything seems resolved and everyone meets back together, the illusion castle doesn’t disappear and Asuna does a dumb thing.

Negima!? 14 — With Takamitchi injured and Negi a chupacabra, Eva mass-evacuates everyone outside the castle. Chamo-kun comes up with a plan to turn Negi back into a human, though it will involve everyone who hasn’t done so making a pactio with him. Many in the class balk at this suggestion, forcing the current partners to sell the idea to them after Chupa-Negi is captured. The class comes back to the castle to rescue Negi, who is witnessing an event from his past. The castle is forced into the sky by giant vines meaning there’s no escape. Chachazero frees Negi from his trap and it is decided (in a parody of the end of the original Negima! anime complete with the OP theme from that anime) to jump from the castle and mass pactio in the sky. Negi is returned to human form after seeing the Black Rose Baron again, activates Nodoka’s rare card and gets everyone out of the illusion world, only to find that in the real world, their school has been devastated. But hey, at least Chachazero got a cameo!

Mahou Sensei Negima! Haru — This is the first of two OAV episodes which apparently have nothing to do with either the original Negima! anime nor the new Negima!? anime. Taking a chapter from the manga where Asuna and Negi have their fight, the anime writers simply expound upon that story and instead of Negi using the term “paipan” on Asuna, the fight starts from him saying things don’t concern her. One of the extra things added was having Eva lead an expedition into the forest to look for a rumored chupacabra that resides there. Apparently, they are an anathema to vampires. A ton of time is wasted in eye-catches for each of the girls, and the episode itself serves as little more than a fanservice fest with ecchi humor thrown on top. Most of that comes from Setsuna finding herself trying to get a better look at Konoka-chan whenever Konoka-chan would be bent over. This isn’t what I want to see in an anime, that’s for sure.

Mahou Sensei Negima! Natsu — Nodoka thinks about the red string of fate, wondering who its attached to. Yue and Nodoka try to practice magic and Yue casts a spell that causes a real but magical red string to connect her with Negi. Due to the spell, she has to spend the day with Negi. Things are complicated when Ayaka has the entire clas go to her bathhouse/spa/resort. Not only do Negi and Nodoka have to stay together, but Negi finds himself attempting to avoid Asuna’s attempts to give him a bath. Meanwhile, everyone else enjoys the bath, meaning the audience is treated to a TON of fanservice. Gah! I was completely disgusted by the whole thing to be honest with you. The only neat things were the cameos by Motsu and Shichimi as well as the clever use of the various Negima! manga covers in the OP sequence. Otherwise, I recommended an avoid.

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